If you’re visiting a new place, there are many things to do. Here’s a list of some of the most popular local attractions and activities to help you plan your trip.

The things to prepare before travelling is a list of things that you should do before you visit a new country.

The cruise business is currently at or over 80% of what it will be in 2020. While still lagging behind the number of individuals who traveled in 2019, this is a positive sign in an industry that many of us had written off. 

Where are other popular locations now that we can reschedule such cruises?

Mexico has long been a popular tourist destination. Mayan Riviera, Mexico is a lovely port that is often overlooked in favor of Cancun and other, more well-known places, such as the cruise destination of Cozumel, which is just 130 miles away. It does, however, include all of Mexico’s natural beauties and marvels. 

Costa Maya

What is the actual location of Costa Maya? It’s approximately 80 miles south of Cancun and has experienced a resurgence in tourism since the mid-2000s. Costa Maya had formerly been a quiet Mexican fishing hamlet. 

It now attracts a steady stream of tropical cruises and visitors, all hoping to get a peek of the region’s hidden tropical splendor. 

The Costa Maya is known for its thick rainforests, Mayan ruins, and world-class diving. In the tranquility of Costa Maya, we won’t find skyscrapers like those in downtown Cancun. 

The Mexican port, in fact, takes pride in its small-town Mexican village ambiance, complete with beautiful seas and genuine communities. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sian Ka’an Reserve is located just north of Costa Maya.

Costa Maya, MexicoMexico’s Costa Maya (Photo credit: Shutterstock/NAPA)

It is definitely worth our time to travel or take a trip there. Rainforests, monkeys, and lagoons abound on the refuge’s approximately 1 million acres. Many tour companies provide day excursions to the area. 

While this is an excellent chance to view Mexico’s natural marvels, Costa Maya is also bordered by Mayan communities.

Aren’t we all familiar with Chichen Itza? If you visit the northern part of the Yucatan, you will be able to witness the breadth of the Mayans’ building skills. 

Chichen Itza, however, isn’t the only Mayan relic that has survived. Many Mayans still reside in Mexico, and arranging excursions via local communities surrounding Costa Maya allows locals to benefit from tourism (a source of income) while also giving us the opportunity to observe local customs. 

Maya Riviera (Puerto Costa Maya)

The port of Puerto Costa Maya was built in the 1990s, but visitors didn’t start coming until the early to mid-2000s, as previously stated. Hotels began to sprout up along the beachfront, but it took a while for tourism to take off and make it all worthwhile. 

Surprisingly, roads and power were a little farther behind. The nearest businesses to the shore were initially powered by diesel or gas generators. 

The port, also known as Puerto Costa Maya, was founded with the intention of serving as a tourist destination, which is where the name comes from.

Cruise Ship Docked at Costa MayaAt the Costa Maya, a cruise ship is docked. (Photo credit: Shutterstock.com/Nazar Skladanyi)

The port has seen a significant increase in tourism, which has spread to the neighboring regions. We won’t find any of those high-rise hotels since the focus has always been on “eco-tourism.” The majority of locations still have architecture that harkens back to a simpler era. 

Taxis and buses are already stationed at the dock, ready to transport visitors on different excursions. If tourists are looking for a little more excitement, we recommend renting four-wheel-drive cars. 

With the roads now paved, getting to the motorways is a lot simpler, and important attractions like the Mayan ruins should be easy to locate.

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The golf sector and diving or water companies are the top two primary objectives of expanding Costa Maya’s port. Costa Maya should have no trouble expanding its diving tourism business since it sits directly on top of the world’s second-largest barrier reef. 

Hurricane Dean has made landfall in the United States.

A powerful storm caused devastation on the Yucatan Peninsula in 2007. For a while, it wreaked havoc on Costa Maya, forcing several cruise ships to postpone their visits to the once-glorious port.

It was Mexico’s second busiest port at the time. Storm Dean, which peaked out as a Category 5 hurricane, wreaked the greatest havoc on Mahahual. 

Hundreds of structures were damaged, and the Costa Maya port’s infrastructure was also damaged to the tune of 50%. Three ship berths were featured in this. The port was expected to remain closed for at least six months until it was rebuilt.

Building in MahahualVIDEOLIFT / Shutterstock / VIDEOLIFT / Shutterstock / VIDEOLIFT / Shutterstock / VIDEOLIFT / Shutterstock / V

Unfortunately, the estimate was much too optimistic, and Costa Maya’s port and city took considerably longer to restore. When the first cruise ships returned, the economy was still reeling from the housing market collapse, and tourism had plummeted.

Costa Maya needed a few more years to get back on its feet, thanks to an increase in gang and drug violence. Costa Maya was pushed back down in 2007 after crashing into the spotlight in the early 2000s.

However, as time passed, the port and the area recovered, and it is now a thriving cruise ship destination. 

Snorkeling or scuba diving

It would be a pity to list all of Costa Maya’s attractions without mentioning one of its finest characteristics. 

It’s difficult not to be awestruck by the gorgeous seas as we approach port at Costa Maya. What is the source of such pure waters?

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System spans over 1,000 kilometers and offers divers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These seas include Belize’s well-known diving sites.

Snorkel Bay at Costa MayaCosta Maya’s Snorkel Bay (Photo credit: Shutterstock.com/CathyRL)

The Costa Maya’s hidden diving sites are something we haven’t heard about yet. Costa Maya is a diver’s paradise, with comparable beauty to its surrounding nations and diving sites. Check out the dive shops in Mahahual and Xcalak if you’re interested in scuba diving. 

