Royal Caribbean Cruises announced a significant change to the sailings of their Australia and Asia cruises, which begins in the spring of 2015. The cruises will be departing from the Australian port city of Fremantle and will begin with departures on the Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas and Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas in 2015 and the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas and Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas in 2016.

Royal Caribbean has just announced a significant change to its Asian cruises, with major overhauls to the way that Royal Caribbean Australia cruises will operate. These changes will roll out from February next year, with all bookings on the Asia cruises of the seven-night Allure of the Seas and the seven-night Serenade of the Seas being amended as a result.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has announced three significant changes to sailings from the Republic of India and Australia in 2018.. Read more about royal caribbean cruise cancellations 2021 and let us know what you think.

While the United States and Europe are slowly but steadily returning to normalcy, cruises in Australia and Asia are not. The two continents are, and will remain, under tight quarantine restrictions for the foreseeable future, although international travel seems to be slowly returning.

As a result, Royal Caribbean has altered the itineraries of four of its ships that are planned to visit the area. Simultaneously, the cruise company has put in place a compensation plan for a lengthy list of cruises that have been canceled owing to the epidemic.

Asia & Australia Changes

When Royal Caribbean launched Quantum of the Seas sailings from Singapore in December of last year, it seemed that the rest of Asia would follow following. However, the epidemic is still affecting the continent, and quarantine laws have been extended or restored across the board.

As part of an expansion in sailings from China and Singapore, Voyager of the Seas was set to begin sailing from Tianjin, China, in early August. Royal Caribbean has canceled these cruises between August 2021 and March 2022 because to the stringent travel restrictions in place.

Sailings on the Spectrum of the Seas have been postponed from Hong Kong until October. As we reported last week, stringent quarantine rules in Hong Kong made it difficult for the cruise company to operate here sooner.

At the same time, due to the hugely successful cruises onboard Quantum of the Seas from Singapore, as well as the travel restrictions in place in Australia, Royal Caribbean has decided to cancel sailings from Brisbane beginning October 30, 2021, and instead keep the ship in Singapore for another extension of her season. 

Ovation of the Seas was scheduled to reposition to Australia in early September, however owing to Australian travel restrictions, Royal Caribbean opted to postpone this and keep her in Alaska longer. In addition to the previously announced trips to the north, the cruise company has added four more journeys.

Serenade of the Seas’ repositioning following her current Alaskan cruise has also been canceled. The vessel was scheduled to arrive in Australia on September 26 and October 7 for a series of Pacific Island excursions. At this point, it is unknown what the vessel will perform instead.

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In the event that a trip is canceled, you will be compensated.

Guests who have been confirmed on the Return to Service (Phase 1) canceled sailings and have not previously opted to take advantage of Royal Caribbean’s Cruise with Confidence policy are eligible for the compensation offers:

Lift & Shift

This option is for customers who wish to transfer their current cruise reservation to the next year while maintaining their current cruise price and incentives. Guests must book a qualifying trip in 2022 that follows the same itinerary, sailing duration, embarkation port, and cabin type as the original cruise and departs within +/- two weeks of the original cruise date.

Credit for a Future Cruise

If no other option is chosen, a 125 percent Future Cruise Credit based on the total cruise price paid per passenger will be given automatically on or before July 23, 2021. Guests who have previously obtained an FCC and whose cruise has now been canceled will have their original FCC restored, as well as a refund of 125 percent of any money paid by the passenger on the canceled reservation.


Guests who want a full refund will also be accommodated by Royal Caribbean.

It is still unknown when ships will return to Asia outside of Singapore. As it stands today, Spectrum of the Seas will set sail in early October, perhaps kicking off the Asian cruise season.

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The commencement of cruises in Australia seems to be a long way off. Australia is still subject to stringent quarantine regulations, making it almost difficult to do business there.

Quantum of the Seas Cruise Ship

(Social Media) Royal Caribbean has announced a significant reorganization of its sailings in Australia and Asia.. Read more about royal caribbean announcement today and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats new with Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean is a cruise line that offers cruises to various destinations.

Has Royal Caribbean Cancelled June 2021 cruises?

Royal Caribbean has not cancelled their June 2021 cruises.

Are all cruises Cancelled for 2021?

No, Cruise ships are not cancelled for 2021.

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