For the past five years, Universal Orlando Resort has offered guests a chance to get a glimpse into the horrific world of Halloween Horror Nights. This year, the theme park is offering guests a glimpse into a nightmare that’s even more frightening, and Universal is hoping it will become a new regular event every year.

Universal Orlando has announced the next wave of haunted houses and scare zones that will appear in its Halloween Horror Nights event in its theme parks, the park announced Monday.

Universal Orlando had a lot of surprises for guests this year, from new movies to the return of popular Halloween Horror Nights attractions and even a new roller coaster. Now, the resort is revealing even more details about the most anticipated upcoming attraction of the season. This Saturday, Universal announced that the second annual “Shocktober” event will take place at Universal Studios Florida from September 28 through October 31, 2019.

WHY IT RATES: Fans of the horror genre will not want to miss this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. —Donald Wood, Senior Writer for Breaking News

The complete roster of unfathomable terrors for Halloween Horror Nights 2021 has been revealed, which includes a variety of twisted unique haunted houses, five scare zones, and two live performances. When the world’s greatest Halloween event returns to Universal Studios Florida on certain evenings from September 3 through October 31, guests will face this collection of horrors and more.


The five remaining haunted houses of the season will surround guests with nightmare-inducing unique tales filled with frightening monsters, where visitors will:

—in “SCarey: Horror in the Heartland welcomes you.,” walk inside the infamous Halloween Horror Nights village of Carey and experience its most terrifying haunts from the last 30 years.

—in “Case Files Unearthed: Famous Truth,” follow in the footsteps of a legendary paranormal investigator on a haunting quest.

—in “The Pumpkin Kingdom: Wicked Growth,” get caught in the dark origins of Halloween

—in “Puppet Theatrical: Captive Audience,” succumb to a deranged theatre ensemble

—in “The Tooth Fairy’s Revenge,” discover the sinister side of an apparently benign tradition

This year’s macabre lineup of 10 haunted houses for Halloween Horror Nights 2021 includes Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” “The Chainsaw Massacre in Texas,” “Beetlejuice,” “The Bride of Frankenstein Is Alive in Universal Monsters,” and “Icons from Halloween Horror Nights: Captured,” as well as “The Haunting of Hill House,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Beetlejuice,” “Universal Monsters

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The streets of Universal Studios Florida are hardly a safe haven for visitors… In five all-new fear zones, a legion of horror icons, strange creatures, and more await. Hundreds of frightening “scareactors” will appear, following visitors around and:

—enter the horrific world of “Crypt TV’s” famous horror tales

—in “Thirty Years, Thirty Fears,” an effort to escape the terrors of scare zones past

—in “Seek and Destroy is a game about finding and destroying things.,” avoid surrendering to an alien cyber government enslaving a future dystopia

—escape the Terra Queen’s wrath and her entrenched, wicked intentions in “Forest of Gorewood”

—see “Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge” for an example of a box office “slash.”


At Universal Studios Florida, two brand-new, wildly entertaining shows will take center stage:

—Mayhem Marathon: Carnage Factory, a brand-new nighttime lagoon performance that will turn the vast Universal Studios lagoon into famous visions of terror, showcasing some of the most well-known personalities in horror and Halloween Horror Nights history who will be featured in this year’s event.

—Halloween Horror Fuel, a ferocious new performance with nocturnal animals, night aerialists, and terrifying fire performers – all set to pulsing rock, metal, and electronica music.


In addition, Halloween Horror Nights wouldn’t be complete without the return of the event’s highly-anticipated Tribute Store in Universal Studios Florida, an immersive retail location designed to celebrate the world’s premier Halloween event with themed rooms decked out with specialty merchandise, a variety of unique treats, and more. More information about this year’s Tribute Store will be available shortly.

This autumn, visitors may expect the following experiences at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2021:


This autumn, Universal Orlando Resort celebrates 30 years of terror with Halloween Horror Nights 2021, which starts out on Friday, September 3 and runs through Sunday, October 31. The twisted geniuses of Universal’s Entertainment division have developed 10 frightening haunted homes, five menacing scare zones, and two spectacular live performances based on anything from horror classics to disturbing original tales.

All tickets and vacation packages are now available for purchase at Event nights are anticipated to sell out due to high demand, therefore tickets should be bought in advance.


The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

The towering and enigmatic Hill House will invite visitors to embark on the dark journey experienced by the Crain family in all-new mazes at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood, inspired by Netflix’s highly acclaimed series “The Haunting of Hill House.” The omni-powerful Red Room – the heart of Hill House – and the notorious Hall of Statues, whose deceptive abilities overwhelm everyone who enters, will also include iconic moments from the Netflix series. Even the toughest visitors will be put to the test as they try to break free from the estate’s everlasting grip or fall to Hill House’s strong powers, forcing them to roam the endless corridors forever…alone.


