When you are trying to get your vacation off on the right footing, it is important not only that you have a plan but also that everyone in your group has one. With Princess Cruising’s new back-up mobile sites for pre-cruise testing, they can ensure their customers will be ready with time remaining before departure.

Princess Cruise Lines is offering a back-up mobile site for guests pre-cruise who might need assistance. It will allow people to test their itinerary with the company and ensure that they’re lined up properly before embarking on their vacation.Princess Cruises has announced that they will offer a mobile site for pre-cruise testing. This will allow travelers to see if their cruise is going to be affected by the recent hurricanes. Read more in detail here: breaking news cruises.

Princess Cruises recognizes that the CDC’s testing regulations are creating issues for many passengers. Many people are pressed for time since they only have two days to obtain a negative test before the cruise leaves. As a result, the cruise company now provides options for passengers who were not tested on time.

With the vaccination need, pre-cruise testing requirements, and testing throughout lengthier trips, the cruise line is doing all it can to make things a little simpler while still guaranteeing everyone’s health and safety on board.

Princess is now offering pre-cruise testing at the terminal.

While the CDC’s pre-cruise testing regulations help cruise companies prevent potential COVID-19 positive cases aboard, the need to test within 48 hours of departure is creating major problems for many guests.

Those flying in from locations far distant from the embarkation port, in particular, are having problems. Princess Cruises currently provides testing in the terminal as a backup to assist these passengers.

Princess Cruises Terminal TestingPrincess Cruises is doing terminal testing (Princess Cruises Website)

The cruise company says in its CruiseHealth rules, “We realize that finding testing that can give findings within a 2-day turnaround may be challenging for some of our passengers.” As a consequence, for guests who do not get their test results within two days before their cruise departure, we offer mobile testing locations near our embarkation ports where COVID-19 testing may be done the day before or the day of your cruise departure.”

The testing process at the airport will not be inexpensive, and passengers will almost likely choose for it only as a last resort. Terminal testing is much more costly than typical alternatives such as Walgreens and other private testing centers, costing $150 per individual. As a consequence, the cruise company advises passengers to utilize the terminal testing option only if they have not received their findings in a timely manner.

Princess Cruise Ship in FloridaPhoto credit: Shutterstock.com/Solarisys

While Princess Cruises currently provides testing at the terminal, Carnival Corporation does not have this as a regular process. Carnival Cruise Line, for example, has indicated that no on-site testing facilities would be available to passengers.

“While we have previously mentioned the idea of additional on-site testing at our ports,” Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said, “the practicalities of making this service broadly accessible to a significant number of passengers does not make this a realistic option.”

Guests Will Be Put to the Test During Their Cruise

Guests will very certainly be tested aboard the ship on longer trips, in addition to testing before the cruise begins. On some voyages, such as the Panama Canal Full Transit and journeys lasting 15 days or more, this will be done. The onboard exam will most likely take place three to five days into the trip. Princess Cruises will test passengers every seven days on trips of 15 days or longer.

Majestic Princess in SeattleIan Dewar Photography / Shutterstock.com / Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock.com / Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock

These onboard testing will provide reassurance to passengers on lengthier trips, bearing in mind the problems Princess Cruises had at the start of the epidemic on several ships on longer excursions.

If a passenger tests positive aboard, the cruise company has a strategy in place to minimize the impact of a positive case on other passengers.

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Guests who test positive will be treated in their staterooms or at the ship’s medical facilities; depending on the medical treatment they need, they may be confined in a single ward or cabin. Positive passengers, travel companions, and close contacts are also eligible for a full refund if they miss any days of their cruise owing to a positive test result or a suspicion of infection, according to Princess Cruises.

Princess Cruises

The “cruise ship covid testing requirements” is a requirement that cruise lines must follow when planning their mobile sites. Princess Cruises has announced that they will be offering back-up mobile sites for pre-cruise testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cruise ships offer Covid testing?

A: The Covid test has been discontinued as of 2018. Its possible that the closest thing to the Covid is a port-a-potty, so if youre looking for something similar, I would try one of those out!

Does Princess Cruises have a mobile app?

A: Yes. The Princess Cruises mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices, as well as a downloadable desktop version. You can find it at http://www.princesscruise

Will Princess Cruises sail in 2021?

A: I am not able to answer this question, as it is a future prediction.

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