A road trip is an adventure that can be filled with wonder, excitement and even perspective. The non-stop hustle of everyday life gets punctuated by unexpected moments when you might find yourself truly appreciating the world around you.

The “best driving route from seattle to chicago” is a blog post that will show you how to get the best driving route from Chicago to Seattle.

A road trip from Chicago to Seattle will take you on a journey that isn’t too different to that of the early American immigrants. You will travel across whole states and mountain ranges to see and experience the true American west.

It will take you at least 30 hours to travel the 2,100 miles from Chicago to Seattle. Bozeman, Missoula, Badlands National Park, Bighorn National Forest, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park are among the stops along the journey.

This epic voyage will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would be ideal for a one- or two-week vacation, allowing you to see everything along the route.

If a road trip journey between these two cities seems appealing, keep reading for additional details about the itinerary, where to stay, and what to do along the way.

What is the distance between Seattle and Chicago, and how long will the journey take?

The voyage from Chicago to Seattle would span nearly 2,000 miles and will take at least four days to complete. If you have the time, though, it would be preferable to break the vacation up into a week or two.

Along the trip, there is a lot to see. Before descending to the Pacific, the route will take you past the plains of South Dakota, into the foothills of Wyoming, and into Yellowstone National Park.

Mississippi River, USA with a colourful sunset over the river with clouds in the blue sky and reeds in the foreground. The Mississippi River is crossed during the journey from Chicago to Seattle.

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The majority of the driving is done on Interstates, which is ideal since you know you won’t be wasting time or distance. Depending on your time limits and energy levels, you may take a few short diversions on roads to see various sights along the route.

Because the cities along this route are not very large, traffic should not be a problem if you avoid peak hour. At the beginning and finish of your travel, traffic is expected to be worse: in Chicago and Seattle, respectively.

The greatest route for your road trip from Chicago to Seattle will take you through some of America’s western states on an incredible experience. Continue reading for additional details on the precise itinerary and the finest places to stop along the way.

The best route from Chicago to Seattle for a car trip

Take Interstate 90 north from the Lake Michigan shoreline and the city of Chicago. The freeway will take you northwest out of town and through Chicago’s suburbs.

You’ll take a sharp right at Rockford, staying on Interstate 90, and cross the border into Wisconsin. Before traveling west, you’ll drive through Madison’s outskirts and Wisconsin Dells.

Enter Minnesota by crossing the Mississippi River. You’ll just spend a few hours in Minnesota, driving through Rochester, Austin, and Albert Lea before crossing into South Dakota at Sioux Falls.

Continue on Interstate 90 as you traverse the state of South Dakota, crossing the Missouri River in the process. Before rejoining Interstate 90 and going on, take a diversion through the Black Hills National Forest near Rapid City.

The towering Devils Tower, which is worth a trip to view up close, is located just off Interstate 90. Highway 14 is the best route to get there. Return to I-90 in the direction of the Bighorn National Forest.

Bighorn National Forest may be reached through Highway 14 or Highway 16 if it appeals to you. After then, the highway goes north for a short distance before crossing the Bighorn River and turning west once again.

Your next destination is Billings. Turning onto Highway 89, you may take a detour into Yellowstone National Park if you’re feeling brave. This detour will add roughly an hour to your journey each way, but it is highly recommended.

Return to I-90 and continue westward across the highlands. Continue on the freeway as it passes through the mountains on its route to Washington.

Pass across the plains of western Washington. You’ll know you’re getting close to your goal when you hit the undulating hills of eastern Washington. Interstate 90 will take you straight into the heart of Seattle, where you may explore at your leisure.

Between Chicago and Seattle, the best spots to stop are

It might be difficult to figure out how to break up your car journey from Chicago to Seattle. We’ve selected a few wonderful locations to stay to assist you in planning your travels. Continue reading for additional information to assist you in making your decision.

Yellowstone National Park, USA with a rainbow of colours surrounding the Grand Prismatic Pool and a woodland in the background. The beauty at Yellowstone National Park, America’s most renowned park, is spectacular.

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In the Black Hills National Forest, you may reconnect with nature.

The Black Hills National Forest is located immediately west of Rapid City, South Dakota, and is about a third of the distance between Chicago and Seattle. The Black Hills National Forest is described as a “Island in the Plains” because of its rich, spectacular flora.

We’d suggest stopping here for this reason: after driving across the vast plains of Iowa and South Dakota for a couple of days, the Black Hills National Forest will seem like an oasis, thanks to its refreshing change in landscape and geography.

We suggest The Lodge at Deadwood for an upscale, pleasant stay in the woods. Deadwood, located on the northern fringe of the Black Hills National Woodland, is ideal for visitors searching for a short forest excursion that isn’t too far from the interstate.

The hotel is recognized for its large, well-appointed rooms, which provide everything you need for a restful night’s sleep right on site. A local shuttle bus goes hourly into downtown Deadwood, so you’re set if you want to take a well-deserved vacation from your automobile!

Black Hills, South Dakota with rock formations at the foreground, surrounded by tall trees, and hills into the distance on a hazy sunny day. This road trip’s mountains are breathtaking, particularly in the Black Hills.