In 1991, Beetlejuice was the inaugural “ghost host” of Halloween Horror Nights, which was previously known as “Fright Nights.” This former presenter will become the otherworldly star of a bone-chilling haunted house based on Warner Bros. Pictures and Tim Burton’s Academy Award-winning horror-fantasy film as Halloween Horror Nights 2021 celebrates a milestone year. Guests will be at the mercy of the self-described “Bio-Exorcist” as they follow Beetlejuice about in beautifully reproduced sequences from the famous film. Guests will have the unique opportunity to experience the movie surrounded by its most memorable characters, from the famed haunted attic inside the Maitland house to the model cemetery and Dante’s Inferno Room. Beetlejuice is ready to switch on the juice and see what shakes loose – and his plans do not involve a trip to the realm of the undead.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The “Halloween Horror Nights” mazes at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will depict a disturbing and intense experience as guests try to outrun the maniacal Leatherface and his unrelenting chainsaw. Inspired by the 1974 iconic slasher film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the “Halloween Horror Nights” mazes at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will depict a disturbing and intense experience as guests try to outrun the maniacal Leatherface and his Guests will go on a terrifying trip through a succession of recognizable scenes from the film before succumbing to a family of cannibals. They will encounter unfathomable horrors around every turn, from a decrepit gas station to a spooky, old farmhouse, and will soon learn that no place is safe from the deranged Leatherface.

Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives

At its heart, Halloween Horror Nights is a continuation of Universal Pictures’ horror film heritage, and the event honors that legacy with a haunted labyrinth showcasing one of the studio’s most frightening monsters – The Bride of Frankenstein. At both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood, “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives” picks up where the 1935 classic film “The Bride of Frankenstein” left off, throwing guests into chaos as the Bride transforms into an unstoppable scientist and embarks on a mission to resurrect Frankenstein’s Monster. Her unrelenting desire for everlasting life will cost her dearly, and visitors will soon get entangled in a frantic struggle in an effort to flee.

Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured

Halloween Horror Nights Icons brings together the most infamous Halloween Horror Nights icons in history to wreak unspeakable horror on visitors. Captured. Guests will soon discover they’re being pursued when they enter a horrific “Hell of Fame,” where they’ll have no option but to confront the terrible brutality and lunacy of this ominous collection of Halloween Horror Nights tales, which include:

—The Caretaker, a once-respected surgeon who has developed an unsettling obsession with removing internal organs from conscious victims.

—The Director, a budding filmmaker obsessed with recording his victims’ agony and torment on film and putting them in their own live horror movie

—The Usher, who wants to exact deadly retribution on anyone who break his theater’s regulations.

—The Storyteller, who will go to any length to entice visitors into her newest stories of horror, in which no one ever lives happily ever after

—Jack the Clown, the original Halloween Horror Nights legend and the most feared of them all, and his sidekick Chance, a lethal duo who delight on torturing victims in ways that reflect their twisted sense of humour.

Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland

Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland, a first-ever haunted house that pays tribute to the event’s 30-year history, will mix some of the most frightening original tales from Halloween Horror Nights throughout the years and bring them to life once again in a first-ever haunted house. Guests will be taken back to the seedy hamlet of Carey, where they will see familiar scenes that will make fans scream with delight and terror. They’ll find no way out of Carey’s evil once and for all, whether it’s the horrific vampire cave from The Hive, the decaying attic from Dead End, or the unsettling Meetz Meats human shop from Leave it to Cleaver.

Legendary Truth Revealed in Case Files

Throughout Halloween Horror Nights history, the realm of Legendary Truth, an ongoing narrative following a secret paranormal research organization, has tormented visitors through various haunted houses. Guests will walk into the well-worn shoes of the notorious Boris Shuster – the elusive private investigator researching the supernatural – as he constantly hunts for answers to a series of odd events around New York City in Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth. Guests will confront an assault of ghouls, poltergeists, and terrors as they delve further into the murky, dark realm of the paranormal, all while attempting to answer the greatest mystery of them all – how they’ll survive…

The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin

The Pumpkin Lord, as the grower of this ritual, is preparing for his yearly human harvest in Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin. The beloved tradition of Halloween has more sinister roots waiting to be unearthed, and as the grower of this ritual, the Pumpkin Lord is preparing for his yearly human harvest in Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin. Guests will be drawn in by the holiday’s familiar sights and sounds, only to be trapped in an endless maze of traditional Halloween domains, including a dilapidated haunted house, an ominous graveyard, and even a wicked witch’s cottage – all overrun by ruthless creatures engulfed in ghastly pumpkin growth. They’ll follow the never-ending vines all the way to the Pumpkin Lord’s cave, where he’ll anxiously await fresh victims and never be satisfied.

