We came to Paris for two days and were so excited. We wanted a weekend that would be full of memories but didn’t know what to do in the city, where are we staying?

The “2 days in paris itinerary lonely planet” is a guide to Paris that will help you plan your weekend. It includes everything from the best museums and attractions, to where to eat and drink.

A weekend in Paris is one of my favorite things to do. But not for the reasons that the majority of people claim. To begin with, I don’t think it’s romantic. Find me barefoot in the sand with my beau on a Greek island at sunset. That’s how romance works. Paris is just… awesome. There’s no other way to put it. It’s crowded, filthy, and majestic all at the same time. A £300,000 watch can be purchased from a shop with graffiti on the door, and a plate of cheese can be purchased for a few euros. If you do it correctly, Paris is an exciting, functioning city with a difficult-to-explain sensation of’magic’ merely being around you.

Every guidebook in the world will direct you to The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France., Sacré-Coeur, and Champs-Élysées (which is far from the most beautiful avenue in the world). Paris is home to some of the world’s most imposing and historically significant structures and works of art. This Paris in 2 Days schedule isn’t intended to teach you how to ‘do’ everything in the city of lights, but rather to show you how to experience a little of that Parisian charm while fitting in some of the city’s top landmarks in between all the croissants and wine. Best of luck! Steve Sellers is featured on the cover. There are affiliate links in this post.

Traveling to Paris from the United Kingdom:

paris to disneyland train eurostarTake the train instead (Image: Pjedro22)

When I lived in London, I would always take the Eurostar to Paris for a weekend getaway. Aside from being very handy, hassle-free, and quick, using the train is also the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Eurostar often runs special offers. If you’re planning a vacation, keep an eye on the internet since you may be able to locate some cheap train tickets, particularly to Paris. Children under the age of four are also free to travel, which is ideal for young families. Another (very significant) advantage of taking the train to Paris is that there are no maximum liquid limitations for station security, which means you can stock up on wonderful French wine and carry it home with you. Just make sure you don’t drink it all on the way home…

Getting to Disneyland Paris from the airport:

paris to disneyland trainThis is how Disney works. (Photo credit: Helen Wright)

Many people ask me how to travel from Paris to Disneyland Paris and whether to spend a few days or a weekend in the city before or after a trip to the Disney parks after reading my Disneyland Paris Planner article. I would totally do this if you had the time – why not? From the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station at Disneyland Paris, you may ride the RER rail to a variety of locations in downtown Paris. Find a mainline station with a Metro and you’ll be able to take public transportation all the way from Disneyland Paris to your accommodation, eliminating the need for cabs or being stuck anywhere.

The Metro is simple to use, clean, and inexpensive, and I strongly suggest utilizing it to navigate about Paris since it is the quickest method to go from point A to point B given the city’s heavy traffic. Purchase a ticket pack (packs of 2, 4, 6, 12, etc.) and purchase one ticket per passenger, each travel (even if you change trains). Children under the age of four ride for free, and children aged four to nine ride for half price, so get separate tickets for them.

Where to stay in Paris for a weekend:

There are hotels in Paris to suit almost every taste, price, customer, and necessity for anybody visiting the city. With a strict budget in mind, I like to stay someplace that is not extremely costly, yet comfortable and unique. The following are the two hotels where I usually stay:

Hotel Opera de Paris

On a trip to Paris, I happened onto this hotel by surprise, and it has since been my go-to spot in the city. The Opera (the neighborhood) is located in the 9th arr., a rather central neighborhood noted for its theaters and shops. The magnificent Garnier Opera is only a few blocks away (sometimes called Palais Garnier). It’s a terrific place for first-timers since it’s touristy enough – but not too touristy.

There is no view of the Eiffel Tower, but there are some decent hotel deals available in this area. At Hotel Opera de Paris, you can pick up rooms from £115 a night, including breakfast. The hotel is modern with some funky touches inside, and most rooms have those beautiful Juliet windows that make me fall in love with Paris over and over again.

East Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is another of my favorite hotels in Paris for a weekend getaway. In fact, there are currently three Mama Shelter hotels in the city (Mama East, Mama West and the newest property is in La Defense). Mama East has a particular place in my heart since it is where I spent my 30th birthday and have returned many times since. East Paris is a less refined, historically rugged neighborhood that is quickly becoming the city’s best-kept secret (more on that later).

