The iconic cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas has reached a major construction milestone with its 900-foot hull now assembled. With one more step towards completion, the next phase of work will be to assemble the 26 decks and superstructure before hosting intensive testing in October.

Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas Reaches Major Construction Milestone. The cruise ship is currently under construction and will be ready for its maiden voyage next year. Read more in detail here: royal caribbean icon of the seas.

The new generation of Royal Caribbean ships is now underway, as the keel for Icon of the Seas has been laid.

On April 5, 2022, a ceremony marking the start of the ship’s physical assembly took held at the Meyer Turku shipyard in southern Finland.

Keel Laying and Ceremonial Coins

The nautical practice of dropping a big steel block into the construction dock on top of newly produced coins representing the shipyard and cruise line is part of the keel laying event.

These coins are believed to offer good luck throughout building, and they will be collected and presented to the ship’s captain and crew before sailing to keep the good vibes going on the wide seas.

“We dreamed about Icon of the Seas five years ago, and now the next part of this legendary voyage has begun,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International.

Jason Liberty, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group; Richard Fain, chairman of Royal Caribbean Group; Bernard Meyer, Meyer Group Managing Partner; and Tim Meyer, Meyer Turku CEO, were among the other top Royal Caribbean and Meyer Turku officials that attended the historic occasion.

The actual construction of the ship started ten months ago, in June 2021, with the vessel’s first steel cut. The keel-laying is another important milestone in the ship’s construction, which occurred on schedule as the ship neared completion.

The First LNG-Powered Ship for Royal Caribbean

The Icon of the Seas will be the first ship in Royal Caribbean International’s fleet to run on LNG, the cleanest fuel available for big cruise ships.

Icon of the Seas will be a crucial milestone in Royal Caribbean’s march toward a clean-energy future, combining LNG with the cruise line’s previously established environmental initiatives, such as shore power connection and waste heat recovery, which repurposes surplus energy to assist power ship operations.

Other improvements and breakthroughs are anticipated to be found on the Icon of the Seas, and information will be divulged when the ship is built.

Icon of the Seas Keel Laying CeremonyRoyal Caribbean provided this image.

“As this game-changing ship takes form, the anticipation among families, tourists, travel experts, and our partners grows. “We’ll unveil the roster of firsts and favorites later this year that will establish a new standard for vacations in the autumn of 2023,” Bayley added.

Icon of the Project

Icon of the Seas was first announced in 2016, under the code name “Icon of the Project.” Scheduled to debut in the fall of 2023, the namesake of the new class is the first of three Icon-class ships already ordered by Royal Caribbean International.

Two sibling ships, both of which will be LNG-powered, are tentatively slated for 2025 and 2026, however no additional information about those prospective boats has been released.

The Icon of the Seas is expected to be one of the world’s biggest cruise ships, weighing in at over 200,000 gross tons and accommodating around 5,650 guests at double occupancy.

Icon of the Seas Keel Laying CeremonyRoyal Caribbean provided this image.

However, these are simply early features, and more will be revealed as the ship nears completion in the coming months.

Despite their size, the Oasis-class ships, lead by the fleet’s new flagship and the world’s biggest cruise ship, Wonder of the Seas, are predicted to be bigger than Icon of the Seas.

Icon of the Seas, however, will definitely offer wonderful innovations and fresh new alternatives to astound and delight passengers aboard what will undoubtedly become an iconic ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, since Royal Caribbean International has a well-deserved reputation for innovation.

As more information on Icon of the Seas becomes available, stay tuned to Cruise Hive for further updates.

Icon of the Seas Keel Laying Ceremony

Royal Caribbean’s “Icon of the Seas” has reached a major construction milestone. The ship is currently being built in Finland and will be delivered on May 2020. Reference: icon of the seas images.

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