Mundo Maya Organization has been working to raise awareness about the importance of sharing the knowledge of the Maya world with the world for the past seven years and with the aim of promoting the reopening of the Mayan World by leading the renovation of the Yaxchilán Temple and the reconstruction of main monuments of the ceremonial city of Palenque.

“Mundo Maya Organization Continues Promoting the Reopening of Mayan World”

Much of the information that is made available in the English speaking world about the ancient Maya has been generated by the National Geographic Society, and the Society’s research, over many years, has turned up many fascinating findings. Many of these have been recently featured in the Society’s film, “Chasing Zero”, which follows the work of the National Geographic Society’s crew as they continue to investigate the Maya.

WHY IT RATES: All Mundo Maya locations are now open and accepting guests without the need for quarantine. — Senior Editor Codie Liermann

The Mundo Maya Organization held a press conference today to expose members of the trade media to their virtual trade exhibition planned for July 27 to 29, 2021, as part of its efforts to promote the reopening of the Mayan area to tourists. This is part of an attempt to raise awareness about the event, which seeks to offer a forum for travel and tourism companies in the Mundo Maya areas to network and connect with tour operators and wholesalers from throughout the Americas.

Participants will be able to select their one-on-one meetings beginning July 19 when they log in to mundomaya/Inicio, where they will also be able to obtain more information on the other five countries that make up the Mayan World: Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

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Reopening from COVID-19

Participants will have a three-day period during which they may conduct 15-minute virtual sessions to explore methods to collaborate.

Exhibitors from Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico’s tourism sectors, as well as buyers, wholesalers, tour operators, and travel agents from all five domestic markets, as well as North American markets like the United States, Canada, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, and South American markets like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru, will take part in the virtual event.

They may log in under their own registration and view available time slots for each of the exhibitors, as well as request meetings, by going to the meetings area. Exhibitors will have the same opportunity, as they will be able to schedule meetings with international operators and wholesalers.

Members of the media and general participants can access the platform and join us for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as destination presentations by each of the participating Ministries of Tourism, and the conference “Archeology in the Mayan World, New Discoveries and Their Tourism Potential,” which will be presented by Dr. Tomas Barrientos.

The Mundo Maya Organization wants to promote its area as a multi-destination vacation, since it was previously home to the ancient Mayan civilisation. The members of the Mundo Maya are all welcoming guests and do not need quarantine. Some do, however, need a negative antigen test to be admitted. With the exception of El Salvador and Belize, which are classified as moderate risk levels 2 by the CDC, the majority of the area is classified as risk level 3, the same as the United States and Canada.

Tourists from all around the globe visit the region. The majority of tourists come from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America (including Belize and Panama), and South America (including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic). Tourists from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Russia are the most common visitors to the Mayan World in Europe, while visitors from Japan, Taiwan, and Israel are the most common in Asia.

In normal years, the number of visitors entering the area has surpassed the average of 25 million per year; thus, it is anticipated that, after the global recovery of tourism, the Mundo Maya region would be able to raise its numbers by at least 30 million in the following year.

Tourism operators provide tourists with tourist circuits that include all of the required transportation, lodging, and tourist services to visit all of the nations in the area. There are also airlines that link the various locations, and work on further air connectivity projects is presently ongoing and will be revealed in the near future.

SOURCE: Press statement from the Organización Mundo Maya.

It has been almost two years since the excavation of the ancient city of Chichen Itza in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula was suspended, after a mudslide made it impossible to continue digging at the site. Now, however, the organization that managed the dig, the Mundo Maya Corporation, has announced that it has secured the necessary funding to resume excavations.. Read more about belize police news today and let us know what you think.

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