Going to Mexico City? Be sure to bring a fresh battery for your USB key. Mexico City has become synonymous with international travel, and the city’s airport is a fairly common destination for travelers not only from the local area, but from all over the world. However, travelers never know what to expect when they go through security, and the results can be devastating to their travel plans.

On March 29, I arrived at the Hotel Covid-19 in the small town of La Purísima, Mexico, to learn what I could about the hotel’s recent water contamination. The hotel’s owner, Jorge Ramirez, was eager to show me his hotel’s water quality tests, which he had taken every four months since the hotel opened.

If you’ve ever traveled to Mexico, you probably have your reasons for not wanting to visit Hotel Covid-19. But unless you’ve been to the resort yourself, you won’t know exactly why.. Read more about are there any travel restrictions for mexico during the covid-19 pandemic? and let us know what you think.



Why Are Hotel Covid-19 Tests Almost Always Negative in Mexico?

on August 1, 2021 by Gary Leff

Most of your visitors may be from the United States if you operate a resort hotel in Mexico. To travel home, they require a negative Covid-19 test. Making testing accessible has been crucial to attracting visitors. Hotels in Mexico, whose livelihoods relied on it, made testing simple and frequently included it as part of a hotel reservation. As a consequence, business has increased dramatically.

But, if you operate a hotel, what kind of exam do you provide your guests? Hotels like negative results from tests:

A very sensitive test that will produce false positives on a regular basis, or a less sensitive test that will not produce false positives but may result in occasional false negatives? And, supposing that any of your visitors are Covid-positive, do you want to keep them in their rooms for another week or two, with all the dangers it entails, or do you want to send them on their way?

You don’t have to believe the hotel owners are completely cynical. They can’t evaluate the tests’ accuracy, thus a service that produced a high number of Covid positives might be interpreted as “they make too many errors and won’t let our visitors go, we don’t want them.”

At first, I wondered whether there would be a financial incentive (additional nights of business) for positive tests to be provided. A reputation for tourists testing positive, on the other hand, may deter prospective visitors. In addition, several hotels in Mexico are currently at greater occupancy levels than they were before to the epidemic. It was one of the few foreign locations accessible to Americans for most of the year.

Vasu Raja, American Airlines’ Chief Revenue Officer, joked with workers a few weeks ago that Vice President Brian Znotis, who oversees the airline’s schedule, had been scouring Mexico for airports that American didn’t presently service in the hopes of finding paved runways. There is so much demand for air travel between the United States and Mexico that they can fill almost every trip they provide.

Many visitors say they get (negative) results considerably quicker in Mexico than they do in the US, for example, practically immediately after being softly (barely) swabbed.

Some tourists who test positive in some way describe looking for a negative test. In one instance, a reader of my site confessed (bragged?) that she had gone through five tests before finding one that was negative.

A negative test is not required for a US citizen to return over the land border; it is only required for those going by air.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

When you travel, the last thing you want to do is have to look over your shoulder every time you use the bathroom, the elevator, or go to your hotel room. You should feel safe in that hotel room, not like you’re being followed. That’s why Hotel Covid-19 in Mexico City has invested heavily in its testing program. All rooms receive the same chemical levels each time they’re tested, so guests can rest easy knowing the hotel is clean.. Read more about travel bans for u.s. citizens 2020 and let us know what you think.

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