Southwest Airlines no longer lands flights with social distance

Gary Leff at 23. March 2021.

Southwest Airlines carried 10 passengers at a time during the pandemic instead of taking on 30. They no longer limit the number of passengers on board by selling every seat and placing passengers shoulder to shoulder. And now they don’t reduce congestion when you come in because there’s no HEPA air filtration.

An airline which does not allocate seats in advance and allows customers to choose a seat as soon as they board the aircraft – their place of embarkation determining their place – reverts to its traditional boarding procedure. It is necessary to get vaccinated quickly! The southwestern state of Texas, where the company is headquartered, begins a free all-inclusive program on the 29th. March that does not meet the eligibility criteria.

Hey, Benjamin. Sitting in groups of 30 while customers wear masks or bags is consistent with the CDC’s recommendation that wearing masks or bags is one of the most important ways to control COVID-19 transmission in public places. -Linnea

– Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) March 23, 2021

A Southwest Airlines spokesperson noted that the airline still has physical mobile stickers at the airport, but that the boarding order markers often don’t have enough room for the number of people who need to line up next to them. Boarding a plane ten feet at a time did not give every passenger six feet, but if the CDC admits that six feet was based on the flu transmission model and that there was no scientific basis for Covid-19, then only a few inches should be enough.

Although the spokesperson says the reason for the change is that returning customers are used to it, the Twitter team explains that the traditional boarding of a flight of 30 people at a time, where everyone is lined up in advance, is faster. The CEO of Southwest once said: It would take us about 8 to 10 planes a day to add just a few minutes of blocking time to each flight in our schedule.

With more customers on the road, this has a significant impact on the boarding process. It is important to us that you arrive at your destination on time, safely and efficiently. Every minute counts. Thank you for your loyalty! -Linnea

– Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) March 23, 2021

To be fair, not all Texas airlines offered physical distance to board.

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frequently asked questions

Does Southwest Airlines practice social distancing on flights?

Southwest Airlines no longer spends its time on social media selling tickets for every seat.

Do airlines exercise social distancing on flights?

Delta is the only one of the three major US airlines that continues to allocate seats on flights, and it will be the only one to do so in 30 years. The march continues to block seats. … According to the airline, this practice creates confidence and security when traveling in the event of a pandemic.

Is there another guest house in the Southwest?

Southwest offers boarding after Group A, but before Group B, to families traveling with children under the age of 6 who are in Group B or C. (If you have a boarding pass A, you will of course board before this offer). Once on board, you can choose any available seat.

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