The top ten airlines in the world today

Gary Leff is 11 years old. February 2021.

The four largest airlines in the world, in terms of the number of seats currently carried, are all US airlines. I am a little surprised that Indian discounter IndiGo is the fifth largest airline in terms of passenger capacity. Three Chinese airlines are in the top 10, but have dropped to 6th or 8th place due to reduced domestic capacity.

Delta carries more than seats than any other airline in the world, but that doesn’t mean it carries more passengers, as it continues to block most of the middle seats. And they’re only a few seats ahead of the Americans trying to fill their planes.

Southwest has traditionally been the nation’s largest airline. Not surprisingly, the United Arab Emirates, which relies so heavily on international organizations in normal times, flies with fewer seats than the Southwest. Although the Southwest was very aggressive in the early stages of the pandemic, it is now more cautious. If you told me that the borders of the world were still closed, I would bet that Southwest Airlines would be the largest airline in the United States and in the world. But it’s not (it’s number 3).

Here’s the current top 10 and its potential compared to last week and last year:


January 2020






























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East China
South China        1,103,605
Air China

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What are the top ten airlines in the world?


What will be the world’s largest airline by 2020?

Southwest is now the largest airline in the world (United is not a …

What is the best airline in the world?

The largest airline in the world is Qatar Airways. Delta’s commitment to passenger safety and refunding airfare to customers was critical to its success in this year’s rankings. Third place is held by All Nippon Airways: Japan’s largest airline.

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