Mama Shelter East is located in the 20th arr., which is on the outskirts of the city, yet this low-key, lovely neighborhood is home to some amazing, delightfully un-touristy stores, pubs, and restaurants. If you don’t mind living out your Carrie Bradshaw / Emily in Paris fantasies, the 20th is also the most cost-effective neighborhood in Paris right now. Mama East boasts super stylish rooms beginning at £80 per night, and the hotel’s contemporary bar below often holds bands and themed evenings. Also, the pizza is fantastic!

What to do in Paris for a weekend Itinerary for two days in Paris: Day One

paris cafe breakfastThe iconic Parisian café (image: passportstamps.uk)

Breakfast at one of the hundreds of cafés with street seating strewn across the city is a must-do on every weekend in Paris agenda. There will be one within a few minutes of your hotel, no matter where you stay. Order something straightforward and uncomplicated. There’s no need for a spectacular breakfast in France, but delectable pastries and strong coffee are almost a given.

The Eiffel Tower

paris in 2 days itineraryThe Eiffel Tower’s cherry blossoms (Image: passportstamps.uk)

It’s only natural to begin with the Eiffel Tower, since it would be strange to spend a weekend in Paris without seeing it. The Eiffel Tower, perhaps the world’s most iconic monument, first opened its doors in 1889 and has since welcomed over 300 million people.

The interior of the tower may be toured, and purchasing tickets ahead of time is encouraged since there is always a line to go in, even first thing in the morning. This ticket includes admission to the tower, a skip-the-line pass, and a complimentary audio guide for your climb.

From the summit, you can enjoy panoramic views of Paris and see practically all of the city’s prominent sights, including The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France., Grand Palais, Montmartre, and the Seine’s bends. For those searching for something especially exceptional, there is also a small museum, a Michelin Star restaurant, and a Champagne Bar at the top.

I’ve gone to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but unless you’re anxious to cross it off your bucket list, I wouldn’t make it a priority if you’re following this Paris in two days program. You’ll need at least two hours to visit the tower inside, not considering the line outside (if you don’t have an advance ticket). The Iron Lady, in my opinion, is best appreciated from the ground, where there are several spots to admire her engineering and beauty while enjoying fantastic views and no lines.

The best view of the Eiffel Tower is from this location.

paris in 2 days itineraryThe ideal location for photographing the Eiffel Tower (Image: passportstamps.uk)

The most apparent site to photograph Tour Eiffel is in Champs de Mars, the vast park and gardens that encircle the Eiffel Tower’s base and extend all the way to the Grand Palais Éphémère. We were able to obtain some beautiful photographs in the middle of the day, to the right of the tower (facing the Seine), without having to battle the throng. This is also a great area for a picnic (so order a few extra croissants with your breakfast and being them with you).

best view of Eiffel towerTake the shot. (Photo credit: Helen Wright)

Along the river bank at Port Salut is another lesser-known place for spectacular Eiffel Tower shots. From here, you can glimpse the Eiffel Tower through the trees (which makes for beautiful fall images) and enjoy wonderful views over the Seine. The foot of the tower above the Pont d’Iéna bridge is a short walk from this side of the river.

What to do in Paris on a weekend near the Eiffel Tower

One of the worst things about the Eiffel Tower is that there isn’t much nearby, making it a bit of a trek, especially if you just have a weekend in Paris to see everything. Paris, on the other hand, is a walking city for me, with lots to explore away from the major sights. A simple stroll around some of the city’s nicest neighborhoods may give hours of entertaining people-watching and soaking in the chaotic beauty of Parisian life.

le bon marche indoors parisThe inside of Le Bon Marché is breathtaking (Image Julian)

Walk from the Tour Eiffel to the Tomb of Napoleon and St.-Germain-des-Prés on the left bank, one of the city’s most beautiful neighborhoods. The stately Le Bon Marché, Paris’ most exquisite and opulent department store, is a half-hour walk away. The first department store in the world, Le Bon Marché, provided well-heeled Parisians with a place to indulge and spend their undoubtedly not-so-hard-earned francs. Even if you aren’t seeking to load up on new-season Chanel and Dior, the stunning décor is worth a visit. If you want to purchase anything to remember your trip by, the top floor contains a beautiful stationary store that always gets a few well-deserved ‘oohs and ahhs.’ Consider a Rhodia notepad or a high-end postcard.

Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots, two of Paris’ oldest cafes, are also located in this region. Both were founded in the late 1800s and are famous for being frequented by the world’s most fashionable people. To name a few, we’re talking about Bridget Bardot, Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, and Paco Rabanne. Previously, cafés were utilized by Jean-Paul Sartre and Pablo Picasso for inspiration and relaxation. The cuisine is decent in both locations, but expect to pay a premium for lunch with a side of elegant nostalgia. I also can’t pass up the amazing Librairie Elbé, which is just down the block and offers antique posters and lust-worthy restored trip prints.

Shakespeare and Company is a bookshop in London.

weekend in paris 2 daysHistory both inside and out (Image: Megan Eaves)

Continue down the street toward the river and visit one of the world’s most famous bookshops (did the ‘important people’ ever leave St Germain?) This passionately French bookstore, which first opened in 1919, was a frequent destination of F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, TS Eliot, and James Joyce in the early twentieth century, as well as James Baldwin and Allen Ginsberg more recently. ‘I constructed this bookstore as a guy would write a novel, creating each room like a chapter, and I want people to open the door the way they open a book, a book that goes into a magical world in their imaginations,’ said George Whitman, the bookshop’s founder. A fantastic treat for literary buffs and anybody interested in a side of Paris history other than the revolution.

SHOP AND SAVE: Shakespeare and Company, like so many other small companies, was almost wiped out by the epidemic, and was on the verge of closing its doors for good. If you have the opportunity, purchase a book or a memento (they have amazing tote bags and prints) or stop in for coffee and cake to support this unique establishment.

The Panthéon (where Marie Curie is buried) and l’Eglise de St-Germain-des-Près are two more historically significant sites in the area (the oldest church in Paris). But mostly, it’s a very Parisian spot to stroll about looking (or trying to look, as in my case).

During a weekend in Paris, I had lunch at my favorite Paris café.

chez janou paris Chez Janou is open for lunch & dinner (image: Alex Thomson)

If the weather permits, cross the Seine and continue strolling toward the Marais area and the lovely Place de Vosges (the city’s oldest plaza and the former home of Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables). You won’t hear the people sing, but you’ll see them jammed into one of my favorite Paris lunch haunts, chowing down on wonderful bourguignonne escargots, rib steak, and bowls of handmade chocolate mousse.

Chez Janou is an unassuming, vibrant, and extremely French café that checks all my boxes for the ideal location to eat lunch over a weekend in Paris, as suggested by my Paris-based friend Richelle. Consider checkered tablecloths and carafes of wine, as well as old French movie posters on the walls. Even in the downpour, fairy lights dangle above outside tables, and the overworked servers manage to find time to crack jokes. Do you see what I’m getting at? It’s both French and delicious. Oh, and the chocolate mousse is unlimited… Chez Janou does not accept online bookings, however it does accept phone reservations (if you can get through and speak French). Drop-ins are welcome, but expect to wait a bit for a table.

*Because the menu is in French, brush up on your GCSE foods or use an auto-translate tool like TextGrabber, which allows you to hover your phone camera over the menu and have it scan and translate into your selected language.

A trip around one of Paris’ most beautiful districts

Depending on how much mousse you consume, you may choose to walk off your meal or just snooze. If you wish to complete this Paris in two days plan, you won’t be able to sleep. If you want to preserve your legs, though, you may use the Metro, which is both safe and simple to operate.

You may simply stroll from Chez Janou to the Marais and enjoy one of Paris’ oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods. With eccentric shops, lux and high-street businesses, antique stores, and a fragrant mix of small perfumeries and larger names like Diptyque, this area has everything Paris has to offer.

