The airline and hotel rewards programs marketplaces are worth $15 billion in annual spend with a total of more than 27,000 different reward options. Airlines offer the most valuable rewards with Marriott International coming in second place, followed by British Airways. Hotels for families rank third on the list, followed by Best Western hotels.

The “best travel loyalty programs 2021” is a list of the most valuable airline and hotel rewards programs for travelers to use. The list ranks these rewards based on how much they are worth in terms of miles, points, or cash.

The Most Valuable Airline and Hotel Rewards Programs Ranked

Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to spending money on vacation. Finding the best travel rewards programs may be time-consuming, which is why NerdWallet performed all of the legwork for us.

Based on how many points are gained per dollar spent and the dollar estimate of every reward point received, NerdWallet ranked the top airline and hotel rewards programs of the year.


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There are as many rewards programs as there are airlines, but some are more prestigious than others. Here are the top five:

– Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines is top, with a rewards rate of 9.1 percent, meaning that passengers receive nearly 9 cents for every dollar spent on the airline. – Frontier Airlines: Frontier has the second greatest rewards program, with passengers earning around 7.3 cents for every dollar spent. – Southwest Airlines: The airline’s program is ranked third, with passengers earning 6.6 cents for every dollar spent. – Hawaiian Airlines: frequent passengers may receive roughly 6.3 cents for every dollar spent on the carrier. – Delta Airlines: last but not least, Delta’s rewards program, which awards customers 5.4 cents for every dollar spent.

What about loyalty schemes at hotels? They’re ranked according on how much money a visitor gets back after paying $100. The top five are listed below:

– Radisson Rewards Americas: This year, Radisson has the finest loyalty program, with guests receiving roughly $12 in points for every $100 spent. – World of Hyatt: Hyatt’s rewards program comes in second, with customers receiving $9.50 for every $100 spent. – Wyndham Rewards: this is the third greatest rewards program, with visitors receiving around $9 for every $100 spent. – IHG Rewards: Guests may earn $8 for every $100 spent at an IHG hotel or resort via IHG’s rewards program. – Best Western Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy are tied for sixth place, providing customers around $7 for every $100 spend.

Consider joining a loyalty program if you’re a regular traveler who prefers one or more of these airlines or hotel brands over others. These programs may help you earn rewards like free upgrades, free checked baggage, and free hotel stays at the locations you love.

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The “best airline rewards program reddit” is a list of the most valuable airline and hotel rewards programs. The ranking was done by researching on Reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest hotel loyalty program?

A: Marriott Rewards is currently the largest hotel loyalty program.

Which hotel loyalty program is best?

A: This is a very subjective question. It will depend on what your individual needs and wants are, as well as the hotels policies.

Which flight program is the best?

A: That is hard to say. You can check out this article for a list of some great flight programs that might work well for you!

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