A new report on travelers’ perceptions of the industry one year after the start of the COVID 19 pandemic shows that consumers are eager to travel again and are already planning future trips.

A very revealing discovery from American Express Travel: According to the Global Travel Trends report, 87% of respondents say that planning a future trip makes them happy, despite the current outbreak of the coronavirus.


Current trend

The data also shows that 76% of travelers surveyed make a wish list for future trips, even if they are not yet able to make them. In addition, 63% of those surveyed said they save credit card points to spend on vacations when they want to travel again.

While 56 of those surveyed said they missed travel so much that they would be willing to book a trip now despite the risk of cancellation, another 65% said they would not travel until their family received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our latest Global Trends Report shows that there is significant pent-up demand for travel among consumers. According to Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel, many people are looking forward to their future trips and starting to plan for them.

In addition, new trends are emerging, such as the growing appeal of working remotely while traveling around the world, the definition of luxury as a more personalized experience, cleanliness and privacy as the ultimate luxury amenities, and a growing interest in the environmental and social goals of their travel and tourism businesses, Hendley added.

Regardless of when people will travel again, 61% say they will spend more than usual on travel this year because they won’t be able to travel in 2020. Another 78% want to leave in 2021 to reduce the uncertainty of the past 12 months.

The study found that there is still a market for luxury travel, but perceptions have changed. Eighty-two percent of those surveyed consider personal experiences to be the most desirable amenity, followed by high standards of cleanliness (81%) and privacy (79%).

Travelers also want to enjoy the second city, with 69% of respondents interested in visiting lesser-known areas.

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