Mahahual is a fantastic stop for us on our Mexican cruises. It also happens to be the nearest beach. It’s just around two miles away, and you can use a shuttle or a cab to get there.

Scuba diving is a must-do if you want to view beautiful blue seas, a plethora of marine life, and shipwrecks.

Many of us lack the necessary credentials and skills to manage deeper explorations. Not to worry—the Costa Maya has plenty of snorkeling sites for the more laid-back visitor. 

Ruins of the Maya

If we don’t feel like diving into the deep blue, a trip to Mayan ruins in the thick forests seems like a good option. Many Mexico cruises include Mayan ruins, and we don’t have to go far to find them.

The Temples of Chacchoben, which date back to 200 B.C., are a relatively recent restoration effort. It wasn’t completely restored until 1994, despite the fact that it was found in the mid-twentieth century. Furthermore, it was not accessible to the general public until cruise ships began docking in the Costa Maya, Mexico port in 2002.

Chacchoben Mayan Site(Photo credit: Nenad Basic / Shutterstock) Chacchoben Mayan Site

At Chacchoben, we have the choice of hiring a guide or wandering about on our own. However, due to a lack of indications and information, it may be difficult to comprehend exactly what is going on. 

The remains, which comprise three temples, are likely to pique our interest in additional Mayan architectural wonders. Off Highway 307 is a tiny community. Limones is a considerably smaller site, although it does have a prominent pyramid. 


We may take a trip outside of Costa Maya to the lakeside town of Bacalar as part of our experience. The mysterious hamlet of Bacalar is located directly on the magnificent Laguna de Bacalar lake. We have the option of wandering the streets in search of local shops and eateries or seeing one of Mexico’s most renowned cenotes.

Bacalar Lake and Cenotes(Photo credit: Rubi Rodriguez Martinez / Shutterstock) Bacalar Lake and Cenotes

A cenote is a sinkhole on the Yucatan Peninsula that often contains turquoise blue waters. The Cenote Azul, located near Bacalar, is one of Mexico’s deepest cenotes.

The good news is that we don’t need to be scuba certified, and if diving scares us (as it does for many of us), resting in a cenote is a wonderful substitute. One thing is certain: Bacalar, which is just a short drive from the Costa Maya port, is brimming with tourist potential. 


Mahahual is the biggest town in Costa Maya, but size is relative in this case. Mahahual is a small town in Mexico with a population of fewer than a thousand people. 

What was originally a tiny fishing hamlet has grown to attract visitors arriving on Mexican cruise ships. 

Aerial view Malecon de Mahahual Costa MayaMalecon de Mahahual Costa Maya from the air (Photo credit: Shutterstock/XAMAN)

Mahahual is a fantastic location to visit. There are beautiful beaches as well as world-class scuba diving. It also serves delicious genuine Mexican cuisine, which, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy?

Paddle surfing or kayaking over some of the most beautiful azure blue seas we’ve ever seen is a must-do while visiting Mahahual.

How about a hammock over the water if we want to unwind? If tourists buy beverages or food at the local beach clubs, they may typically camp out on the beach all day. For us, it’s well worth the trade-off. 

Mahahual(Photo credit: Nailotl / Shutterstock.com) Mahahual

Exploring the local stores with the entire family can be a lot of fun, and adding a bike rental to the mix may make the visit much more memorable. There are lots of hand-crafted Mexican souvenirs to be found walking the streets and talking to local sellers. 

Buying from a local not only helps the local economy and livelihood, but it also gives you something to remember the region by. Mahahual may not be simply a tiny, charming fishing town in the future, so go see it before the rest of the world does.


Port Activities in Costa Maya

The Costa Maya takes its name from a Mexican port where numerous cruise ships often stop. 

Surprisingly, many passengers refuse to disembark from cruise ships when they dock because they do not want to roam too far. While most of the beauty of the Costa Maya can be seen in the port area, there is still much to do close to the cruise ship.

Costa Maya Port AreaPort Area of Costa Maya (Shutterstock.com/Joe Pace)

We love to sit by the ocean and take in the views, which should always involve a pina colada. 

The aviary is also near by, allowing visitors to have a closer look at some exotic species while also getting a better view of the Costa Maya Port. In addition, dolphins may be seen right in the port area for a near encounter. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t like dolphins?

This is also a wonderful way for children to have fun while staying near to the cruise ship. 

Finally, the Mayan Healing Rituals allow visitors to experience genuine Mayan culture without having to go all the way to Chaccoben.


Is it possible to plan a cruise to Costa Maya right now?

Yes. Carnival Cruise Line, which provides more itineraries to the port than most others, has restarted operations to Costa May, Mexico.

Is Costa Maya suitable for children?

Definitely! Shops, dolphin encounters, and beaches are all within walking distance of the port. It is not necessary to go far to find something for everyone.

Will the cost of transportation be covered by my excursion?

If you don’t want to pay taxes, search for all-inclusive packages on trips. They usually include transportation, admission fees, and, on occasion, food and beverages.

Mexico cruises are available.

Costa Maya is a wonderful location for the entire family to have something to do. Even better, the rest of the world is still largely unaware of it. Take advantage of the chance to see someplace completely pure in a world where social media is sure to reveal some wonderful marvel. 

We want our trip arrangements to be as simple as possible in this busy environment. Having a single location aboard cruise ships that is up to date will make trip planning and experiences more enjoyable. 

Costa Maya, Mexico

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