Whether they have seen the main sights of London or not, it is also important for tourists to explore unique places and enjoy the city as the locals do. It offers tourists a more authentic experience – in this case, an immersion in the rich British culture and history dating back nearly 2,000 years.

3 Ways to experience London as a local city

If you’ve decided that the typical London route isn’t for you and you want to travel less, here are three ways to discover the British capital the British way.

1. Going to London markets

Shopping in London is intense, and it’s not just about expensive stores. Although shopping in luxury malls like Selfridges and Harrods can be a divine experience, these areas are teeming with tourists. Instead, visit London’s markets and specialty shops, where you’ll find unique, locally made items to take home as souvenirs.

There are many markets in London.

There are many historical markets in London where you can buy books, clothes and jewellery – everyday items that hold a piece of British history. And the best thing about London markets is that you can haggle freely and get the best bargains.

If you’ve gotten hungry after shopping and trading, London markets often have street food stalls and trucks where you can eat your fill. The Independent notes that street food in London is becoming more sophisticated, with regional cuisines such as Mexican, Asian and Indian becoming increasingly popular.

People like to eat fried fish. Try it!

The advantage of street food in London is that it is constantly being reinvented. Pop Brixton in Brixton and Box Park in Shoreditch are two of the best places in London to eat on the street.

2. Staying fashionable and having afternoon tea

Low tea, also known as afternoon tea, is an age-old tradition of drinking tea while eating light foods such as scones, cakes and sandwiches. The English are known for their love of tea, and there’s nothing more quintessentially English than afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea usually includes a selection of tea and snacks!

In fact, the Gala Bingo on Britain’s favourite drink points out that almost a third of all Brits drink five or more cups a day! Many people drink a cup of tea in the morning to start their day. Afternoon Tea is an English tradition and an experience you should enjoy as a resident.

A walk along the Thames after afternoon tea with snacks might be a good option!

Typical afternoon tea options are usually black teas like Earl Grey and Assam. Herbal teas, such as chamomile and peppermint, are also often preferred. Places like Roast in Borough Market and Deloni in Aldwych are London’s hotspots for afternoon tea. If you want to experience this essential British tradition, pay attention to table manners and remember that it usually starts at 2pm.

3. Exploring London’s gardens and parks

London is an incredibly lush city and it would be a shame to miss out on its many beautiful parks and gardens. The best known parks in the city are Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Many tourists can stay in these areas. But you can easily take solace in the fact that the parks are spread across nearly 625 acres of land. In many parks in London you can cycle, admire statues and walk.

Locals bypass the NDA with the metro or subway as the locals call it!

If you want to avoid the tourists, head to Clapham Common, one of the largest flat areas in London. Weather permitting, you can play tennis or relax by one of the three ponds. In addition, the Clapham Common Skatepark offers many adventures.

Getting to know London as a local can give you a much more authentic experience of British culture. If you want to see the UK up close, we recommend a trip north to the distilleries of Islay in Scotland.


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