MERCI paris weekend itineraryMerci Paris is wonderful (photo courtesy of kattebelletje)

Merci, a design-curated concept shop built in a former 19th-century fabric mill, is worth a visit. The bright red Fiat 500 is a popular photo subject outside. Inside, in an almost-gallery-like atmosphere that manages to be chilled out, browse (or look) at alternative furniture, fashion, home items, childrenswear, and flowers. The greatest thing is that Merci donates a large amount of its proceeds to a charity that helps mothers and children. There are no pre-loved products at this shabby charity store. Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, and Lanvin are among the brands represented.

During a weekend in Paris, make your way to Montmartre.

Sacré-Coeur-weekend-in-paris-emilyOne of my favorite buildings in Paris is the Sacré-Coeur (Image: Fernando)

Head north to Montmartre, where you’ll find the imposing Sacré-Coeur, a Roman Catholic cathedral and one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Sacré-Coeur, perched atop Butte Montmarte, has a spectacular panoramic view of the city. The ceiling, which was consecrated in 1919, is covered with the biggest mosaic in France, measuring 480 m2 and is well worth visiting to see in person. You may even ascend to the top of the dome for a more panoramic view of Paris.

From here, take a romantic walk through Abbesses’ cobblestone lanes, which are adorned with higgledy-piggledy structures that seem to be holding each other up, artisan bakeries, vibrant buskers, and street booths offering local art. The famed Moulin Rouge cabaret is located downhill. From the outside, it’s interesting to view, but the exorbitantly priced tickets for what is now a mediocre tourist performance are not worth it.

The Parisian pink house

paris in 2 days itineraryPink in Paris (Photo courtesy of visitmontmartre.com)

Fans of Emily in Paris may recognize La Maison Rose as the lovely pink café where the protagonists are shown having lunch. This modest café was a tourist destination even before the Netflix episode debuted, and nothing has changed. The ‘pink home,’ which is located on the corner of 2 Rue de L’Abreuvoir, has been here for over 100 years and was visited by Picasso himself. Anyone anyone think of Beauty and the Beast when they see the hilltop street? Reservations are often necessary (I’d rather simply enjoy it from the street), or you may join the crowd outside waiting for a walk-in.

The Musée de la Vie Romantique is a museum dedicated to the romantic era.

One historic spot that is certainly worth a visit in Montmartre is the adorable The Musée de la Vie Romantique is a museum dedicated to the romantic era.. This cute museum is part of a beautiful villa, surrounded by lush gardens that was once the residence of Dutch painter, Ary Scheffer. Preserved with original décor and furnishings, inside the house takes you immediately back to the 19th century where guests included novelist George Sand, Chopin and Liszt. The museum celebrates Sand’s writings, Scheffer’s paintings and other works of the Romantic era. There is a shaded courtyard café where reservations aren’t required, so refresh here before you leave.

Where should you spend your evening in Paris?

One of my favorite spots to spend an evening in Paris is the quirky Abbesses. Sip rosé as the sun sets at a café with a patio (try Au Petit Monmarte). Alternatively, have a drink to go and watch the sun set from the stairs in front of Sacré-Coeur.

Bouillon Chartier on rue du Faubourg is a wonderful spot to eat. This is as traditional French food as you’ll find, with menus that won’t break the bank. The dining area is decorated in a Belle Époque style. The menu (which is only available in French) has all of the classics, including stewed lamb, steak tartare, charcuterie, and cheese platters. At €5 a glass, the house wine is really palatable. You can’t make a reservation, but they’re pros at changing tables, so the wait is seldom more than 30 minutes.

The Grouin’s Point

For a very fun bar to go for a drink during a weekend in Paris, The Grouin’s Point is a chaotic and eccentric late-night wine bar, very popular with locals and the few tourists who have heard of it. I love this joint, but it’s a bit bonkers. Euros have to be exchanged at a vending machine for the bar’s own ‘currency’. Wine is only sold by the Magnum (definitely my kind of place) and the night usually ends up in a piano singalong with full bar participation. And they say the French are too serious…


Did you feel like you crammed a lot into day one of your 2-day Paris schedule but didn’t get much done? That is Paris for you, and that is precisely why I adore it. You’re almost traveling in a large circle on your second day, but believe me when I say that day two of a weekend in Paris is my favorite.

