California is often seen as one of the most beautiful states in America, but Portland may be a more scenic destination. Located on the Northwest corner of Oregon, it’s an oasis for nature and good food that many say lacks the hustle and bustle of much larger cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles which makes this city even more appealing to travelers seeking peace and quiet.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and is located on the north-west coast of the United States. It’s a city that has been around for over 150 years, and it’s also known as “The City of Roses”. The drive from Portland to San Francisco is approximately 3 hours long. Read more in detail here: portland to san francisco via 101.

Miles of rough, magnificent coastline divide Portland and San Francisco. A road journey from one city to the next will be a thrilling excursion that will take you through some of America’s most beautiful coastline landscapes.

It takes 17 hours to drive the 760 miles from Portland to San Francisco. Cape Perpetua, Heceta Head, Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park, Siuslaw State Forest, Eureka, and San Francisco are all worthwhile stops along the trip.

Continue reading to learn about the best route, how long it will take you to drive, where you should stop, and some of the magnificent vistas you’ll see along the way.

What is the distance between San Francisco and Portland, and how long will the journey take?

When you consider in pauses, the road journey from Portland to San Francisco will take you around 2 days to complete. However, you should plan on spending 4 to 7 days on this tour.

You’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time since there’s so much to see along the road. A two-week trip would be perfect, with a week there and a week return.

The path follows the rough Oregon coast into northern California. Before turning onto the famed Route 1, it runs through some of California’s most stunning Redwood Parks.

California State Route 1, with a road running alongside green mountains and the bright blue sea to the right. From Portland to San Francisco, you’ll travel along Route 1, one of America’s most iconic highways. Demyanenko

Along the Pacific Coast, Route 1 will take you the rest of the way to San Francisco. This route will take you through some breathtaking scenery and is guaranteed to be a highlight of the trip.

This road trip route follows roads for the most of the way, providing lots of opportunity to stop and relax. Because there aren’t many major cities along the route, traffic should be light until you reach San Francisco.

The best route from Portland to San Francisco for a car trip

The The best route from Portland to San Francisco for a car trip is down the pacific coast. This route is packed with stunning scenery and easy driving, making it the perfect road trip route. It is also suitable for use year-round, meaning you go can whenever is best for you.

Route from Portland to San Francisco by car

Take Interstate 5 south out of Portland until you reach the city of Albany. Turn west along Highway 20 after Albany to reach the ocean. When you get to the coast, get onto Highway 101, which will take you south.

Highway 101 will lead you south for almost 600 kilometers. The route takes you through the Siuslaw National Forest, Cape Perpetua, Coos Bay, Gold Beach, and the California state line.

Continue on Highway 101 after you reach California. This route will take you by the Jedidiah Smith Redwood and Humboldt Redwood State Parks, as well as other redwood parks.

The Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, will thereafter replace Highway 101. This is one of America’s and the world’s most renowned roads. It is well-known for its stunning seaside beauty.

From the point where the Pacific Coast Highway begins, go south towards San Francisco. You will cross the Golden Gate Bridge as you approach the city before hitting the hustle and bustle of San Francisco.

Between Portland and San Francisco, the best locations to stop are

Because there is so much to see on a road trip from Portland to San Francisco, it might be tough to plan your stops. However, the locations listed below are excellent places to stay for the night on your road trip.

Umpqua National Forest with a hiking bridge leading to dense woodland and tall trees surrounding. The Umpqua National Forest is just one of the many forests you may see on your journey.

In Victorian Eureka, take in the scenery.

If you’re searching for a somewhere to stay while visiting Eureka, go no farther than the Red Lion Hotel and its fantastic bar, which is one of the finest in the area.

All rooms include an en suite bathroom and have amenities such as a refrigerator, tea and coffee maker, and microwave. If you wish to get some exercise after a long day of traveling, there is also a fitness facility.

The Pacific Grill, which offers meals influenced by local foods, is located on the premises of the Inn. R.J. Grin’s Lounge is a great place to go for a more relaxed drink.

Downtown Eureka is eccentric and attractive, featuring Victorian-style buildings in the old town. There are also several massive old-growth Redwood trees at Sequoia Park.

The Red Lion Inn is at a fantastic position for your road journey from Portland to San Francisco.

Bodega Bay is a peaceful place to stay.

If you’re seeking for peace and quiet, The Lodge at Bodega Bay will entice you with its beachfront position and impeccable style. It is situated on a hill overlooking Doran Regional Park, providing a tranquil atmosphere.

The rooms are spacious, with some even having individual balconies with great views of the surrounding region. The rooms are equipped with the standard conveniences, such as a coffee maker, television, and free Wi-Fi.

There’s also an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a gym at the Lodge. Following your exercise or swim, dine at Drake Sonoma Coast Kitchen, the on-site restaurant. To make excellent dishes, the restaurant uses organic, local products.