Captive Audience: Puppet Theatre

In Puppet Theatre: The Deranged Side of Puppetry and Theatre, the demented side of puppetry and theatre will take center stage. Guests are transported to San Francisco’s abandoned Grandeur Theatre in the early 1900s, creating a captive audience. The Pasek’s Puppet Troupe will be imprisoned inside its ruins, preparing for their next gruesome show. The group has resorted to converting trespassers into live puppets — disassembling and putting them back together as life-sized marionettes for additions to their gruesome encore. Will the guests make it out alive, or will this be their last performance? The performance must go on anyway…

Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy’s Revenge will encourage visitors to discover the sinister ritual underlying a seemingly benign childhood custom. Parents made a deal with nasty, goblin-like tooth fairies to safeguard their children from these wicked creatures that desire pearly whites a long time ago: all children must give up their baby teeth or face a horrific price. Guests will enter a horrific world of blood, teeth, and gore, where these fairies extract their toothed treasure by force, and the only way out is to keep their lips shut and hold in their cries.


Crypt TV

Guests will enter Crypt TV, a dark world of creatures that exist on their screens, in their pockets, and now in real life. There are monsters of all kinds and sizes in this nightmarish world that has engulfed San Francisco, including The Look-See, the Sunny Family Cult, Harclaw, and Miss Annity. They’ve now been brought to life in a terrifying realm that will consume every visitor who enters.

30 Years, 30 Fears

In 30 Years, 30 Fears, the most renowned characters from previous Halloween Horror Nights fright zones will return to take over the Avenue of the Stars. Guests will be welcomed into a macabre reunion where the past has returned to haunt them, with blood and bone monsters, monstrous monstrosities, and chainsaw-wielding fiends lurking around every corner.

Seek and Destroy

Guests will find themselves in a New York dystopia where a cruel alien computer government, headed by The Controller, has seized control, constantly searching the city streets for people and converting them into fuel in Seek and Destroy. Guests must either join the government or be destroyed since the regime’s devoted supporters are always searching for fresh victims in the dark.

Gorewood Forest

The cruel Terra Queen has returned, and her evil ambitions to reshape the world in her dreadful image will take root in Central Park, converting it into the gruesome Gorewood Forest. As her terrifying minions collect new blood to fuel her ever-growing strength, guests will have nowhere to escape from her menacing henchmen.

Eddie’s Revenge (Lights, Camera, Hacktion)

Eddie Schmidt, Jack the Clown’s evil brother, is returning to Halloween Horror Nights to star in Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge, a gruesome Hollywood sequel in which the monsters are real. Vampires, wicked clowns, monsters from the depths of the sea, and other horrifying creatures from the event’s history will roar onto the stage, where visitors will make a brief, painful appearance.


Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory

Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory, a brand-new Universal Studios lagoon show, will make its terrifyingly mesmerizing debut during Halloween Horror Nights. Guests will be lulled into a trance by Jack the Clown, and then awaken in the middle of a sinister factory with pulsating lasers and pounding, thrilling music. Frightened, a nightmare machine will extract guests’ deepest fears one by one and project them onto giant water screens, showcasing the infamous Halloween Horror Nights icons as well as terrifying scenes from Netflix’s critically acclaimed series “The Haunting of Hill House,” the legendary Universal Monsters classic movies, and the iconic slasher film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Halloween Nightmare Fuel

In the all-new show, Halloween Nightmare Fuel, nocturnal animals, night aerialists, and frightening fire performers will come life to the crackling rhythm of rock, metal, and electronica music, igniting guests’ waking nightmares.


Universal Orlando is giving us a bit more information about what’s going into its Halloween Horror Nights events in 2021. The theme park will once again be hosting the popular “Halloween Horror Nights” event, which kicks off more than six weeks before Halloween on September 1. So, what will be happening? Universal Orlando announced today that the new event will feature a “delirious new night event” called “Halloween Haunts,” which will take guests on a journey of terror through a series of 20-30 minute experiences that will perplex, torment, and terrify. The event will feature a wide array of frightful new experiences that will take guests on a journey through the most terrifying events in horror movie history, all set to the backdrop of a. Read more about halloween horror nights 2021 rumors and let us know what you think.

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