Passengerwith an open bottle of Smirnoff and no mask, flight attendant.

Gary Leff at 5. February 2021.

Internet News and Notes

  • Norwegian can’t afford to pay the laid-off workers, but tells them to keep their uniforms as a safety net.
  • A passenger with an open bottle of Smirnoff and a flight attendant exposed with her head
  • American Airlines is cutting mechanic training for the 737 MAX by 90% The MCAS doesn’t require constant maintenance, so it has nothing to do with the plane’s landing problems, but the airline uses the plane on most of its network, and mechanics at bases who haven’t spent time on the plane don’t acquire nearly as much knowledge as American’s mechanics used to.
  • An Orlando man tried to board a plane with 22 pounds of methamphetamine. The cops found it in a random bag. His answer? He doesn’t. The officer found 22 clean bags, each containing a pound of crystal meth wrapped in clothing, and $900 in Brown’s backpack, the source said.

Police say the drugs are worth $500,000.

Brown, 46, told police the bag was not his. He said he had fallen asleep on the Los Angeles-Orlando flight and when he woke up, he saw the bag nearby and grabbed it, thinking it was his bag because it was identical.

  • Delta is introducing facial recognition for some domestic flights in Detroit. Creepy, and another example of having to take a mask off when traveling by plane (besides TSA, where you don’t have to take the mask off…).

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