Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Group ships may make simulation voyages to the Bahamas within the next few months, said Mike Mora, general manager of the Nassau cruise port.

Nassau Bahamas lighthouse

“We are in demand.”

In an interview with Guardian Business, Mora provided much more detail than the information provided by the cruise lines or the Centers for Disease Control. The site told us that the port “has discussed with the cruise lines and the Ministry of Tourism the possibility of including Nassau in a run-up simulation.” It added that these sailings could start within two months. However, a day after his comments were published, the Royal Caribbean Group and Carnival Cruise Line rescheduled all sailings for the end of April.

Under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s current conditional navigation regulations, any vessel wishing to operate at a profit must first participate in a navigation simulation to test the effectiveness of newly implemented health and safety protocols.

“For us as a cruise port operator, this is extremely valuable,” he added, “because it gives us a chance to test our protocols and develop what needs to be tested, and of course it gives the government a chance to test its protocols.

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Cruise ships docked in Nassau, Bahamas.

Although the cruise lines are not particularly eager to provide information about their relationship with the CDC, Mr. Mora said things are improving. “Over the past six weeks, communication between the various cruise lines and the CDC has improved significantly,” he said.

He added that cruise lines are “entering U.S. ports to meet various CDC requirements, while continuing to improve medical facilities and infrastructure aboard ships and crews.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the interview was Mora’s statement that between April and the end of the year, about 950 seats had been reserved in Nassau, some for overnight stays. “There’s a lot of demand for us,” he said.

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