Virgin Voyages tells the story of how a recent vacation to Mexico exposed some flaws in her outlook on life. As fun as it was, she found herself feeling scared and nervous during their trip — until they completed an underwater mermaid encounter that changed everything for her.

The “virgin voyages reviews” is a blog post from Virgin Voyages. The blog post discusses the new ship, Mermaid. The article also includes other information about the ship.

Virgin Voyages Reveals Mermaid for Resilient Lady

Virgin Voyages has released the mermaid design for the hull of the next Resilient Lady, which is slated to launch on her “mermaiden” journey in August, celebrating diversity and the power of women. Jodie Herrera, a well-known oil painter and muralist, developed and painted the new design, which features a lovely Latina mermaid with a blazing red tail.

Grace, a Latina Mermaid Lady Resilient

Herrera’s Latina mermaid is a strong, powerful figure bringing people ahead to great experiences. She is meant to be a symbol and protector of the ship. Her long, flowing hair suggests the rhythm of the waves, and her confident attitude with fist raised is reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter.

Resilient Lady MermaidLady Mermaid’s Resilience (Virgin Voyages provided this image.)

Virgin Voyages’ mermaids are a sign of individualism and revolt, similar to murals on American WWII aircraft. Mermaids are powerful icons of the company and its diversity, boldly inscribed on the hulls of its Lady Ships. Following its recent association with Hispanic celebrity Jennifer Lopez, Resilient Lady’s mermaid was chosen to highlight the brand’s links to the Latin culture.

Resilient Lady’s bright mermaid was created by Jodie Herrera. Herrera is a well-known artist whose work has been shown in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami Santa Fe, Denver, Washington, D.C., and other cities around the United States.

Resilient LadyLady Resilient (Virgin Voyages provided this image.)

Herrera’s art and legacy are deeply rooted in New Mexico, and her Latina, Jicarilla Apache, and Comanche lineage add to the mix. Her lifelike oil paintings and murals, which address feminist problems and depict extraordinary individuals who have endured throughout their lives, connect and empower women.

“My ultimate objective is to unite and empower all women while also giving a forum for key intersectional feminist concerns.” Herrera says of her art, “I hope it will be a catalyst for good change.”

The mermaid of Virgin Voyages’ newest ship, the Resilient Lady, honors the culture and history of the amazing locations that the ship will visit, including sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Resilient LadyLady Resilient (Virgin Voyages provided this image.)

The ship will make her European debut on August 14, 2022, departing from Greece on a series of 7-9 cruises that will visit Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Catania, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, and other famous destinations.

Resilient Lady will sail to the Caribbean in early November, homeporting at San Juan and visiting ports such as Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, and Aruba, among others.

There are many more mermaids in the fleet.

Each ship in the Virgin Voyages fleet is led by a different symbolic mermaid in graceful, maritime flair. Scarlet Lady, the line’s first ship, is home to a strong spirit guide called Scarlet, created by artist Toby Tinsley. This first mermaid is an aquatic take on the conventional feminine shape seen in previous Virgin products.

Valiant Lady MermaidVirgin Voyages provided this image.

The line’s second ship, Valiant Lady, is created by artist Hillary Wilson and includes a Black mermaid who is bold, rebellious, and stunning. The breathtaking piece depicts a lady who is fearless of her own strength and never backs down, making her the ideal emblem and protector for Valiant Lady.

The trio of magnificent women gracing the fleet of Lady Ships, together with the new Resilient Lady mermaid, are a lively exhibition of the company’s dedication to diversity and serve as icons for the adults-only cruise line’s elegance.

The Virgin Voyages fleet’s fourth ship is set to be delivered in 2023, but no other information have been revealed. All four ships are 110,000 gross tons, with a capacity of 2,700 passengers and 1,160 staff members to offer excellent service.

Resilient Lady Cruise Ship

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