The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France.

louvre weekend in parisGo back to The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France. after-dark (Image: Natalie Maguire)

You’ve probably heard of it. Unless you have come to Paris specifically for a chance to view the magnificent art, trying to fit an enormous gallery like Le Louvre into a Paris 2 days itinerary would leave you little time to do anything else. Having said that, if touring the world famous museum is a must-do during your weekend in Paris, again buying tickets in advance with jump-the-queue access is highly recommended. In peak times, the entrance line for The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France. can be over two hours long.

TOP TIP: One way to enjoy The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France. without out the crowds is by taking a closing time tour. This means you can maximise your weekend in Paris and do more exploring during the day, returning to The Louvre is a museum in Paris, France. after-hours. The will allow you to view the most famous art work in the museum (and the world?), the Mona Lisa, with less people & and get to wander the museum for three hours after general admission closes.

The Tuileries Garden is located in Paris, France.

From La Louvre, take a walk through the beautiful The Tuileries Garden is located in Paris, France.. Once part of the Palais des Tuileries, which stood on the bank of the River Seine until 1871, the garden and park is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s beautiful all year round but Spring, in particular, is extra magical.

The first Ladurée boutique

This may not be of interest to some, but I’ve always had a little obsession with extremely thin French macarons, so when I learned that the original Ladurée bakery in Paris was still operational, I had to go. Take a look inside the colorful window of the modest Ladurée Royale on 16 Rue Royale. Unless you want to eat them right away, wait until you get home to purchase them. Both the Gard de Nord and the CGD Airport have shops.

Garnier Opera

Garnier Opera ticketsThe Opéra Garnier is breathtaking (image: Valerian Guillot)

If you love the theatre, as I do, the Garnier Opera is a real ‘wow’ moment. Built on the command of Napoleon III and sometimes called Palais Garnier, you can pay out the big bucks and enjoy a live performance or take a daytime walking tour inside the extravagant building for just €10.

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, an elegant Parisian department store, is located along the route. I really can’t get enough of this building’s inside, which is utterly magical around Christmas when it’s decked in the most stunning manner possible. I don’t usually purchase anything here, but I had to go have a look.

The trendiest hangout spot in Paris

cool areas in parisCanal St Martin is peaceful throughout the day. (Photo courtesy of Bex Walton)

Now is the time to get to Canal Saint-Martin, the nicest site in Paris to conclude a weekend. This neighborhood is known in French as ‘Bobo,’ which stands for ‘Bohemian Bourgeois,’ which is maybe my favorite portmanteau ever. Canal Saint-Martin is Paris’s Shoreditch or East Village, made famous by the film Amélie but still relatively undiscovered by visitors. Hipster clubs, restaurants, and boutiques have gradually sprung along the canal, giving the run-down appearance an edgy makeover.

During the summer, the’studenty’ population – which is likely to be 30+ freelancers having the day off – may be seen laid out on blankets and deckchairs along the canal. If you have extra time, I recommend taking a short boat trip down the canal. Between Bastille and the Avenue de la République, part of the canal ride takes place in a beautiful arched tunnel. Except for a few openings, it’s gloomy and I’m quite sure it was used in a Bond film at some time. It has a really 007 feel about it.

The advent of The Le Citizen Hôtel has brought a new sort of Paris visitor (including me) to the neighborhood. Return travelers to Paris who are already well-versed in the city’s history of perpetual reinvention and want to be part of the next chapter, as well as a younger population without the cash for Paris’s top restaurants and galleries. The hotel features a bustling bar with a traditional tapas menu, but instead of crossing the canal, attempt to grab a seat at Chez Prune.

During a weekend in Paris, stop into Chez Prune for a leisurely lunch.

chez prune reviewExcellent food and ambiance (Image: passportstamps.uk)

But don’t linger too long; there’s still much to see and do. Chez Prune is the area’s most well-known restaurant, but it’s well-known for a reason (or, reasons, actually). The rustic, unpolished café has a deliciously French personality. Serving a limited cuisine that varies daily depending on what’s available locally (always a good sign). Dishes like hog steak paired with a cheeky Mediterranean salsa or anything similarly surprising demonstrate that someone in the kitchen understands their cuisine and is proud of it. I wasn’t sure whether our waiter worked there or was simply helping out a friend since the servers are so relaxed back. It didn’t matter; our glasses were full, the cheese was ample, and the ambiance was fantastic, particularly when the room filled up with locals stopping in for a conversation and a coffee strong enough to keep you up for three days. (36 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris)

