One of the most popular things to do at Walt Disney World is visit the Magic Kingdom. As such, most of the resorts in the area now have children’s health centers where parents can drop off their kids for immunizations and checkups. There’s no need for parents to wear masks anymore: at least, not when it comes to the Magic Kingdom.

Although carriers of the human papillomavirus (HPV) have vaccine to protect against the virus, the mandatory vaccine is not 100% effective. The vaccine will not prevent infection, but it will protect against the most common types of the virus. In some cases, it will prevent infection from HPV 16 and 18, which are harder to detect.

A few years ago, the Disney World Resort added a requirement for all Disney World guests to provide proof that they had been vaccinated against measles and mumps. The United States has a proven record of having low measles cases, but this doesn’t mean that the disease can’t be transmitted in the United States, and Disney World is no exception.. Read more about how long will masks be required at disney world and let us know what you think.

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida today announced that it will be scaling down some of its COVID-19 precautions for fully vaccinated guests, starting June 15.

For fully vaccinated visitors, masks will no longer be required while indoors in most areas, except while aboard any Disney transportation, including buses, monorails and the Skyliner.


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While Cast Members won’t be checking parkgoers for proof of vaccination, those who aren’t fully immunized are expected to continue wearing face coverings in all indoor areas and attractions, the resort wrote in an update posted on its official website.

On June 15, the resort will also begin relaxing its physical distancing guidelines for guests, which it noted will be evident in queues and at theatres, shops, restaurants and boarding areas for attractions and transportation.

Disney’s largest theme park is making such protocol adjustments in light of the CDC’s updated guidelines released last month, which stated that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks or physically distance while indoors or outdoors. The changes were also encouraged by the recent easing of COVID-19 measures by public health and government officials, in response to robust vaccination volumes and dwindling infection rates throughout the U.S.

Disney World had already dropped outdoor mask requirements for all guests in mid-May, but face coverings had still been required upon entering and throughout all attractions; at all theatres, including theatre entrances; for all transportation, including transportation entrances; and all other indoor locations, including restaurants, except while actively eating or drinking. At the same time, the resort phased out temperature checks for park visitors.

As for Disneyland Resort in California, it seems likely that the masking requirements within the resort will remain in effect even after the state lifts its broader mask mandate on June 15, along with all capacity restrictions. The resort will, however, begin welcoming back out-of-state visitors on that date, whereas only California residents were allowed previously, due to a state-imposed ordinance.

For more information, visit World’s newest protection policy for their vaccinated guests is a bit of a head-scratcher, but it’s good to see that the Mouse is keeping up with the times. We’ve all seen the headlines from the past few months about the “anti-vax” movement and how it is causing a resurgence in preventable illnesses, so it’s wonderful that the company is taking the issue seriously. Now, before anyone panics, we should also note that not everyone who has been vaccinated is barred from entering the park. The only time they’ll be denied entry is if they have a medical condition that could be compromised by the measles, mumps, or rubella.  It may seem like a small issue to some. Read more about disney world mask policy and let us know what you think.

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