Royal Caribbean released a new document outlining the guidelines for sailings through Prince William Sound, Alaska. The protocol outlines what will happen in case of a spill or emergency and is meant to help keep cruise passengers safe. How does this affect your future plans?

Royal Caribbean has released protocols for Alaska sailings. The new rules are expected to be in effect by 2022. Read more in detail here: alaska travel restrictions 2022.

Royal Caribbean International has revised its travel advice for cruisers visiting Alaska, with the start of the Alaska season approaching and new health and safety regulations in place for cruises visiting Canada. While these guidelines are subject to change if necessary, cruise guests should familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date information in order to be fully prepared for their Alaska cruise trip.

Alaska Cruise Protocols Have Been Released

For their Alaska cruises, guests sailing from U.S. homeports must adhere to a number of health and safety standards. This contains flights from both Seattle, Washington, and Seward, Alaska. The Healthy Sail Center at Royal Caribbean says:

“Because of the ebb and flow of this circumstance, our procedures may change, and we will keep you informed if they do.” Boosters, lower vaccination ages, and modifications to testing may be required in the future. Any changes will be communicated to you as soon as feasible. Regardless, if any standards are decreased or deleted, we’ll notify you.”

Guests should be informed of the following procedures when the Alaska cruise season begins.

Requirements for Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination is required for all passengers aged 12 and above, with the last dose delivered at least 14 days before to sailing. If they have also been completely vaccinated, children aged 5-11 may follow onboard procedures for vaccinated passengers, but they are not obliged to be vaccinated in order to sail.

Protocols of the Royal CaribbeanProtocols of the Royal Caribbean

If a visitor is old enough to be eligible for vaccination, Royal Caribbean International will not accept a Certificate of Recovery in lieu of evidence of immunization. Booster injections are not now necessary as part of the criterion of being completely immunized.

COVID-19 Pre-Cruise Testing

Before boarding the ship, all passengers must undergo an authorized PCR or fast antigen test and produce a negative result no later than two days before sailing. Unvaccinated children must do a PCR test no later than three days before boarding, however owing to extra testing requirements, they cannot take the test on the day of boarding.

Unvaccinated children will also be subjected to further COVID-19 tests before to and throughout the trip, the first of which will be conducted at the embarkation port prior to boarding the ship. Another test will be given no more than one day before arrival in Canada, and another test will be given before returning to the United States for debarkation.

Cruise Testing

Guests under the age of two do not need a pre-cruise test and will not be tested during the trip.

While clients are responsible for their pre-cruise exams, Royal Caribbean will cover the extra tests for youngsters who have not been vaccinated. The number of tests required will be determined by the duration of the voyage.

Documents for Travel

When it’s time to embark, all passengers should have the following paperwork with them at the cruise terminal:

  • Passport or passport card, valid for at least six months after the voyage (non-US nationals will require a passport book).
  • All visitors ages 12 and older, as well as vaccinated children ages 5-11, will get a COVID-19 vaccination record card that clearly shows dose dates.
  • COVID-19 test result is negative, which meets the pre-cruise testing standards.
  • The day before sailing, I completed a health questionnaire on the Royal Caribbean app.
  • The ArriveCAN app has all of the necessary travel information.

Every cruise passenger visiting Canada must download the ArriveCan app, regardless of whether they are embarking from a Canadian port, concluding their cruise in a Canadian port, or merely visiting a Canadian port of call as part of their itinerary.

“We are working with the Canadian government to make this procedure simpler for cruise ship passengers, and we will guarantee guests have instructions to complete this process seamlessly aboard,” Royal Caribbean said.

Arriving at the Port of Embarkation

All passengers will be forced to choose an arrival time slot before boarding the ship. These 30-minute arrival slots may be picked up to 30 days before the voyage using the Royal Caribbean app when signing in for the trip.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in Alaska

Most cruise companies now require arrival reservations, which assist keep passengers moving efficiently through the port, reducing wait times and fostering better distancing. Those who arrive early will not be allowed to board until their scheduled departure time, while guests who arrive late will have to wait until another time slot becomes available.

Guidance for Masks

Guests must wear masks at all times when at the cruise terminal during embarkation and debarkation, according to local regulations. Masks are not required aboard Royal Caribbean cruises for properly immunized passengers.

Masks are necessary for all young cruisers ages 2 and older at Adventure Ocean activities. Unvaccinated youngsters are urged to wear masks in indoor places or when crowds prevent social distancing, and masks are required for all young cruisers ages 2 and older at Adventure Ocean activities. Masks are not necessary for guests under the age of two.

The following guidelines are subject to change.

As has been the case during the epidemic, all health and safety procedures are subject to modification once required and perhaps without warning as cruise operations resume. Guests are also obliged to follow all health and safety requirements in each port of call, which will be explicitly stated to passengers prior to each stop.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in Alaska

Royal Caribbean has released protocols for Alaska sailings. The restrictions on the cruise are in place due to the state’s strict laws. Reference: alaska cruise restrictions.

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