Monterey County is one of the least densely populated counties in California, but it offers plenty of natural beauty and outdoor activities. It’s also a great place to relish slower-paced life.

Life in Monterey County has been speeding up as the population has ballooned. New residents are moving to this small city off of Highway 1 at a rate never seen before, but it might be time to slow things down again.Monterey County is the perfect place to slow down, see the stars and unplug from your day-to-day life. The region’s natural beauty complements its laid back lifestyle that encourages travelers of all ages to get outside and enjoy nature.The “bay area getaways during covid” is a piece that discusses how the Monterey County has been slowing down the pace of life.

Life seemed to be moving at breakneck pace. Despite the COVID-induced delay, people are anxious to get back to “normal,” and as a consequence, things seem frantic all over again.

If you’re anything like us, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pace with which we live our lives, then a vacation to Monterey County is in order. This is a fast and simple escape that enables you to calm down and appreciate the natural beauty around you.



Continue reading for our tour to this lovely locale.

Where Should You Eat?

Monterey County is well-known for its delectable cuisine. There are a variety of delicious eateries in this area that will make you want to snuggle into bed with your food coma for a long night’s sleep.

The Sardine Factory is one of the best restaurants in the county. This restaurant will transport you back to a time when people dressed up to go out to supper and life’s pleasures appeared to be appreciated more fully. Get a complete fine-dining experience here by filling your elegant plate with the greatest seafood in the neighborhood.

Paluca Trattoria is a great place to go for a sunset meal when you have nowhere else to go. You may eat while admiring the gorgeous boats at this restaurant, which is located on the lovely Fisherman’s Wharf. If you look carefully enough, you’ll probably see some sea otters as well. Take your time sampling the delectable pasta dishes and finishing on a high note with a traditional Italian dessert.

Where Should You Stay?

There are several interesting bed & breakfasts in Monterey County, but one in particular stands out: Seven Gables Inn. Before you ever set foot in this spot, you know you’re taking a step back in time, when things were grander in a more basic sense, without the need for television or other unwanted distractions. From the comfort of your lovely accommodation with incomparable views of Lover’s Point, you may take a breather from the hustle and bustle of life and experience hospitality at its best.

What Should You Do?

A game of golf at Pacific Grove Golf Links will set the tone for the rest of your day. Despite the fact that it is not Pebble Beach, this golf course is significantly more accessible and cheap, with vistas on the back nine that match Pebble Beach. Furthermore, this course lacks the extra pressure that may frequently detract from the enjoyment of golf. Get your swing on at Pacific Grove Golf Links for a relaxed game with vistas that will have you uttering “wow” more than you’d anticipate.

Though driving around the region in a vehicle is fun (particularly up to Big Sur and Bixby Bridge), our favorite method to travel about Carmel and Monterey is on an e-bike from Mad Dogs & Englishmen Bike Shop. The store itself offers enough amusements to keep you amused for a while, but when you’re ready to go out, it provides a variety of exciting modes of transportation. Mad Dogs & Englishmen is recognized for its high-tech motorcycles that are easy to use and enable you to have a relaxing and enjoyable ride. We recommend taking a Super73 or a Vintage Electric to go to downtown. You’ll be shocked at how fast these things can go, and you’ll be astonished at how much more enjoyable biking can be with the addition of some electric power.

Big Sur in Monterey Monterey’s Big Sur (photo via

Whale watching is another must-do activity in Monterey. This is one of the few spots where you can be certain of seeing a whale, but we’re prepared to wager you’ll see many. Discovery Whale Watch is the finest firm we found for this excursion. The team is what sets this trip distinct from the others. They’re a wealth of information on the local fauna, and they’re eager to share it with you. It piques your interest in the event, and when you witness your first humpback breach, you’ll realize why whale watching is so magical. The morning trip, which we suggest, usually lasts three to four hours. The morning trip offers better weather and gives you more time to explore.

If you’re looking for a vacation from your hectic lifestyle, go to Monterey, where a well-deserved getaway will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated when it’s time to return home.

Monterey County is a small, coastal county in California. It is the only county in the United States that has an insular area of land surrounded entirely by water. The county’s economy includes tourism, fishing, and agriculture. Reference: monterey california.

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