Although its competitors have announced they will resume cruises to Caribbean ports, Carnival Cruise Line said it will wait until U.S. ports open. While this was an unexpected decision, it was also brilliant….. That’s why.

Nothing decided

After a year in which other players – including, in large part, the Centers for Disease Control – took their fate into their own hands, many in the cruise industry began to resist those who wanted to keep it closed. With the support of several influential politicians, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the industry began to push for a closer look at the situation.

Fort Lauderdale

Perhaps Carnival Cruise Line sensed a change in the proverbial weather and took a wait-and-see attitude. It should be noted that in a video released last week, in which the company’s president, Christine Duffy, informs the public about various issues, she chooses her words very carefully.

Regarding other airlines’ plans to leave Caribbean ports, for example, she said Carnival currently has [no] plans to move its ships out of their home ports in the United States.

The key word? Currently. If the hope of turning things around is not passed on to the CDC, the carnival could certainly change course.

Waiting game

Similarly, Carnival avoided making a final decision on whether customers must be vaccinated to sail. It’s simple: There is no reason to adopt such a controversial position, given the speed at which the situation in the country is evolving.

As more Americans get vaccinated, we are focusing on the decision to resume travel from our home ports in the U.S., Duffy said. Again, the use of this word is crucial and allows the carnival to have its cake and eat it too. If the CDC backs down, it is still possible that they could make a decision requiring vaccination of passengers departing from US ports. In the meantime, Carnival has no reason to take a firm decision and risk alienating passengers who, for whatever reason, refuse to be vaccinated.

Carnival Panorama (Photo courtesy of the cruise line)

Duffy, however, used the video to send a subtle but potentially powerful message to Carnival Cruise Line’s millions of fans. I hope everyone gets the shot eventually, she says, adding her own plans for the next day.

You can’t ignore the power of celebrity….. not ignore it and in the cruising world Duffy is a name almost as big as Guy Fieri, Shaquille O’Neal and a few other famous faces associated with the line. If the leader makes it clear that he or she is vaccinated, the seal of approval can help win over someone who has been waiting.

In general, the lack of a fixed position on issues is seen as negative. But in this case, Carnival has developed a scenario that allows it to position itself well, no matter what angle the wind is blowing from. For our part, we can only hope that they are not only right to distinguish themselves as an American cruise line, but that they will eventually be rewarded when the ships are allowed to leave the ports they have long called home.

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frequently asked questions

Cruise ship casino numbers ?

Payouts of 6 to 5 are common in cruise casinos. Everyone knows that the odds are always in favor of the house when you play. This is especially true on a cruise.

How do I get my money back from Carnival Cruise?

Passengers who choose to hold their reservation will receive a credit of $100 per cabin on board, based on trip length, when the trip is completed. If not, the cruise line will continue to process the refund as 125% of the future cruise credit or 100% of the refund on the original form of payment, upon request.

Will I have to pay port charges during my cruise?

Each time a ship enters a port, the local authorities ask the cruise line for a fee in exchange for the right to dock and various services related to the ship’s visit. … Cruise lines also have to pay a tax per passenger, called the head tax.

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