New Zealand is set to become the first developed country in the world to accept US travelers with a visa waiver. The New York Times reports that “the move reflects New Zealand’s changing identity as an Asian nation — not just for its geographic location, but also because it has moved away from being seen by Americans as a potential threat.”

New Zealand is getting closer to welcoming US travelers. The country has announced that it will open its borders for Americans, who are now allowed to enter without a visa. Read more in detail here: nz border opening latest news today.

New Zealand Gets Closer to Welcoming US Travelers

New Zealand is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and the country is moving closer to inviting visitors from the United States and Canada once again.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed a step-by-step strategy to reopen the government, gradually bringing citizens, permanent residents, and tourists back. In July of this year, New Zealand plans to welcome tourists from the United States.


“We are thrilled to be one step closer to being able to welcome back international visitors to New Zealand and showcasing the best New Zealand has to offer,” Sarah Handley, General Manager for Americas & Europe for Tourism New Zealand said. “We look forward to keeping industry and our partners closely updated on New Zealand’s plan to reconnect with the world”.

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Reopening from COVID-19

Flights will begin to increase in frequency. Direct flights from Los Angeles to Auckland are available for visitors visiting New Zealand. With properly scheduled flights, travellers may wake up in New Zealand after a straight 12-hour journey. There were flights from other major U.S. cities before COVID-19 shut down worldwide travel. In 2022, nonstop flights from San Francisco, Vancouver, Houston, Chicago, and Honolulu will resume.

Visitors will not be subjected to quarantine, but they will be required to follow certain procedures in order to gain entry:

—According to New Zealand official entry criteria, all tourists entering the country must be properly vaccinated.

—All passengers must have a negative pre-departure test (PCR, LAMP, or Rapid Antigen) in accordance with New Zealand government guidelines.

—All types of isolation for incoming passengers (including foreign nationals) are eliminated at all border reopening procedures, save for unvaccinated New Zealand citizens and residents returning to the country.

—Upon arrival at Auckland Airport, all passengers will have two free quick antigen tests. After departing the airport, the exams are self-administered.

—Travelers will be requested to take the first test on the day of arrival and then a second test five days later, which may be done after they have left the airport, for example, at home or at the hotel.

—Travelers who test positive on their arrival day or day 5 RAT test will be requested to undergo a PCR test to confirm their positive status; if positive, they will be asked to self-isolate in accordance with New Zealand’s COVID-19 community case guidelines.

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New Zealand is getting closer to welcoming US travelers. The country will soon open its borders to allow US citizens entry into New Zealand and vice versa. Reference: new zealand opening borders.

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