Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and is considered the most interesting place in Europe – mainly because of its natural beauty. The population of Reykjavik is approximately 123,000.

Reykjavik means smoky bay, which means steam from chimneys and geothermal geysers. The city gets only four hours of sun in the winter and about twenty-one hours in the summer. This is due to the proximity of the North Pole.

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In 1918, temperatures in Reykjavik dropped to -24.5 degrees Celsius, and this period was known as the Great Ice Winter.

The city is known for its natural and picturesque landscape, but also for having the oldest parliament in the world, which was established in 930 AD. Although temporarily closed in the 1800s, the institution reopened in 1844.

The city is worth a visit for its beauty alone. If you are planning to travel to Reykjavik, here is a list of five points to consider to improve your stay in Reykjavik.

1. Fiadrarjouf gorge

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This gorge is honestly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It wasn’t known before, but in 2017 pop sensation Justin Bieber released the music video for his single I’ll show you, which was filmed in a canyon. The number of tourists has therefore increased considerably. It is located approximately 225 km from Reykjavik.

The authorities are building a solid infrastructure to cope with the influx of tourists. This place should be on your list, though, because it’s not worth it.

2. Hofsstadir Historical Park Viking Longhouse Historical Park

(Photo courtesy of

By visiting the excavations in this historical park, tourists can get a complete and interesting presentation. This archaeological site gives a glimpse of Reykjavik’s history and is one of the most visited places in the city.

The reason why most people like to visit the city is to learn more about it. During the excavations, a large number of valuables were found, including a bronze ring-shaped brooch. Most of the items found at the site were metal and included artifacts such as nails, ashes, knives and scissors. They gave information about the life of the early Icelanders and how they organized their daily life.

Such places are a must, especially if you are visiting the area for the first time.

3. Hallgrimskirkja Church

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay/spaway)

It can be said that this church is the main tourist attraction for people visiting Reykjavik for the first time.

The church at Hallgrimskirkja was designed in 1937 and construction began in 1945, but was not completed until 1986. In addition to its stunning architectural design, another highlight of this church is the giant statue of Leif Eriksson, designed by Alexander Sterling Calder and donated to the United States.

The church tower is visible from all over the city, which makes it even more special. The church is of cultural and historical importance to the Icelandic people. So be sure to include this church in your itinerary when you travel to Reykjavik.

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4. Weed Island

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay/ifinnsson)

This island is without doubt a place of relaxation and tranquility. The island has art, history and natural beauty to offer its visitors.

The beautiful surroundings of the island of Videy are absolutely breathtaking. Most tourists like to explore the island by bike, while others move around on foot. Traffic is minimal, which is why most people like to come. It reminds them of simpler times. This island is also home to Yoko Ono’s Peace Tower, another popular tourist destination.

If you’re visiting Iceland in the summer, there are ferry departures so you can move around the island easily. And if you have a Reykjavik City Card, your trip to Vidjay Island is free.

5. Nautholsvik Geothermal Range

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Helgi Haldorsson)

This beach was opened in 2001 and attracts about 530,000 visitors a year. It was created to promote leisure activities and bring families together. Most people who visit this beach come to sunbathe, sail and swim in the sea. Bubble baths and steam rooms are also popular, even in winter.

The average sea temperature is -1.9 degrees during the coldest months, while it fluctuates in the summer. It is not only a place that tourists love to visit, but also the locals who look for it during their holidays. If you are interested in beach activities and want to learn how a geothermal beach is created, this is a visit not to be missed.

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Reykjavik is one of the most popular destinations in Iceland, a hub for tourists from all over the world. These five things are just a few of many, but they will definitely be a plus for your stay in the city. Make sure you research and plan a trip to Reykjavik with some of these places in mind.

Let me see later!

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