United Airlines announced a new policy this week, saying that all its employees will now be required to have the Covid vaccine. Over 3000 employees were vaccinated in just one weekend and over 80% of non-vaccinated employees were fired. Experts say that United’s decision has saved millions of lives.

United Airlines is facing a lawsuit for not having their employees vaccinated. United Airlines says that the vaccine mandate has saved lives and that they have 3000 employees who are now using Covid. Read more in detail here: united airlines vaccine mandate lawsuit.

United Airlines Says Over 3000 Employees Now Have Covid, But That Vaccine Mandate Has Saved Lived

United Airlines claims that over 3000 employees have received Covid vaccines, yet the mandate has saved lives.

on January 11, 2022 by Gary Leff

Covid-19 is presently in use by 3000 United Airlines personnel, according to the company. The true figure is likely higher, since the airline is likely only aware of a small number of asymptomatic and subclinical instances. CEO Scott Kirby, on the other hand, feels that the airline’s vaccination obligation has already saved the lives of 8-10 of his workers, and that no one is presently being treated for Covid.


The case of Covid-19 infection at United is far from unique. They claim that fewer than 4% of their personnel is now affected. Even if it’s twice as much, they may still be below the national average. According to one estimate, 5%–10% of the nation is presently afflicted, however this seems to be cautious. For reference, here’s a basic (and so obviously incorrect) back of the envelope:

  • The average case size is 775,000 in a seven-day period.
  • Given asymptomatic, subclinical, and the amount of individuals testing at home who aren’t included, we may only be capturing 1 in 10 instances.
  • Based on a 5-day infectiousness period, that’s 38,750,000 people, or 12% of the US population, who are now infected.

At Newark Airport, one-third of staff phoned in ill on a single day. However, it is estimated that over 20% of New York City people were infected at one time.

By the end of the Ommicron wave, 40 percent of the population might be infected with this variety. While current vaccinations don’t work as well against Omicron as they do against earlier variations (and the US government has de-prioritized variant-specific boosters in favor of boosting against the original Wuhan strain), they do a fantastic job training the immune system to fight and eliminate the virus.

A graphic that shows the number of Omicron hospitalizations in New York City: For those who have been vaccinated, little has changed. However, there is a significant increase in the number of people who have not been vaccinated. https://t.co/tbjifc8cMT pic.twitter.com/ScL8eZcAzJ

January 9, 2022 — Cliff Levy (@cliffordlevy)

You might think it’s misleading to claim that the vaccine mandate has saved the lives of 8-10 employees because the majority of people who get vaccinated would have done so anyway (as is the case nationally), but the comparison is to a loss of life at the airline during a period when many people were already vaccinated. You might think that because of Omicron’s lower virulence (for example, much shorter hospital stays), the number of deaths would be lower, but the majority of deaths in the last 8-10 weeks have been from Delta, so the vaccine mandate effectiveness comparison is to a period when deaths are from the earlier variant.

Past infection with Delta did not protect much more than 50% against Omicron, while prior infection with Omicron should be more protective against Delta, according to current expectations. The Omicron wave should result in so much background immunity in the population, as well as vaccination and boosters, that we should be out of the pandemic phase by the end of February, at the very least in the United States.

Using cotton masks in the past was probably ineffective against Omicron; if you’re going to mask, it should be with a higher-quality mask. Because of the short time frame in which you’d need to keep vigilance, there’s a greater return to it right now. Even if an Omicron-specific booster is not currently available, the benefit of boosting is enormous, since it protects against catastrophic outcomes while also reducing the chance of infection and the length of infectiousness. Naturally, the epidemic has startled us in the past.

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