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Avanti, a company that offers self-drive tours in Germany, has just released a new brochure that it hopes will give travelers a chance to experience some of the less-visited destinations in the country. The company’s itineraries for the 2017 season include visits to cities like Freiburg, which many people miss when they pass through the Black Forest region, and Baden-Baden, a charming spa town that is a favorite getaway for people in the know about off-the-beaten-path European travel.

Europe is known for its world-class tourist destinations. However, many of the continent’s more historic cities are not as well known as their more famous counterparts. As a result, travelers interested in experiencing a more authentic side of Europe are often forced to look more closely at a map. Luckily, the airline Avanti recently released their third edition of the “Avanti Unseen” guide to Europe which highlights a “top ten” list of lesser-known countries and cities. Each featured destination was chosen to offer a unique experience that is both affordable and accessible for travelers.

American Airlines recruits 104 flight attendants forservice

Gary Leff 28. April 2021

We have a great man to thank for the end of service to the United States. The economist Milton Friedman is the father of the volunteer army. Under the Nixon administration, he chaired a commission that concluded that military service should be abolished, and the Nobel laureate, often caricatured and vilified by the left, became an anti-war hero.

One might have hoped, of course, that the increased cost of war to the state would reduce the number of wars, but that does not seem to have happened. But Friedman was certainly right that the United States could defend itself without depriving (then exclusively) young men of their freedom. Friedman said the end of the shift was his greatest achievement.

If a volunteer army exists in the United States today, can the same be said of the American Airlines flight attendant corps? In early April, I wrote that the airline was considering asking flight attendants to return to work.

  • To cut costs, the airline encouraged cabin crew to take time off (while receiving the full wage subsidy from the government).
  • However, these holidays may be cancelled at the airline’s discretion. And now that they need flight attendants for the increased summer program, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Being a fly girl is always optional, of course. No flight attendant would go to jail for a flight denial, they would just lose their job and their seniority with the airline.

American has recalled all of its flight attendants (which, by the way, is like admitting that the government’s third bailout, Payroll Support Program 3, was unnecessary). Even then, it’s not enough. The 200 flight attendants who had taken voluntary leave were asked to cut their vacation short and return to work in July.

The language of the project belonged to the Americans. The 15th. April, they told the stewardesses: If we don’t get 200 volunteers, we’ll ask for flight attendants (on EVLOA) in reverse order of seniority until we have 200.

They did not receive 200 volunteers returning from extended leave. They got 96, and the airline took 104:

This is 90% good news – everyone goes back to work, American Airlines will fly again. It’s just a shame for the people who agreed to take time off to save the American people money while the government gave subsidies to the airlines to pay everyone. Personally, I’m just happy to be able to book tickets again. I even took an American Airlines flight and will do so again next week. (I also flew with Southwest and booked on United flights).

View of the lake from the wing

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