Royal Caribbean is the fourth most famous company in America. Its founder, Richard Fain, led innovation and business success for many years before his death last year. Read on to learn about his legacy of vacation planning skills.

Royal Caribbean Group CEO and Chairman, Richard Fain passes away at the age of 90. The company has been experiencing an upward trend in revenue for years now as passenger numbers continue to rise.

Richard Fain is the current CEO of Royal Caribbean Group. He has been with the company for over 30 years and has helped it grow into one of the largest cruise lines in the world.

Richard Fain, the CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, has pioneered the building of a broad variety of cutting-edge ships over the previous three decades, and most recently guided the firm through the deadliest of pandemics.

Fain, who will step down as CEO in January, is most proud of the business culture he helped create throughout his term.


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“I’m sure there are many particular things one could point to in 33 years,” he added, “but I suppose what I’m most pleased of is the overall inculcation of a set of principles and culture at the Royal Caribbean Group, which I believe has been key to our success.”

Serenade of the Seas at Seattle Serenade of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International ship, set sail from Seattle on July 19, 2021, on the first Alaska voyage since September 2019. (Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

“A culture of ethics, a culture of excellence, and a culture of doing the right thing,” he said. That has served Royal Caribbean well in the past, and I believe it will continue to do so in the future.”

Fain declined to choose a favorite among the company’s several classes of cutting-edge ships that were created during his tenure and played a significant part in defining the cruise industry as we know it today.

“I have four amazing children and eight extraordinary grandkids,” he continued, “and we have 60 ships that I adore equally.” “What I’d point to is the spirit of creativity, inspiration, and teamwork that led to the creation of this ongoing learning experience, this journey that we’re on of constantly seeking to do better than the prior time.”

The most difficult aspect, according to Fain, was “creating a sustainable company that would continue to be successful long beyond the epidemic.”

“A lot of people have asked if the pandemic period was the most difficult, but the most difficult part was actually building that business, making the investments, and proving that the demand was there, which was actually more difficult than dealing with the pandemic, which was a horrible problem, but you always knew it was finite in duration.”

Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas Perfect Day at CocoCay features Freedom of the Seas. (Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

“It’s been a narrative of continuous development over my 33 years – increase in volume, quality, and range of things that we provide,” he continued.

Fain also mentioned Royal Caribbean’s long-standing relationship with travel agents. “At Royal Caribbean, our mindset has always been one of respect for the travel advisor community,” he added. “We regard them as having been a critical part of our success from the start, and we’re here to help them succeed alongside us as we go forward.”

He voiced confidence in the industry’s ability to rebound from the epidemic. “I believe people are weary of being cooped up in their houses, and I believe there is a strong desire to go out and expand their wings,” he said.

“I believe that will enhance the tourism business, particularly the cruise industry.” Royal Caribbean is ideally positioned to take advantage of this, thanks to the executive team that will be headed by Jason Liberty. I’m quite enthusiastic about how they’ll progress in the future.

“The firm is recovering from the epidemic, and the route to recovery is obvious.” We’re on the verge of a completely different development pattern. And in Jason, we have a leader who is ready and prepared to lead us to new heights.”

Fain intends to become more involved in civic and communal activities in the future. “I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t been able to commit the time required to that,” he remarked. “I’m looking forward to becoming better at it.”

Fain, suffice it to say, is more than content with the choice to take a step back. “Not many individuals have had the opportunities and advantages that I have.” I like what I do, and I hope to continue to enjoy it from the sidelines.”

Richard Fain is the CEO of Royal Caribbean Group. He has been in this position since 2009, and will be leaving his post in 2019. Mr. Fain has had a long career with Royal Caribbean, starting out as an engineer before becoming CEO. Reference: richard fain age.

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