In a recent episode of the travel show, “Million Dollar Listing,” luxury real estate agent Andrew Zobler walks his client’s dog on an airplane. In one scene, he sees a man wearing what appears to be a full-body karate outfit with metal rings around his neck and black leather gloves.

United Airlines is refusing to let a passenger on the plane because of his mask. The airline claims that the mask was too good, and that it would be unsafe for other passengers on the flight. Read more in detail here: united airlines mask exemption.

United Airlines Kicks Passenger Off A Flight For Wearing A Mask That's Too Good

A United Airlines passenger was kicked off a flight for wearing an excessively good mask.

on December 31, 2021 by Gary Leff

A person was apparently removed off United Airlines due to mask compliance. In 2021, that’s hardly groundbreaking. Masks are, by far, the most common rowdy passenger complaint made to the FAA this year. What makes this incident special is that the passenger was ejected because of a mask that provided excessive protection.

Cloth masks that provide minimal protection to the user and even less in terms of source control are allowed to meet the mask requirement. Only a small percentage of individuals use N95 masks that are correctly fitted and offer adequate protection. One individual, on the other hand, went beyond a N95 and was subsequently ejected off his United aircraft. According to one story, the person was barred from traveling.

Because he’s in touch with an immunocompromised individual, a buddy of mine has been traveling with a versaflow (essentially a highly protective air filter). He boarded a @united flight and was told to remove his… Then he snatched Covid from the aircraft.

December 28, 2021 — Aella (@Aella Girl)

The passenger that was booted off was attempting to defend himself from Covid-19, and as a result, he received it. However, I don’t believe he acquired it while traveling and wasn’t permitted to wear the mask.

If you’re curious what one of these looks like, here’s a picture:

December 28, 2021 — Lynyrd Cohyn (@lynyrd cohyn)

After all, the virus spreads so readily and is so widespread over most of the nation that even healthy people who have taken precautions are becoming sick. According to some estimates, 10% of London was afflicted at one time. It’s difficult to believe that more than that number of New Yorkers aren’t in this situation right now (given high positivity rates, subclinical cases, and asymptomatic infections).

Why wouldn’t United allow the mask to be worn?

Despite the fact that the risk of him or others he comes into touch with dying from covid is plainly larger than the risk of his dying from a lack of oxygen on the aircraft,

December 28, 2021 — Aella (@Aella Girl)

United, like many other airlines, has standards that govern not just what you must wear but also what you are not permitted to wear, but these restrictions are not often generally known. A 75-year-old customer with a terminal disease was thrown off Alaska Airlines for wearing too much personal protection equipment. Body tents and pods, as well as personal air purifiers and ozone generators, are prohibited by American Airlines.

United-Airlines-Kicks-Passenger-Off-A-Flight-For-Wearing-A Delta First Class Body Pod, photo credit: Under The Weather

Rather than prohibiting the use of additional protective gear, I wonder whether an airline might encourage safety while also generating auxiliary money if they marketed these goods themselves. However, similar to a movie theater, they may seek to prohibit consumers from bringing their own to avoid lower-cost competition for sales. I recall when using your own headphones to see the in-flight movie was against airline regulations…

(Image courtesy of @thetvlinsider)

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United Airlines has a strict no masks policy. If you wear one, they will ask you to take it off. If you refuse, they will kick you off the flight. Reference: can i wear a bandana as a mask on a plane.

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