Crashing in Vegas, the car needs to be replaced. There is a rental shop about 30 miles away but it’s going to cost an arm and a leg for one night of parking. What are your options? Find out if you can save money by renting from someone closer than that or get on the road without breaking the bank with these tips!

How does one travel from Las Vegas to Denver without a car? Let’s take a look at how the most common modes of transportation can get you there. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying your ride all the way!

The “best route from las vegas to denver” is a road trip that will take you through the scenic areas of Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.

Consider taking a road trip from Las Vegas to Denver for a legendary experience that spans skyscraping mountain peaks and dry plains equally. This road journey will undoubtedly be one of the most spectacular you’ve ever taken, thanks to the stunning Rockies and diverse topography of Utah.

It takes 11 hours to travel the 750 miles from Las Vegas to Denver. In the Rockies, you may visit Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks, as well as Monument Valley, White River National Forest, Vale, and Aspen.

If this seems like the most amazing road trip you’ve ever had, keep reading for tips on planning the perfect itinerary.

What is the distance between Denver and Las Vegas, and how long will the journey take?

The journey from Las Vegas to Denver takes around 11 hours and spans approximately 750 miles. When you include in the mandatory gas and food stops, it’s quite doubtful that you’ll be able to complete the journey in a single day.

This is really for the best; rather than hurrying or taking a cheap ticket from Las Vegas to Denver, you should take your time and spend two weeks seeing everything this route has to offer.

Slowing down allows you to properly appreciate the Utah and Colorado parts of the Rockies, which are surrounded on all sides by stunning parks and forests.

A country road running through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado during the fall. Driving across Colorado’s stunning Rocky Mountains


One advantage of this journey is that Denver isn’t nearly as crowded as some of the other large cities in this region of the country; you may anticipate the highway coming into the city to be clogged during peak hours from Monday through Friday, but this is something you can prepare for.

Another alternative is to go south to see the Grand Canyon, stopping in Arizona and New Mexico along the way before arriving in Colorado. This will add around 4 hours to your journey time, not including the mandatory pauses you’ll have to make along the route.

The best way to go from Las Vegas to Denver is via car.

For a road journey from Las Vegas to Denver, there is no optimal route. While Route to the Grand Canyon offers some of the country’s most famous sights, if you’re in a hurry, you may save time by choosing a shorter, more direct route. There is lots to see along both paths.

You may choose to take one of these routes to Denver and the other on the way back to make the most of your vacation.

The shortest route between Las Vegas and Denver.

From Las Vegas, take Interstate 15 north, via Lake Mead, Valley of Fire State Park, and Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. Pass through Arizona quickly, then travel through Utah’s Zion National Park and Dixie National Forest.

Take Interstate 70 to Cove Fort and travel through Fishlake National Forest. Before reaching Grand Junction, you’ll drive through Arches National Park, McInnes Canyons, and Colorado National Monument on your way between Manti-La Sal National Forest and Capitol Reef National Park.

If you choose, you may go south to Uncompaghre National Forest, or you can stay on the highway and visit White River, Arapho, and Roosevelt National Forests. You’ll arrive in Denver soon after, passing through Rocky Mountain National Park to the north and San Isabel National Forest to the south.

Route to the Grand Canyon

Out of Las Vegas, drive Interstates 515 and 11 to Hoover Dam, then Route 93 and Interstate 40 to Prescott National Forest. If you have time, stop at Flagstaff and see the Grand Canyon, then take a diversion to Sedona.

Continue on the main highway out of Flagstaff, via the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, and then stop at Bluewater State Park before arriving in Albuquerque. Once you’ve gotten your bearings, go north on Interstate 25 through Carson National Forest.

Take a westward detour to the Gunnison and Rio Grande National Forests after you’ve arrived in Colorado Springs. Continue north on the highway to reach Denver after you’ve had your fill of exploration.

Gunnison National Forest in the fall. Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest PHOTO

Between Las Vegas and Denver, the best locations to stop are

The quantity of layover possibilities between Las Vegas and Denver is mind-boggling — this route is as flexible as it is picturesque, and it caters to passengers at all times of year. The following are some of the top hotels you’ll encounter along the way:

In Moab, you may explore your lovely surroundings.

Moab is an excellent site to stop since it is around halfway along the journey and is surrounded by several parks that would take at least a couple of days to completely explore. Although there are other excellent alternatives in the vicinity, Red Cliffs Lodge is unquestionably the best.

Red Cliffs Lodge offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Colorado River you’ll ever see, making for an unforgettable panoramic experience. While relaxing in the outdoor pool, take in the magnificence of the red sandstone formations that give Moab its distinct character.

A beautiful Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah, at sunset. Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah, at sunset. Toscano

Aside from that, the resort’s general list of attractions is outstanding — from museums and history buildings to classic American cuisine and fine wine, there’s no itch this incredible resort can’t touch.

Comfortable accommodations and a horse corral are a must-have for any ranch-style resort, and this homey lodge succeeds on both counts.

