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When the MSC Seaside debuted in 2015, it became the first ship to offer a destination-based program—instead of sailing from Florida to the Bahamas, and so on, the Seaside left from New York and sailed to the Caribbean, Europe, and the Mediterranean. Now, the Seaside is set to return to Florida, but this time it will be sailing to the Mediterranean.

After a summer of big changes , it’s back to business as usual on MSC Seaside, which set sail from Civitavecchia on September 10 with a stop in Venice. It’s expected to dock in Marseilles, France, on the 29th, at which point it will begin sailing a longer itinerary that takes in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Marseilles.

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MSC Seaside departed again last Saturday aboard MSC Grandiosa, taking guests on weekly seven-night cruises in the Western Mediterranean, with new destinations in Siracusa in Sicily and Taranto in Puglia, Italy. The ship is making a two-day journey: It worked on the first one. May from Genoa, Italy, spent a day at sea on Sunday and is now in the beautiful harbour of Valletta, Malta. As part of this itinerary, the ship will also call at Civitavecchia to visit Rome.

Current trend

MSC Seaside will be the second ship to return to sea for the 2021 summer season. Other ships, including sister ship and future flagship MSC Seashore, will join them in the Mediterranean from August. All vessels will be subject to the company’s strict health and safety protocol, developed in partnership with the Blue Ribbon Group.

The Sicilian port of Siracusa makes its debut on MSC Cruises with a selection of protected shore excursions so guests can explore the region’s rich historical and archaeological sites, including the Greek Theatre of Siracusa, the largest ever built in Sicily and one of the largest in the Greek world, or explore the beautiful countryside and Baroque towns where the world-famous Inspector Montalbano films are shot.

The southern city of Taranto, in Apulia, offers something special for those who want to spend a day relaxing and enjoying this historic region. The charming old town of Taranto, with its winding streets and dozens of churches and palaces, and the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto (MArTA) showcase the history of southern Italy and the roots of its culture. In addition to a range of protected excursions, MSC Cruises is introducing a special private beach experience in Taranto exclusively for MSC Seaside guests from June. A day at the beach is an important part of a summer holiday. Now guests on the MSC Seaside can relax on a sandy beach in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

MSC Seaside has rewritten the rules for cruise ship design. It combines indoor and outdoor spaces to connect guests to the sea like never before, offering spacious outdoor areas with numerous terraces and outdoor pools. Deck 8 has a unique waterfront area where you can eat, drink, shop, swim and sunbathe. The ship boasts the MSC Yacht Club for those seeking exclusivity and privacy, with private club facilities and 24-hour butler service. This craft is specifically designed for warmer weather and is best suited for outdoor use, making it ideal for early summer in the Mediterranean when the weather is at its best.

SOURCE: Press release from MSC Cruises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MSC seaside now?

The MSC Seaside has been in a holding pattern, awaiting a new home port since it left the Chinese city of Sanya in March for the Korean port of Busan. Earlier this month the cruise ship was spotted drifting in the Pacific Ocean by people aboard an American warship. The warship was in the area for joint military exercises with the Philippines, when it came across the MSC Seaside over 1000 miles from its current location. M/V MSC Seaside is the largest cruise ship in the Mediterranean, at 225,000 gross tons. The ship is 736 feet long and 102.1 feet wide, and it can carry up to 6,600 passengers. Most of these people are either down at the pool or up in the restaurants, because the MSC Seaside only has a capacity of 4,200 passengers!

What is the dress code on MSC seaside?

Cruise fashion is all about being comfortable and looking good at the same time, which can be hard to do when you’re getting used to wearing a bathing suit all day and carrying your shoes in your hand. The trick is to pack a few items that are easy to wear, can handle a little water without getting ruined, and will keep you comfortable in the heat. Here’s a few of our favorite pieces. If you’re heading to a Hawaiian island for vacation, you may wonder what the dress code is. Typically, you can wear shorts and a t-shirt on the beach. However, if you’re headed to an island such as Maui, you’ll want to dress up a bit more, in order to blend in with the locals and avoid being the only person wearing shorts in a fine restaurant.

What terminal is MSC seaside?

The Mediterranean Sea, which makes up approximately two-thirds of the water surface of the Mediterranean Sea, is a major sea-based transportation route for the world’s commerce. It is one of the most important waterways in the world for international trade. In fact, more than three-quarters of the world’s seaborne trade, including oil, passes through the Suez Canal, the Straits of Gibraltar, or the seas off the coasts of Italy and Greece. [1] Approximately 5,000 ships cross the sea every day, with a total of about 10 million tons of cargo, in addition to 200 million tons of petroleum. [2] The countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are among the most developed in the world. The MSC Seaside terminal is a cruise ship terminal inaugurated on July 30, 2010 in the Port of Miami. The new terminal replaces the Miami Cruise Terminal and was built by Cruise Terminals International (CTI), a company that specializes in port terminals for cruise ships.

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