While many of us have been busy vacationing in Florida this year, a vaccine-related controversy has broken out on that state’s coastline. The controversy can be summed up in a single question: does a minor flu vaccine contain ingredients that pose a risk for an autistic child? The answer, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is no.

In a recent action, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill which requires all students to have a valid school-issued vaccination certificate before attending public school in the state. This new policy has been presented as a measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, however it has been widely dismissed as a violation of personal freedoms.

Norwegian Cruise Line is holding ground against the Florida vaccine passport ban.  The Florida Department of Health has issued a statement to Norwegian Cruise Lines stating that the cruise line is still in compliance with the state’s immunization requirement for children.  The statement, released by the Florida Department of Health, outlines requirements that children participating in the Norwegian Sunshine children’s cruise program are required to have proof of immunizations before they will be allowed to board the ship. According to the statement, “All children participating in the Norwegian Sunshine children’s cruise program, inclusive of all children under the age of five years, must provide proof of immunization from each of the three required immunizations.”  Specifically, the statement addresses the three required vaccinations. All children under. Read more about norwegian cruise line florida vaccine passport and let us know what you think.

Norwegian Cruise Line has chosen not to follow the lead of other cruise companies and comply with Florida’s vaccination passport restriction. Instead, the cruise line has sued Florida’s Surgeon General over the state’s vaccination passport restriction, which was signed into law in May 2021.

NCL Files Lawsuit Against Florida Over Vaccine Passport Ban

The state of Florida lobbied hard for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to overturn the Conditional Sailing Order in its lawsuit. After Norwegian Cruise Line sued over the vaccination passport restriction, Florida now has its own defense to construct.

The action, filed on July 13, is seeking proper declaratory and injunctive remedies against Scott A. Rivkees, the State Surgeon General. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings claims it is unable to resume cruise passenger operations safely. Passengers and staff might benefit from paperwork confirmation, such as vaccination evidence, often known as a vaccine passport.

NCLH Lawsuit

The prohibition in Florida is causing concern among Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, which runs three cruise lines: Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and luxury operator Regent Seven Seas. The cruise line has one of the industry’s oldest passenger bases, which will be wary of boarding a ship without fully vaccinated passengers, particularly if they were assured that everyone will be vaccinated.

NCLH President Frank Del Rio:

“It’s difficult to keep our customers’ trust and restore consumer confidence, especially among NCLH’s senior passengers. In the cruise industry, maintaining customer trust and goodwill is critical to long-term economic success. In the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic, cultivating passenger confidence and faith in the health and safety of cruise trips is more important than ever. NCLH’s capacity to attract and guarantee passengers would be seriously harmed until it can verify immunization status.”

The cruise company had announced earlier this year that it would only sail with 100% vaccinated passengers, which meant it would either have to forgo the requirement or risk penalties of up to $5,000 each time the line requested a vaccination passport.

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What if the Norwegians are unable to prove their vaccination status?

Frank Del Rio explains what would happen if the company did sail with unvaccinated passengers in an affidavit submitted with the case. Not only would there be restricted eating choices, such as no on-board buffet, but non-vaccinated passengers would also be denied entrance to the Spa, theater, and casino.

Because the cruise company wishes to safeguard the local people, those same passengers would be restricted to specific sections of the ship and separated from others. They would also have limited shore excursion options. The cruise company would need insurance and COVID testing in the same way that Royal Caribbean and Carnival do. Frank Del Rio:

“Unvaccinated travelers would have to submit to a set of COVID-19 tests, which the customer would pay for, and they would have to provide evidence that they had purchased COVID insurance. This would set you back more than $200 each passenger.”

The cruise line’s second alternative is to withdraw its ships out of Florida, which Del Rio said earlier this year is a possibility, albeit not one he is prepared to consider lightly:

“If the Statute’s restriction applies, NCLH must either abandon its intentions to check vaccination status on Florida cruises or discontinue business in the state. Neither alternative is compatible with NCLH’s commitment to passengers, crew, and all those who rely on us, including local stevedores, suppliers, travel agencies, and the economy of the locations we visit.“

While waiting for the courts to reach a decision in the matter, Norwegian Cruise Line has asked for an injunction against Florida’s vaccine requirement ban, which is set to take effect on August 6.

This injunction would prevent Florida from enforcing its prohibition, allowing the cruise line to continue operations without facing any penalties or fines until the court reaches its final judgment.

Also, which Norwegian Cruise Line ships are resuming service?

On August 15, Norwegian plans to begin sailing from Florida. Norwegian Gem will fly passengers to the Bahamas, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the US Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands from Florida.

Norwegian Cruise Ship in Miami

Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships are popular destinations for international travelers wishing to visit the United States, and are even more attractive for American travelers who wish to make use of a United States passport and visit the country. As a result, the line has been targeted by anti-vaccine movements like the one that passed in Florida last month, which forbid children traveling from Florida to receive an exemption to vaccinations.. Read more about cruising out of florida vaccine and let us know what you think.

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