Morocco is best known for its pink hues and Saharan honey, but this North African country also has its blue lace. In some areas it is traditional to paint houses blue, and on the Atlantic coast, where there are blue fishing villages. One of them is Tagazut, north of Agadir.

This article shows you Taghazout, a Moroccan secret, an open hippy, followed by surfers.

The blue village of Taghazut, Morocco.

It is now our turn to rediscover this coastal village that has attracted so many different people. They all had an influence on a village that was different from everything else. They made Tagazut the best place to visit Agadir.

Tagazut is only 20 km north of Agadir, so it is easily accessible by local buses. So you don’t need expensive bus tours to explore the village.

Moroccan fishing village blue

Tagazut is one of the three blue fishing villages I visited in Morocco. The other two are Essaouira, 100 km north, and Asila, south of Tangier.

The village clings to the steep cliffs that open up to the sea like an amphitheatre. The stage of the theatre below is a crescent-shaped moon like a beach full of blue fishing boats.

The village beach is great for fishing and swimming, while the famous surfing beach of Tagazut is a little further south. It is 7 km long and receives enormous ocean waves. On the contrary, the bay of the village of Tagazut is a protected bay, making it a natural fishing port.

Blue fishing boats Morocco

Every morning the fishermen of Tagazut get up early and pick up their wooden boats. In the afternoon, the boats return to the stones arranged in clean rows, and the fishermen continue to process what the sea has given them.

All this resembles an artisanal activity, but is part of the Moroccan fisheries sector, which makes a major contribution to the country’s national income.

Blue fishing boats on the Moroccan Atlantic coast

It was a short introduction, but how did you get to Tagazut?

How to get from Agadir to Tagazut.

You have the choice between a taxi or a local bus.

Since local buses in Morocco are a tourist experience in themselves, I advise you to try them. There are two buses going in that direction – ALSA’s buses 32 and 33.

Moroccans waiting for the bus

So to get to Tagazut, you know where buses 32 and 33 go to Agadir.

You drive on Mohammed V Avenue, which is the main street of the city and only two blocks from the beach. There are bus stops for Mohamed V. along the whole route, find the stops with the correct numbers 32 and 33. We used the bus stop of the Theatre of Verdur, which was in the immediate vicinity of our hotel.

Bus from Agadir to Tagazut.

Route Agadir magazine on map.

Bus line Agadir-Tagazut on the map.

Buses leave every 30 minutes or so and the journey takes between half an hour and an hour, depending on traffic. You pay the driver in coins and you get something in return. The low mass is as attractive as the bus ride, noisy and bumpy.

Bus trip from Agadir to Tagazut.

The bus first goes to Aurir, where it takes the road from the Valley of Paradise and then follows the 7 km long surf beach of Tagazut until the bus stop in the village of Tagazut, from where you have to jump off.

It’s a busy place and a blue mosque:

Bus stop and main square of the village Tagazut

That’s how we arrived in the blue Moroccan village we wanted to see.

Labyrinth Diving

Tagazut, blue and white fishing village

Now we go through the old village and land on the beach.

Dive into a maze, no chance of getting lost, it’s only a few blocks away. And yet these are great blocks, so blue! And very different from the streets of Agadir. It was the original Morocco, the old Morocco, that was not shocked by earthquakes.

There are several stories about the origins of blue. Would it be religious, or did it bring peace of mind, or maybe blue to scare the bugs?

In any case, houses, doors, windows, gates and even garbage cans and flower pots can be painted blue in Tagazut. From these flowers, the smell of the fish and the cry of the seagulls we can say that it is a village by the sea.

Blue and white are the dominant colours, but not the only ones. In Morocco, just add a little pink.

A blue-white fishing village, with a touch of Moroccan pink.

Tagazaut: Hippie village

Tagazut, blue and white fishing village

So the hippies came in the ’70s and stayed because they fell in love with the place. They transformed the village and made it look like itself. And they shared the beach with the locals.

The hippies renamed the area around Tagazut, the next valley they called Paradise Valley, after a brook-shaped paradise that Jimi Hendricks loved. A small nearby bay is called Banana Beach, which is also a good name because bananas grow in this area.

Tagazut, Moroccan hippie village:

Art in a Moroccan hippie village

The hippie artists are taking us to the beach.

Beach life in hostels and cafes

Because all properties in Taghazout are individual, you will not find any standard accommodation here.

However, many of these small hostel rooms have beautiful sea views, and there is more street space in the cafes and restaurants. Moreover, unlike Agadir, Tagazut is an alcohol-free zone, so there is no need to prepare beer and wine for dinner.

Seacoast of a Moroccan hippie village

Tagazut, fishing village

Walk between the Moroccan blue fishing boats

I’ve already told you about fish and blue fishing boats, which I really like. Even when they’re old, they’re so well taken care of. But I really don’t like the beach, Agadir is much better.

More pictures of Moroccan fishing boats

All children today are exactly the same and have the same interests, those who grow up in busy cities and perhaps the boys who sail the seas on blue boats.

Moroccan boys on the phone

Camel riding for tourists

Daytime sunset

If you have a choice, make an evening trip to Tagazut. Here the last rays of the sun paint the village in gold and even hide the Moroccan blue we came looking for.

Grab a table and a cup of peppermint tea, sit back, relax – and enjoy!

Enjoy the sunset in Tagazut!

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