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In Montana, savor the charm of a motel.

You may not think of Bozeman, Montana as a tourist destination, but the RSVP Hotel changes your mind with its modern, fresh, and young feel. This unusual but adorable hotel will undoubtedly be a highlight of any road journey, and Bozeman itself wins our prize for most underappreciated pit break.

The phrase hotel may bring up ideas of bygone eras, but this is not the case with RSVP. The hotel is contemporary, with a lively color scheme that is likely to be a highlight of your vacation.

The accommodations are spacious and well-appointed, with the bigger suites including a comfortable lounge area. Farmers Daughters, the hotel’s on-site restaurant and café, caters to both hotel guests and the general public. This gastronomic hotspot takes pride in serving healthful meals created using locally sourced ingredients.

During the warmer months, the pool is available for relaxation. If you want to remain more active, you may take advantage of a free ticket to Access Fitness next door.

Explore Seattle’s downtown area.

We believe it is only right that you reward yourself after overcoming the hardship of such a lengthy road journey once you arrive in your great destination, Seattle. Our favorite hotel in town is the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, which is located in the heart of the city.

The hotel’s rooms all include an en suite bathroom with complementary robes and amenities. The rooms are fairly contemporary and have a basic yet tasteful décor.

If you wish to cool down, the Fairmont includes an indoor pool and hot tub. Alternatively, you may work up a sweat at the gym.

Seattle, USA with the city skyline at sunset and the faint outline of a mountain in the distance. Explore Seattle’s downtown area. and take in the sights of this amazing city.


After a hard day, treat yourself to a lunch at one of their award-winning restaurants and bars. Depending on your mood, you have the option of visiting the Olympic Bar, Shuckers, or Founder Clubs.

The Fairmont is in an ideal position, just a 10-minute walk from Pike Place Market, across the street from the 5th Avenue Theatre, and with everything of downtown Seattle at your fingertips.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is the place to stay if you want to get a true sense of Seattle.

On a road journey from Chicago to Seattle, there are many sights to view.

We’ve selected some of the top sites along the journey to help you get the most out of your road trip. From towns and national parks to waterfalls and monuments, there is something for everyone. On this excursion, there is something for everyone.

  1. Grandad Bluff – Located near La Crosse, this little hill provides an excellent vantage point for seeing city views and is ideal for a quick hike.
  2. Falls Park – Sioux Falls is home to a magnificent collection of miniature waterfalls, so why not stop in for a brief tour of this little city?
  3. Visit the pristine Badlands National Park, which is famed for its dry yet stunning scenery, to transport yourself back in time.
  4. Mt. Rushmore is a well-known American monument where the heads of four former presidents are carved into the granite cliffs.
  5. Custer State Park – Spend a few days visiting this gorgeous state park if you like being outside, hiking, and exploring nature.
  6. Crazy Horse Monument – Carved into the rocks is the spectacular face of a renowned Sioux chief named Crazy Horse, which is worth a visit if you loved Mt. Rushmore.
  7. Devils Tower – Located just over the border in Wyoming, this freestanding peak creates a spectacular image.
  8. Bighorn National Forest – If the weather cooperates, this is another fantastic place to go for some outdoor fun. The Bighorn National Forest is noted for its breathtaking views.
  9. Billings is an excellent spot to stop for the night and break up your travel. Pictograph Cave State Park, where ancient relics and artworks have been discovered, is a must-see.
  10. Visit America’s most renowned, and probably most beautiful, national park, Yellowstone National Park.
  11. Lolo National Forest – Another lovely forest with a broad range of recreational options for the more daring.
  12. Franklin and Twin Falls are two cities in the state of Idaho. Both of these lovely waterfalls are just a short drive apart and are well worth the walk.
  13. Seattle – Explore Seattle’s downtown area., making sure to visit the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Museum of Pop Culture.
  14. Walking Skeleton Man Bonus points if you can photograph a skeleton dinosaur on the side of the road. This artwork, as the name suggests, is an odd sight right off the freeway!

Twin Falls, Idaho with several dramatic waterfalls in the foreground and smaller ones in the background. Visit the Twin Falls through a climb; the scenery is well worth the effort.

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When is the best time to travel from Chicago to Seattle?

There isn’t a single optimal season for a road journey from Chicago to Seattle. Winter will be the coldest, with locations like Wyoming and Montana experiencing extreme cold. So, if you’re planning on traveling during the winter, keep this in mind.

Because winter is the slowest season for most of the locations along this road, you may definitely find a good price on a motel. Some national parks, such as Yellowstone, may be closed throughout the winter, so plan your vacation carefully.

It’s usually preferable to avoid winter if you want to be more active. Try spring or autumn instead, when visitor numbers are still low but the weather is becoming better. You may need to be cautious of residual winter conditions, but the weather should be pleasant.

The busiest time of year to travel between these two locations is during the summer. Summer, on the other hand, delivers the greatest weather, so if that is a key priority for you, summer is the time to visit.

The “road trip new york to seattle” is a road trip that starts in Chicago, Illinois and ends in Seattle, Washington.

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