Bodega Head, California on a sunny day with a driftwood shelter on beach in the foreground and rocky cliffs leading into the distance. Bodega Head is a good place to see migrating whales if you’re fortunate. Photo

The resort is within a short drive from Bodega Head, where you may be able to witness migratory whales depending on the time of year. The lodge is well decorated in a rustic but contemporary way.

The Bodega Bay Lodge will undoubtedly become a favorite on your road trip, and its facilities, paired with its affordable cost, make it difficult to top.

In San Francisco, you can unwind in elegance.

The Palace Hotel, with its regal décor and rooms, should be at the top of your bucket list if you like luxury and elegance. This wonderful hotel, located in the heart of San Francisco, will leave you with unforgettable memories.

You’re certain to fall in love with this resort as soon as you see the lobby, and the rooms are just as lovely. All of the suites are large and elegantly decorated, as well as fully equipped with everything you could want.

The hotel’s private facilities are likewise top-notch, including an indoor pool, spa, and 24-hour fitness center. Breakfast and lunch are served in the Garden Court restaurant. Light nibbles and beverages are available in the GC Lounge for evening dining.

The Pied Piper is known for its superb cuisine and handmade drinks and is the place to go if you’re searching for a fine dining experience.

The hotel is conveniently located among some of San Francisco’s most popular attractions. Union Square is a short walk away, while China Town and Fisherman’s Wharf are just a tram ride apart.

This upscale hotel will leave an indelible impression on you, and it may be the ideal way to end your road journey to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco at night, with San Francisco in the distance and the bridge lit up in yellows, reds and oranges. Any time of day, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is stunning.


On a road journey from Portland to San Francisco, there are many sights to view.

The travel from Portland to San Francisco, on the other hand, might be completed in as little as two days. This huge road journey is best explored over the course of at least a week. You won’t want to hurry since there is so much to see along the route.

Here are a few of the top attractions that you should not miss:

  1. Boiler Bay – The picturesque viewpoint at Boiler Bay State Park provides typical rough Oregon scenery and is a nice site for a brief stop.
  2. Devils Punch Bowl – A fascinating geological structure sculpted by smashing waves, located in a beautiful surfing spot.
  3. Cape Perpetua is a wooded headland with stunning vistas and a rugged, dramatic shoreline.
  4. Visit the rebellious lighthouse positioned 1,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean below at Heceta Head.
  5. Tour America’s biggest marine caverns and the animals that calls it home at Sea Lion Caves.
  6. Near North Bend are the Oregon Dunes, a lovely beach area for enjoyment.
  7. Humbug Mountains State Park – Find a hiking route or see one of Oregon’s tallest headlands along the coast at Humbug Mountains State Park.
  8. Prairie Creek Redwood State Park – One of several Redwood Parks in the region, but one of the most beautiful and worth visiting.
  9. Prairie Creek Redwood Park is next to Redwood National and State Parks, making it convenient to explore both in one day.
  10. Carson Mansion is a fantastic example of Victorian architecture in downtown Eureka.
  11. Humboldt Redwood – A magnificent spot to appreciate the splendor of the Redwoods, with 17,000 acres of old-growth Redwood.
  12. Mendocino Headlands – The California coast may be just as gorgeous and rough as the Oregon coast, and Mendocino Headland offers spectacular vistas of the rocks that surround it.
  13. Fort Ross State Historic Park – Visit this historic site of a Russian fur trade fort to go back in time.
  14. Another locale known for its breathtakingly stunning shoreline is Sonoma Coast State Park.

Needless to say, if you’re prepared to travel inland at nearly any point along the way, you’ll witness much more stunning sights. For example, a few hours away from the coast may reward you with breathtaking vistas of the Williamette and Umpqua National Forests.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon with the sun setting in the distance and the lighthouse overlooking the sea below. Stop to take in the view of Oregon from the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Moroz

When is the best time to travel from Portland to San Francisco?

This Portland to San Francisco road trip may be done at any time of year. Summer brings the greatest light and warmth, but San Francisco may still be enjoyable in the winter.

The city’s winter is pleasant yet rainy. It is, however, a calmer time of year. This implies that since it is not peak season, you may be able to find cheaper hotel discounts.

During the winter, the Oregon coast is also moist and moderate. With rare storms from the Pacific delivering violent weather to this stretch of shore, the weather may be extremely unpredictable.

Fall and spring are also good months to travel since the weather isn’t as cold as winter and locations aren’t as crowded as they are in the summer. The shoulder seasons may be an excellent balance between these two factors.

Overall, you shouldn’t allow a single season deter you from traveling since each one has its own set of perks and downsides. Determine your priorities before deciding on the ideal season for you.

The “san francisco to portland drive via 101 time” is a road trip from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California. The trip takes a total of 5 days and 4 nights.

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