Luxury Line, a company offering luxury expedition cruises around the world are set to offer two new expeditions in summer 2023. The trips will take place on luxurious ships and be led by professional explorers with experience hunting for ancient artifacts deep in the Arctic Circle.

The “us cruises” is a luxury line that offers two new Arctic expedition cruises in the summer of 2023. The cruise line will offer guests the chance to explore the Arctic with expert guides, kayaking and camping trips.

Luxury Line Announces Two New Arctic Expedition Cruises in Summer 2023

The two expedition ships Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit have been unveiled by Seabourn as part of a new summer journey schedule for 2023.

The itinerary includes the line’s first-ever trips to the Arctic’s Northeast and The Northwest Passage is a route that runs between Canada ands, allowing visitors to see two of the world’s most isolated and interesting places.

seabourn venture aft exterior renderingSeabourn Venture is a luxury cruise line (Rendering courtesy of Seabourn)

The Northeast Passage is located in the United States.

Seabourn Venture will set sail on a 26-day expedition over the Northeast Passage on July 29, 2023. The passage is a journey of discovery that only a handful have ever traveled, since it is a remote and sparsely populated region.

The following are some of the highlights that visitors may encounter:

  • Navigate your way over Norway’s topography and into Arctic Russia.
  • Learn about the paradox of fragile tiny plants thriving in vast cold expanses.
  • Learn about sea ice and how its existence has influenced the region’s history.
  • Look for seabirds nesting on cliffs or tundra slopes on the coast, as well as marine creatures in the ocean.
  • Examine the area’s transforming character as well as the effects of climate change.

During the cruise, the ship will stop at a variety of locations, including:

  • Storstappen Island, a seabird nesting hotspot
  • Activities include a tour to the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin near Mumansk, Russia.
  • Sailing the Barents Sea, which is home to a variety of migratory sea birds and marine animals due to its nutrient-rich waters.
  • Novaya Zemlya, Russia, offers hikes, kayaking, and Zodiac rides to discover the lonely Russian High Arctic islands.
  • Polar bears, Atlantic walruses, bowhead whales, and ivory gulls are among the protected species of Franz Joseph Land, a 192-island archipelago in the Russian Arctic National Park.
  • Wrangel Island, Russia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is sometimes referred to as a polar bear “nursery” due to its location high above the Arctic Circle.
  • Provideniya, Russia, is a former Soviet military port where a trip includes a visit to a gorgeous local museum as well as tea, music, and dancing at the Cultural Center.

seabourn venture aft deck renderingAfternoon pool (Rendering courtesy of Seabourn)

Northwest Passage

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Seabourn Pursuit will give passengers the chance to undertake one of the world’s most renowned and historic crossings.

Among the notable experiences are:

  • Navigate through the world’s most renowned tunnels, which have a more exciting exploration history than any other place.
  • Discover the Franklin Expedition’s lonely resting places across the globe, as well as the barren Beechy Island.
  • Discover how modern life has changed the inhabitants of the Arctic in tiny Inuit settlements like Cambridge Bay.
  • View the ice condition in Bellot Strait, where the ship must traverse a tight and difficult geographical gap.
  • Look for aquatic life in the water and on any sea ice that you may come across.

The ship will also stop at a few other places, including:

  • Sisimiut is Greenland’s second-largest city and home to the country’s best-preserved medieval church.
  • Ilulissat, which means “iceberg” in Greenlandic, is a glacier near the end of the Jakobshavn Glacier that calve dramatically into the sea.
  • Local Inuit locals will lead a stroll across town in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada.
  • Croker Bay on Devon Island, the world’s biggest uninhabited island off the coast of Nunavut, is the world’s largest uninhabited island.
  • The expedition team will spend nine days tracking the Northwest Passage, where they will use kayaks, Zodiacs, and submarines to provide naturalist-led experiences on a flexible timetable dictated by ice.
  • Five days of sailing in the Beaufort Sea, passing through Canada’s Northwest and Yukon Territories, with the expedition crew on the lookout for seabirds and marine animals on route to Nome, a town founded on the discovery of gold in 1898.

seabourn venture bow loungeBow Lounge is a place where you may relax and (Rendering courtesy of Seabourn)

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The First Season of Seabourn Pursuit

Seabourn Pursuit, which is set to debut in March 2023, will spend its first season exploring the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, and the Canadian Arctic. The series will begin with a 12-day Wild & Ancient Scotland & Iceland pre-inaugural cruise from Amsterdam to Reykjavik, Iceland, on March 23, 2023.

The ship will subsequently embark on a 14-day Lands of Fire & Ice debut cruise from Reykjavik on April 4, 2023. It will travel around the coasts of Greenland and Iceland, passing through snow-covered landscapes (the “Ice”) and spending the night in Akureyri, a paradise with waterfalls, hot springs, and the Dimmuborgir and Leirhnjukur lava fields (the “Fire”).

Pursuit will offer a 14-day Lands of Fire & Ice trip through Greenland and Iceland after the debut cruise, followed by a series of Arctic Circle adventures from Norway, the majority of which will be alongside Seabourn’s Svalbard Experience.

Following that, a series of 14 and 15-day cruises between Greenland and Iceland, as well as a 12-day Bering Sea & Inside Passage cruise via Alaska and British Columbia, will be offered.

seabourn square aft deckAft deck of the Seabourn Square (Rendering courtesy of Seabourn)

Season 2 of Seabourn Venture

In 2023, the Arctic, Scotland, Norway, and the Russian Arctic will be explored by Seabourn’s first expedition ship, which will be in its second year of service.

The ship’s summer season will begin on May 12, 2023, with a 10-day cruise from London to Reykjavik via the Wild Isles of Scotland and Iceland.

Following that, the ship will provide a 12-day voyage through the Norwegian Sea Fjords, followed by a series of 11- and 12-day adventures to Arctic Svalbard from Norway.

Venture will go on a 14-day journey to Norway, Novaya Zemlya, and Franz Joseph Land in mid-July.

Following the Northeast Passage, the ship will embark on a 14-day Wild Coasts of Kamchatka trip in August and a 14-day Volcanoes & Wildlife of the Kuril Islands adventure in September 2023 to explore the Russian Far East.

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