P&O Cruises, the cruise line founded in 1887, announced on Monday that it will begin its next four-year expansion program on November 1, 2020. The announcement indicates that P&O Cruises is planning on deploying its largest cruise ship to date, the world’s largest all-suite ship, P&O’s Paradice.

It’s no secret that P&O Cruises is a leading cruise ship company. Their fleet travels to destinations all over the world, providing high-quality, first-class cruise travel. So, when the company announced that they will be deploying a new-build ship to the Mediterranean by 2021, it came as no shock that many worried that P&O Cruises will be taking a significant market share from its competitors.

WHY IT’S GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE Cruise line ready to set sail again – Donald Wood, Breaking News senior editor

P&O Cruises has announced a phased deployment and relaunch schedule for the remainder of 2021 and early 2022.

The Britannia begins her scheduled Western Mediterranean itineraries on September 25, and the Iona begins her Atlantic Coast holidays from the same date. These cruises follow a series of coastal cruises in the UK starting in June.

Ventura’s inaugural cruises are a planned vacation to the Atlantic Islands that will begin on the 3rd. The month of October is beginning.

Current trend

Following the Mediterranean season, which ends in October, the Britannia will head to the Caribbean for the winter season as planned, followed by the Azura, which will sail slightly later than planned, starting on the 10th. Caribbean flights/cruises will begin in December 2021.

P&O Cruises chairman Paul Ludlow said: We look forward to re-commissioning the Britannia and Iona for a series of British coastal cruises – holidays at their best – which are obviously proving very popular, and then beginning our international re-launch with all the other ships in service.

As you know, this summer the UK government developed a traffic light system for holidays abroad. The current situation means that although unfortunately some routes on some ships will be cancelled, we are looking ahead and planning vigorously for the future.

We are confident that destinations will soon open their borders to British travellers and cruise ships. Spain and its islands, as well as the Caribbean, are showing a very positive face and we see one country after another rejoicing at our return.

The length and complexity of the long-haul cruises planned for Arcadia and Aurora starting in January have led to their cancellation, meaning both ships will not sail until next year. However, the replacement of the Aurora line with Winter Sun will be announced soon.

In addition, P&O Cruises has revised its vaccination policy in response to customer feedback. On all cruises departing between 25. September and 31. For departures in December 2021, all guests 18 years of age and older must be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to departure. All guests 17 years of age or younger must be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to departure or have a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to travel. A negative COVID-19 final test is also required for all guests. The PCR and COVID-19 terminal test shall be provided free of charge. This vaccination and screening policy will be reviewed regularly as the world situation evolves.

Vaccination requirements for UK coastal cruises up to 24. September 2021 still states that all travelers, regardless of age, must be vaccinated at least seven days before departure (or 14 days before departure if an approved single-use vaccine is used).

All guests whose cruise is cancelled will automatically receive a credit for a future cruise in the amount of 125% of the standard deposit and 100% of any additional deposit. This credit for future cruises can be applied to any new booking before the end of December 2021 for any cruise on sale at the time of booking. The cruises currently on sale run until April 2023.

SOURCE: Press release from P&O Cruises.

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