United Airlines and AstraZeneca know that people have a lot of questions about vaccines, so it’s important that they share their views with the public. This week, United and AstraZeneca teamed up to launch a blog called “United We Vaccinate” that will discuss vaccine safety, their support for the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, and their support for the immunization of all children.

United Airlines has refused to let an eight-year-old boy travel with his flu shot, despite blood tests showing that he was up to date on his vaccines.  The boy’s father, a doctor, told The New York Times that he took his son’s blood tests at a clinic in Florida, where he’s based, and when they came back showing he was up to date on his vaccinations, he took them to the airline to show them. However, the airline’s security review team told him that the company will not accept the blood tests, telling him that they only consider the doctor’s recommendation to be enough.

With all the controversy swirling around United Airlines recently, it’s sad that nobody has really asked a very important question: Which vaccines are they actually giving their passengers? The answer may surprise you.

United Airlines will not consider AstraZeneca as Covid-19Vaccine

Gary Leff 11. June 2021

United Airlines is holding a raffle where people who get vaccinated can travel for free.

I have a question about the United match – why isn’t United accepting footage from AstraZeneca?

Since I was in Europe and didn’t want to wait to get the vaccine in the US, I got the
vaccine from AstraZeneca. United does not have [AstraZeneca] on its list of winners. They said my application was not valid.

I say they are discriminating against travelers who have received a globally approved vaccine. Who is United Airlines to decide which vaccine is acceptable? United Airlines has NO authority to suggest which vaccine we should choose. Absurd and ridiculous. How does this look to you?

I asked United this question. They suggested: He can send his request by post. This must be done by June 22 and will be sent out by June 29. June.

Actually, there is a shipping option, as I mentioned at the beginning of the game. Proof of vaccination is not required – it’s not really a lottery to get the vaccine, anyone can participate, it’s just the only way to participate where you have to identify yourself as vaccinated.

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed that you can attend by mail if you are not vaccinated or cannot meet traditional eligibility requirements.

However, anyone can print out an immunization schedule from the Internet, write it by hand, and scan it for download. But the question came from someone who thinks that their choice of vaccines – the right choice to take an available dose and not wait – is somehow considered less legitimate than the choice of people who fake their vaccination cards to get in.

United Airlines is in a safe area. They sided with the FDA, which has not yet granted an exemption for AstraZeneca’s drug and probably never will. There are now enough vaccines in the United States that they are no longer needed. But AstraZeneca’s drug is a key component of vaccination campaigns around the world, approved in more than 70 countries, and could soon save lives in this country as well.

The FDA has penalized AstraZeneca for indiscriminate testing, but there is little doubt that the solution will work. It has rare side effects (similar to Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, with a slightly higher prevalence). The vaccine doesn’t appear to be as effective against some variants as the mRNA vaccines, but no one expected it to come anywhere near the effectiveness of Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine.

It is easy to forget that only a few months ago there was a fierce battle over the dosage of vaccines. Of course, there are now more vaccines in the US than there are people who want to get vaccinated, and some doses may go unused when they expire. But from December to March, people couldn’t get the vaccine unless they used bots or clicked on their web browser’s refresh button all day.

By denying Americans access to AstraZeneca in January, people got sick and died who wouldn’t have. They got sick and passed the virus on to others who died. There was an opportunity to break the chains of transmission, which we failed to take advantage of. Until recently, however, we have collected millions of doses that could have saved lives elsewhere in the world.

At the very least, the FDA should have explained why Americans are genetically different (which argues for a different outcome than European regulators) or why their scientists are smarter than their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic. We should have focused on giving the first few doses of the drug to as many people as possible (including AstraZeneca) and expanded the supply to include half doses of Moderna (in fact, half a dose of Moderna is even better than a full dose of AstraZeneca). On the other hand, we know that delaying the second dose improves the immune response (as you would expect).

However, United, an international airline, sided with the FDA: AstraZeneca doesn’t count. And so United – as well as the FDA – must explain to customers why a vaccine approved by Britain, the European Union and many other countries should not be available to Americans when there were a quarter of a million cases and more than three deaths per day due to Covid-19.

This is the problem with vaccine records: besides checking authenticity, which vaccines count? How many cans? How long are they valid? If most of the world uses AstraZeneca and even United Airlines cannot agree to abide by it, how likely is it that governments will come to a consensus?

Lake View from the Wing

A viral Facebook post accused United Airlines of not counting the flu vaccine provided by AstraZeneca on its passengers’ vaccination records. Last week, United Airlines confirmed that AstraZeneca’s flu vaccine was not issued as a “Covid-19” vaccine, despite the fact that the vaccine was given to the passengers.. Read more about hipaa violation vaccine and let us know what you think.

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