Cutting-edge airline food in the US is already making headlines. And with innovative chefs like Thomas Keller and David Chang in charge of new domestic first class offerings, you know it’s going to be nothing short of amazing. But do these culinary geniuses have any idea what they’re getting into when trying to bring fine dining on board? From cumbersome international flight rules that make serving upscale cuisine difficult, to a culture clash between tradition and rapid innovation, there are many challenges ahead for flying high while having your meal below deck.

It is not confirmed whether or not American Airlines will be selling food in domestic first class by 2021. Read more in detail here: is american airlines serving food in first class 2021.

US Airlines Should Sell Food in Domestic First Class

Food should be sold in domestic first class on US airlines.

on November 27, 2021 by Gary Leff

I graduated from college in 1996 and became a United Airlines elite member for the first time in 1997. I was upgraded for the first time on a trip from Los Angeles to Washington Dulles, and lunch was provided in courses. As an appetizer, I got an almond-dusted shrimp plate, followed by a steak for my meal, and finally dessert.

United was cutting down on inflight catering spending in spring 2001, and I recall the outcry among regular fliers over their ‘gourmet’ cheeseburger being served at lunch. It was a terrific, substantial burger, unlike what most people think of when they think of an onboard burger nowadays.

An American Airlines supper was provided aboard the 919-mile Washington National – Miami route even before the US Airways merger.



That was before US Airways took over lunch service on American Airlines in September 2014. Things deteriorated to the point that, less than a year later, the airline began to spend a bit more on its meals. During the flight, I stopped eating.

Following multiple reductions in meal service, United Airlines attempted to abolish meals entirely on flights under 4 hours outside of supper hours in 2018. After just two weeks, they rolled it back.

  • Airlines aim to cut meal costs.
  • Especially in the aftermath of epidemic losses.
  • But what if they’re overlooking a lucrative opportunity?

American introduced the possibility to pre-order meals in first class nine years ago. You’re just pre-selecting what they’d have aboard otherwise and ensuring that you receive your preferred food. Then they introduced the option of selecting’special meals,’ which were of greater quality than the rest of the American home meal service. Before they eliminated the protein, I advised the Muslim lunch. (Even if ordering one made the authorities believe you were a terrorist, it was worth it.)


Airlines are scrambling for income; United increased first checked bag costs before the outbreak and isn’t doing anything to compensate passengers. Why not seek for methods to make more money while also adding value to your life?

In first class, airlines should provide paid buy-on-board options. Allow you to pre-order a premium meal for an additional fee. This allows airlines to collect more money from customers who are in the greatest position to pay, which may be a better approach than charging higher checked bag costs to occasional leisure travelers flying in coach.

On a three-hour flight, I’d gladly pay for a lunch that was genuinely tasty. The main concern is that airlines will further reduce ‘included’ lunches. And although it is a possibility, it isn’t required, and how much worse might things get?


1631059930_384_Heres-What-Food-And-Service-Are-Like-In-American-Airlines September 2021, American Airlines Meal

I’d rather have a decent supper that cost me anything than the free food given today. And it’s apparent that airport caterers in the United States are capable of producing superb cuisine. Even when flying out of the United States, the cuisine supplied on many Asian and European airlines may be rather tasty.

1638026353_923_US-Airlines-Should-Sell-Food-in-Domestic-First-Class ANA Ramen is a Japanese ramen restaurant.

1638026356_780_US-Airlines-Should-Sell-Food-in-Domestic-First-Class Lobster Thermidor on Singapore Airlines

1638026359_669_US-Airlines-Should-Sell-Food-in-Domestic-First-Class Salmon biryani from Etihad

1638026361_151_US-Airlines-Should-Sell-Food-in-Domestic-First-Class Dim Sum on Singapore Airlines

This is feasible from a logistical standpoint. Austrian Airlines began paid pre-order meals in coach from caterer DO & CO at a price of 15 euros nine years ago.


It should be as follows:

  1. It’s simpler to do this in first class since there are fewer people to deal with.
  2. It is conceivable to spend more in food at a lesser cost since consumers would choose this over a first-class lunch – the airline makes revenue while saving money.

In a competitive sector, raising more money by providing a better product to clients is a better and more sustainable business strategy than attempting to charge more for the same or poorer quality.

Do you think airlines should make this change? Would you pay more for a premium lunch on a domestic first-class flight?

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The “american airlines food menu 2021” is a new plan that would allow US airlines to sell food in domestic first class. The new plan would be a major change from the current system.

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