Since we were planning to leave the United States, it was important to us that we could travel painlessly. After seven months of closures, hidden orders and quarantines, it is time to put an end to all the draconian measures and illogical policies being implemented in much of the country. (God bless South Dakota, isn’t it?) The political climate in America exhausts us. Between the riots and the ANTIFA/BLM looting, the TDS, the closing of the state and the fight against the COWID extremists,19 it was too much.

Look around you. In the current climate, Americans are no longer happy and prosperous people. Suicide rates, drug abuse and domestic violence are skyrocketing.

There is a national emergency, and it is not COWID19. Rather, it was the government that imposed the bars and warrants. How many of your friends or family members do you know who are depressed, drink or do a lot of drugs to get through the day?

Gone are the days when people could get together without arguing and blaming each other for their problems. For our health and well-being, we knew we had to change our lives. So after much research and planning, we decided to go for the most normal version.

Countries without tests or restrictions COVID19

Fortunately, some countries are now open to travelers with no obligation to enter. All these destinations do not require COVID19 testing, quarantine, proof of health insurance or contact tracing. All you have to do is get on the plane and get in unhurriedly. These countries:

If you pay attention to travel trends, many nomads and bloggers are attracted to Mexico in the winter. Mexico is a country that currently has no entry restrictions or testing requirements. I find it quite difficult for travelers to navigate their way through all the requirements of the plague tests in China.

A quick test, for example, gives results after about an hour. But it’s common knowledge that it’s unreliable. There have been several reports of people receiving false positive results for coronavirus.

A well-known travel blogger had the same problem. The last thing we wanted was a faulty test that indicated we had been tested for a Chinese virus and ended up on a government watch list. No, I’m fine.

Alex Berenson is one of the few sensible voices on COVID19. We highly recommend following him on Twitter.

It is interesting to note that Croatia admits Americans to the country. Unfortunately, a negative PCR test must be submitted to immigration within 48 hours. (You have 48 hours to take the test, get a negative result and then report to the checkpoint).

Hollywood on a visit to Croatia

Please note that the express test is not yet generally available to mere mortals in the United States. But with money and power, anything is possible. Celebrities like Owen Wilson, Magic Johnson, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Neil Patrick Harris, David Harbour, Oprah, Dan Bilzerian and many others have found a way to avoid the extremely deadly Wuhan virus. This year, the elite certainly enjoyed their summer festivities on the Croatian coast.

How was your summer in prison, staying home, saving lives and being safe? How many times do we have to hear it: Stay home. Take care of yourself. We’re all in this together. By the way, did you notice that while vacationing in Croatia, Jay-Z and Beyonce did not wear masks or practice social distancing?

Unfortunately, after much research and phone calls, I could not find a clinic or testing center that offered a quick test. Unfortunately, it was too much to ask to do the tests, secure our flights, guarantee a negative result and head to the Croatian border.

Those we interviewed who arrived in Croatia opted for a two-week car quarantine. After being stuck in Illinois for the last two months, we didn’t like living in an apartment without the freedom to leave.

It is in this spirit that we have decided to take a different path. With white sandy beaches, warm weather, mountain scenery and bargain prices – we are now in the Albanian River!


We are now glad to be back on European soil. We are near the border with Greece and are slowly trying to settle in and overcome some serious jet lag here on the river Albania. Seriously, the weight fell off my shoulders as soon as I stepped off the plane in London.

Audrey is already relaxing in Mirror Beach!

Cave of Pellumba (Spella and Pellumbawe)

Mirror Beach (Paskirsky)

View of the beach of the Mirror (Pasquier).

After 14 hours of flying and traveling at the airport, we took off our masks! Hopefully we won’t have to wear it anytime soon, because most places around here don’t need it. In our opinion, the atmosphere here in Albania is very variable. After all the hysteria and regulation in the United States, it is extremely attractive for us to keep them without banning them. Especially considering the proportion of the population that underwent surgery this year. We are happy to be here, to say the least.

What is so attractive about Albania?

Right now we are passionate about many things because we are in Albania. Here are a few of them:


As many of you know, we love Croatia. But with the rush to fame and popularity in recent years, prices have risen and the business has gained momentum. In Albania, we could get a rental car for less than $7 a day and a modern apartment on the coast for less than $25. It’s a great place, booming, for digital nomads.

The view of the sunset from our balcony!

Harry is a digital nomad on the balcony!

White sand beaches

One of the main reasons we came to Albania was the white sandy beaches and warm Mediterranean climate. Located on the border between Albania and Greece, we can enjoy the warm waters of the Ionian Sea and admire Greek islands such as Corfu. The beaches are clean, empty and wild. See for yourself.

Life in the Mediterranean

Palms. Fresh fish dishes. Turquoise berries for swimming. Listen to the waves crashing against the shore at night. This part of the world has always been our favorite place. So far, we are very happy with our decision to stay under the radar here in Albania.


Gilded head

The Bar

Fish and chips!

Visa for one year

If we like it here, or if the region orders a COWID lockdown, we don’t have to worry about visas or leaving. US citizens may reside in the Republic of Albania without a residence permit for up to one year.

American-Albanian friendship

As we explore this part of Albania, we are delighted and a little surprised to see so many American flags everywhere! There is an American-Albanian connection, and it is great to not only be welcomed here without restrictions, but also to see hotels, attractions and shops flying the American flag in addition to the Albanian flag! It’s important to us travelers and Americans.

Bonus: Sailboat A

We were lucky to see sailing boat A from our balcony, sailing from the harbour to Saranda. It is assumed that the construction cost half a billion dollars (but no one really knows) and that it is 468 feet long. The three freestanding masts reach a height of over 300 feet.

Sailboat A has eight decks, a submarine, a helipad and a glass observation deck on the underside of the hull. It is one of the most spectacular ships on the planet! It belongs to Russian oligarch Andrei Melnichenko.

Yacht A is passing in front of our apartment.

The view from our balcony!

Goodbye, sailboat A.

We’ll be sure to share more about the time we spent here on the Albanian River. Of course, there are still things you get used to when you live in this part of the world. If you have already been to Albania, feel free to share with us your travel tips, hidden gems and favorite places in the country.


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