This past summer, the world’s most luxurious cruise company, MSC Cruises, announced a new plan to make their ships as green as possible. MSC Cruises is dedicated to making sure they are reducing the environmental impact that their products have on the planet. This will be accomplished by placing solar panels on the top of their ships, which will power onboard appliances, as well as using natural light to illuminate the areas of the ship. They are also making the hulls of their ships as eco-friendly as possible by replacing steel plates with concrete and recycling their waste water. The company also plans to use recycled paper products to line their cabins. MSC Cruises is not only making their ships as green as possible, but they are also

For the past two years, many of the world’s largest cruise ships have been outfitted with a new and unique cruising technology: wave-powered desalination units. These units, which are mounted both inside and outside the ship’s hull, convert seawater into drinking water.

Earlier this week, the freight line MSC Cruises announced that it will be building the world’s largest, most eco-friendly ship, taking an active role in its own carbon reduction. The giant passenger ship, named MSC Divina, will use solar panels, advanced energy-saving technologies, and carbon offsets to help the line earn its offset credits and other certifications.. Read more about us cruises and let us know what you think.

Another MSC Cruises ship is officially under construction.

On Monday, the cruise line celebrated the official start of construction of its second ship to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), one of the cleanest marine fuels. Construction began when the first steel for the ship was cut at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in France.

(Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises)

The company also revealed its name for the first time: MSC Euribia, the name of the ancient Greek goddess of the seas.

MSC Cruises CEO Pierfrancesco Vago and shipyard owner Laurent Kasten have begun cutting the first steel for the new ship.

He said of the event:

Like the ancient goddesses who controlled the winds, weather and constellations to rule the seas, MSC Euribia will lead the implementation of sustainable technologies to protect and preserve our precious marine ecosystem. This vessel marks a new step on our path towards environmentally friendly activities and demonstrates our commitment to developing a new generation of environmental technologies.

As a family with over 300 years of maritime tradition, we are always striving to protect the environment to preserve our way of life and protect the planet for future generations. With our first LNG ship already under construction, MSC Euribia will continue to reduce emissions with the latest technology available.

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LNG is the cleanest marine fuel currently available on a large scale. It removes virtually all local air pollutants such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. Euribia engines are capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% compared to standard fuel.

(Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises)

MSC Cruises has committed to powering at least three of its future ships with LNG. The first of these ships, the MSC World Europa, is currently under construction at the same shipyard and is expected to enter service in October 2022.

Euribia will also have an advanced wastewater treatment system that meets the highest global standards.

An advanced ballast water treatment system prevents the introduction of invasive species into the marine environment through ballast water discharge, in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s Ballast Water Management Convention.

In addition, an underwater sound attenuation system with hull and engine room structures that minimize noise pollution will reduce potential impacts on marine life, particularly marine mammals in the surrounding waters.

Launching in June 2023, MSC Euribia will be the 22nd ship of this type. Cruise ship of the shipping company.

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