General Accounting Office

cool areas in parisA hip hangout for drinks and brunch. (Photo courtesy of Semio)

If you’re in Canal Saint-Martin at night and want somewhere cool to go for drinks, look no further than this amazing bar which has an indoor forest and Humphrey Bogart vibes. Go before it gets too busy to absorb the dreamy setting, which is an Instagram dream. If you are actually in Paris for the weekend, on Sunday General Accounting Office hosts a Sunday brunch. Children are welcome and the staff have games and activities to keep them busy while the grown ups pretend they are spending the weekend in Paris footloose and childfree. If this place doesn’t make frazzled parents want to move to Paris, nothing will.

République and adjacent Oberkampf are the greatest neighborhoods for a night out in Paris if you’re searching for a nice spot to socialize and drink in the evening. Wine bars are positioned near to dive bars. After hours, there are a few tiny live music places and a lot of wild dancing on the street. Plus, it’s the cheapest place in the city of lights to go out drinking and dancing.

Paris has a rainbow street.

La rue Sainte-MartheLa rue Sainte-Marthe in the afternoon (image: passportstamps.uk)

We’ve reached the end of our journey (or, legs if you have done all this on foot and seen off a few alcoholic beverages along the way). Take a stroll around Canal St Martin and Republique. When you leave the canal, you’ll discover a maze of charming alleyways, many of which are festooned with colorful street art, posters, and little businesses that seem to be someone’s living room. Find the rainbow-hued La rue Sainte-Marthe and take in the colorful street art and cheery homes in what was formerly Paris’ first working-class neighborhood.

Picasso Museum in Paris

Just like that we are back to where we started (almost) with Paris and its beguiling art. From spray cans to Cubism, the Picasso Museum in Paris is one of my favourite gallery museums, found inside the beautiful Baroque mansion, Hôtel Salé. You can see Picasso’s La Celestina and some of his other works, but also get a look at Picasso’s private art collection, which includes works by artists such Matisse, Degas and Renoir. (Entrance €11. Closed on Monday)

Cafe Le Papillon for dinner

This inconspicuous, solidly locals-frequented eatery is one of my favorites, but you’ll have to go to the 20th arr. to dine there. (It’s convenient if you’re staying at Mama East since they’re on the same road.) The 20th has a poor reputation, and for many, it seems to be a long distance from the main tourist regions of Paris. However, if you want to experience authentic Paris, it’s worth the metro travel out there, even if it’s only for dinner at Le Papillon, a laid-back restaurant with a wonderful cuisine (ever-changing menu). In a movie, this is the kind of area where two hidden lovers might meet. Consider romantic lighting, a creaky door with a bell* that slams shut every time someone enters or exits, and rain pelting the windows on the outside.

Obviously, there is no English menu, but if you don’t speak French, you may order anything you want. Everything is fine. Everything is priced the same. Starters are €8 and main courses are €16. We ordered a variety of appetizers, all of which were delicious, but the ravioles du Dauphiné were to die for. (*There was no ringing of the bell)

What about a weekend in Paris? Mama Shelter serves drinks. 

If you’re not planning on returning to Rue Oberkampf for the night, stop by Mama Shelter East for a nightcap at the bustling lounge bar. Live music, comedy, drag, or a full-on party scene may be found in the bar, which is also the hotel’s exquisite breakfast room from 8 a.m. (how do they do it?!) on any given night of the week.

Ground Control, a fashionable hangout in Paris, is a good spot to party if you want something larger and more elaborate. The location was formerly a railroad yard, but it has been transformed into a contemporary entertainment destination with street food booths, live music, and a large, festoon-lit terrace. It’s a summer tradition for Parisians, and now you can join in the fun by slipping inside one of the railway carriages or old buses that have been converted into seats.

And that was all I could squeeze into my two-day Paris schedule. In truth, this is more than I would accomplish in a weekend in Paris, but it is doable, and you may pick and choose what you want to do.

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