The hotel is quite reasonably priced, especially considering how popular the region is for year-round tourists and outdoor sports. Plus, the gorgeous Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are just a short drive away.

Visit the sites in the vicinity of St. George.

Although it’s just 120 miles from Las Vegas, St George is a fantastic site to stop since it’s so near to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, as well as the gateway to the Grand Canyon if you want to take a detour.

Red Mountain Resort has to be the greatest of all the resorts here, thanks to its stunning architecture and unmatched service.

As lovely and modern as the hotel’s inside is, the highlight is the stunning setting immediately outside — going out into the large garden area, you’ll be greeted with kilometers of lush, green vegetation and a breathtakingly gorgeous red rock background.

Mormon Temple, St. George, Utah with a vibrant dusk sky in the background. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. George, Utah. Broad

Then there’s the enormous outdoor swimming pool, which is ideal for unwinding after a day of sightseeing, as well as the spa and salon, where you can unwind with a peaceful massage. When the day is done, light your warm room’s fireplace and call it a night.

This, along with the fitness courses, golf course, and several hiking and bicycling trips, makes this the greatest resort in the region. Furthermore, the location is exceedingly inexpensive, to the point that it makes the majority of the competitors in the region outdated.

On a road journey from Las Vegas to Denver, there are many sights to view.

The journey from Las Vegas to Denver is one of the most beautiful inland trips in this region of the country. The number of locations worth seeing is vast, but here are a few that you must visit:

  1. Valley of Fire State Park – if you’re fortunate enough to visit at the appropriate time of day, you’ll be able to see the stunning ‘burning sandstone’ phenomena.
  2. Grand Canyon National Park — Although it’s a bit of a diversion, the Grand Canyon, along with the Vermilion Cliffs, is an incredible stopover if you have the time.
  3. Zion National Park — one of Utah’s most gorgeous sites (and that’s saying a lot), Zion National Park is home to some of the state’s most beautiful scenery.
  4. Bryce Canyon National Park — this park’s all-natural amphitheaters are among the most fascinating natural wonders in the United States.
  5. The Dixie, Fishlake, and Monti-La Sal National Woodlands are a trio of magnificent forests that smoothly merge arid reds with calm greens.
  6. Few locations can soothe you like the waters of Mystic Hot Springs, a well-known resort with a long history.
  7. Canyonlands National Park — magnificent park, with enormous desert vistas that match the Grand Canyon and others, is a must-see.
  8. Arches National Park – the park’s name comes from the hundreds of red sandstone arches that dot its landscape.
  9. McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area — a lovely area of desert wilderness with a lengthy section of the Colorado River.
  10. Glenwood Springs – as the name implies, the city is home to a plethora of breathtakingly beautiful hot springs.
  11. White River National Forest – in addition to magnificent mountain views and a kaleidoscope of beautiful flower hues, the White River that runs through this forest draws a plethora of amazing species.
  12. Aspen, Colorado’s classic ski resort town, has an excellent list of places to visit and a plethora of things to do.
  13. Vail – Another world-famous ski resort that is as enjoyable in the summer if you want to get some fresh mountain air.
  14. The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, located in the Rocky Mountains, provide approximately 2 million acres of spectacular territory to explore.
  15. Rocky Mountain National Park is a never-ending spectacle of colossal peaks, lush forests, and impossible-to-miss hiking routes.
  16. The San Isabel National Woodland is a breathtakingly beautiful forest. several of Colorado’s biggest summits, including Mount Elbert, the state’s tallest peak

A river running through the mountains in Zion National Park at sunset. Fall in Zion National Park Wiktor

When is the best time to travel from Las Vegas to Denver?

There’s no bad time to take the road journey from Las Vegas to Denver since there’s so much to see and do along the route. Visits during various times of the year, on the other hand, come with their own set of benefits.

When it comes to the driving, you’ll want to avoid extremes in terms of weather — for example, it’s not unusual to see triple-digit temperatures in Zion National Park during the summer, so you may want to postpone your trip if this doesn’t appeal to you.

Both Utah and Colorado are well-known for their spectacular winter weather, thanks in large part to the Rockies — Colorado is home to roughly half of the Rockies’ tallest peaks. Consider stopping at Aspen or one of the many other snow wonderlands along the way.

Waterfalls and pine forest surrounding Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The road from Denver to Salt Lake City goes directly beside Glenwood Springs’ magnificent Hanging Lake.


In terms of Denver, July is the warmest month, with temperatures reaching as high as 90 degrees. Despite the heat, July is one of Denver’s rainier months, therefore the unpredictability aspect may deter visitors at this period.

If you travel in the spring, temperatures will be substantially cooler (about 70 degrees on average in May), but late spring is also Colorado’s rainiest season. Nonetheless, if you want to stay in Denver for a low price, now is an excellent time to go.

Winter, of course, is a fantastic season to come owing to the Rockies – the cold temperatures are a little price to pay for some of the greatest skiing and snowboarding in the country. If skiing isn’t your thing, you may take a city tour or visit one of Denver’s museums.

The “vegas to denver co road trip” is a long distance journey with many important stops along the way.

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