Are you dreaming of a trip? During these months nobody even thought about travelling, but one day we will be free again to explore places near and far.

The time will come when you will spread your wings and fly like a bird to discover your homeland and beyond.

How would you like to travel that day and what would you like to see? Same as before, or maybe you want more? Are your values still the same or have they changed?

Travel dream: a walk on small country roads...

Dream of a journey: Take a trip to the country roads.

Many questions that are difficult to answer.

We also miss travel, but surprisingly little, for almost three months. It was nice here. We lived in the village, we were in the woods and near the lake.

We had a lot of time to remember where we were and how we travelled.

Before this sudden rupture, there had been ten years of intensive travel, ranging from short weekends to months in distant countries.

From time to time we flew to distant continents and one day we went around the world. Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Bali, Thailand, California, Florida, Morocco But above all we travelled through Europe, our beloved continent.

What are your travel dreams?

Travel Dream: He's the Black Hedge in Northern Ireland.

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

In this article you will find some travel ideas to help you dream. So you can find out which type of trip suits you best.

Are you a nature lover who feels so at home in secluded forests, lakes and national parks? Or take a ride on a merry-go-round, explore the mountains, the villages, enjoy the beauty of the landscape? No, maybe you are a city dweller, or are you always looking for museums, culture and architecture?

When you grow up, I can help you dream about your future travels. If you hadn’t, you could have been a sun worshipper. In that case, I have a lot of dreams for you, too.  For those who like to travel by bus, boat or train.

So that you can dream of traveling, this note contains my travel stories based on the different needs of travelers, and I would like to start with my main interest, nature:

Nature travel – 92 Travel diaries

Natural attractions in the forest

Dream of a journey: Find natural attractions in the woods

Most of my travels have always been about nature, and there will be more in the future.

Everywhere I go, I always have to find a piece of nature. National park, mountains, lake, river or sea. I am always looking for green spaces, forests, hiking trails, wildlife or maybe snow or coral of any kind.

Dream of a journey: Knowledge of the beauty of nature.

A list with all content about nature trips:

If you want to travel through picturesque landscapes, this might be something for you:

Scene Tours – 63 Travel tips

Dream of travel: travel through picturesque landscapes

Dream of travel: travel through picturesque landscapes

My second favorite is to drive on the smaller side roads that turn into green hills and lead to the most beautiful villages in the country. Driving in picturesque landscapes makes me feel so happy and independent. We stop where we can best see the view and walk to where the path is.

It can be a day trip from the city where we are staying or a multi-day trip, in which case renting a motorhome is my favourite.

I have marked my routes on the map so that you can follow them more easily.

Travel Dreams: Travelling around the world by car and motorhome.

If your dream is a scenic journey, take a look at these travel stories:

And then, for those of you who love cities:

Travel Dreams: Cities – 66 Travel reports

Dreaming of a Journey: Exploring the major cities and

Dreaming of a Journey: Exploring the major cities and

The world is full of fantastic cities, big and small, old and new. At the time of writing this article, I have articles about 66 cities on all continents, and many of them contain ready-made walking routes.

All my cities are individual, some are full of history, great architecture and museums. In other cities you can just walk around and meet people, in others you can go shopping or learn about culture, and many of my cities have beautiful UNESCO monuments. I really like the cities I’ve visited:

Dreaming of a journey: Which cities do you prefer?

To dream of cities, you have to start with this:

More similar articles, most about cities:

From Europe, culture and national heritage are very dear to my heart:

Travel Dreams: Culture and heritage

Visiting castles and palaces

Travel dreams: Visiting castles and palaces

The best thing about travelling is that all countries and regions have their own heritage and you can discover different traditions. To understand a country, you need to know its culture and its origins.

Architecture and building traditions vary from country to country, as do eating and drinking habits – if you like it, the world is full of treasures waiting for you:

Dreaming of a Journey: Exploring the rich world heritage

Discover the culture and world heritage:

Next, for beach lovers:

Walks – 66 floors

Find the best beaches in paradise

Travel dreams: Find the softest beaches in paradise

Sixty-six of my articles are about beach locations. Because I love the sun, the sand and the beach, I have to do this experience once in a while. What could be better in winter than an increase in vitamin levels, perhaps with family and friends?

The advantage of a beach holiday is that by choosing the right option, you can also walk through the city, the historical sites or the landscape. Swimming pool, beach and attractions.

Travel dreams: Beach life at different latitudes

These places will help you find the style of your seaside destination. I also have some articles about family outings to the beach:

And then, for those who don’t like to go abroad:

Travel Dreams: Travelling without a car

How about a boat ride on the river?

Dreaming of a journey: How about a boat ride?

Take a luxury riverboat or coral cruise, rent a bike, use buses, trains and trams. What would be simpler if you knew how!

You can absolutely enjoy a fantastic holiday without having to rent a car. We’ve done it many times, and we’ve enjoyed it.

To dream:

Traveling Dreams: Many ways to travel

Travel advice on means of transport other than the car :

So, one more thing: Where to stay? includes hotel reviews, maybe one of them is the accommodation of your dreams. They’re all very different:

I hope I can help you dream and distinguish yourself, at least a little better, in these difficult months. Plan your travels and be careful!

Other travel ideas:

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