On Thursday, as the industry reacted to the surprise multi-year cruise ban in Canada, some cruisers noticed a new change in Carnival Cruise Line’s health policy. This is a clear sign of what lies ahead and how the cruise experience will change during a global pandemic.

Carnival Cruise Line Health Protocols

Carnival Cruise Line is implementing new health protocols and working to ensure a safe return to work. We understand that during the outage, the cruise line was very busy working out the details of the CDC structure on a conditional sailing order.

It was announced Thursday that Carnival has updated its website with new rules. As part of these changes, new wellness treatments are detailed, which now gives us an idea of what to expect when cruises resume.

Health policies have been developed under the leadership of agencies in the US and worldwide, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US.

Carnival has made it clear that guests must follow the rules and procedures and that they are subject to change without notice. Knowing how volatile the situation is, this could very well be a possibility.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the procedures, which you can read in full on the official website, especially if you are planning to take a Carnival cruise this year!

Before and during weaning

Not surprisingly, customers need to get their documents in order before arriving at the terminal. This may include the test history and any exposure to COVID-19.

Health checks will be an important part of cruise passenger safety. The health questionnaire must be completed 72 hours before departure. This is necessary to detect any symptoms of COVID-19 before travel and any contact with persons in whom COVID-19 has been confirmed.

This will be fully verified and the Exchange may even ask guests to provide additional information for tissue samples and/or medical tests. It may be necessary to regulate the temperature before planting.

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Customers must check in online and choose an arrival time at the terminal. The arrival at the terminal depends on the time chosen to facilitate the social distance.

All guests 2 years of age and older must be tested for SARS-CoV-2 between 5 days and 24 hours prior to embarkation and receive a negative result.

Guests must provide original documentation of a legible negative test result, indicating the appropriate testing agency, date of sampling, type of test, and the identity of the person tested.

Carnival may conduct additional testing in the terminal or even on board. A positive guest is not allowed on a cruise. If the proper documents are not provided, the cruise line may deny entry to the ship without refund.

Once on board

Upon arrival on the ship, protocols remain strict and guests must undergo daily temperature checks and necessary medical examinations during the voyage.

Carnival says hand sanitizer, wipes and hand washing stations will be available throughout the ship and in the terminals. This was common on cruise ships before the pandemic, but certainly with more seating and vetting.

According to Carnival, it is especially important to do this before or after eating or drinking and after participating in entertainment activities.

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Wearing a face mask is compulsory on board and guests must wear this when on board the ship, except in their cabins, when seated in the dining room or when using the cardio machines in the gym. Guests are also required to wear masks on the outdoor terraces.

The cruise line can use the reservation system to maintain a social distance. In public places, there will be a capacity limit on these devices in swimming pools, casinos, restaurants, bars and most public places. There is separate seating in the main hall and dining rooms. There will be no self-service in the cafeteria.

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As contact tracing is important in the event of an outbreak, guests may be asked to provide details of specific activities in which they are involved during the cruise. Carnival says wearables, along with surveillance technology and photos taken during travel, can be used to track people.

Call connection

When it comes to getting ashore, things start to get complicated and the way we used to enjoy the layover can change. Guests can only book tours that have been verified by the cruise line.

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Shore excursions may be restricted to the home port area and cruisers are not permitted to arrange their own shore excursions.

Carnival may cancel a scheduled call depending on the level of waterfalls in the area where the ships are sailing. Time spent in port may change or even be limited to additional visits to ensure that guests in port are not contaminated.

Cruise sickness: How to protect yourself

Final thoughts

This is to be expected and would be a similar, if not identical, situation for all major cruise lines operating outside of CDC protocols in the US, but as vaccines continue to spread, we hope the measures can be scaled back over time.

It is important to know that if you are planning on taking a Carnival cruise soon, you need to follow the rules. The cruise experience will not be what it was before the pandemic.

There is also a Carnival Cruise Line FAQ for those who have additional questions on topics such as COVID trial fees and onboard usability, which you can read here.

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