This past week, Facebook announced a new set of rules to regulate content on their website. They’re not the first company that has faced criticism for how they handle harmful posts from users; Twitter and YouTube have both experienced similar issues in the recent years. But what does this mean for you?

The “should politicians be banned from social media” is a question that many people are asking. The answer to this question is unclear, but it seems as though the answer is yes.

In its plan to carry out the Great Reset, Big Tech’s social media platforms are the primary instrument utilized to suppress opposition against the Deep State. Anyone who does not fall in line and accept the absolutely irrational, anti-American narrative is swiftly labeled a propagandist and, of course, a racist, xenophobic bigot.

It’s quite ironic to think how Big Tech and the deep state used social media platforms to spread blatantly false narratives for the last six years, and now they’re threatening to ban us from their “thought” platforms for basically nothing. It appears, that we’ve made the Gestapo’s hit list.” alt=”” width=”531″ height=”219″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”” />Facebook clearly states that they’ve “reduced distribution.” If they’re throttling our account, then what’s the point of staying on the platform?

More precisely, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) has informed us that if we don’t reduce our behavior, we’ll lose access to our accounts and pages. We’ve been accused of promoting hate speech, inciting violence, and shaming people for who they are, as well as adult nudity and sexual behavior. Yikes! We must have made some very zealous posts. The posts that were marked with these IDs are listed below.

I’ve been removed off social media. Why Are We Disseminating This Information?

This life update is being shared for three major reasons. Others must observe how:

  1. It is really simple to get banned from social media.
  2. No matter how ludicrous, social media networks may rapidly find grounds to remove someone.
  3. In the future, we’ll concentrate on adopting less restricted (Gestapo-like) platforms. Below, we’ll go through the platforms you’ll be able to find us on.

Hate Speech (Post 1)

“Everything is pay to play,” says the commenter below. “It’s no surprise Americans are so unfit and ill.” was flagged on Instagram as promoting hate speech or symbols.

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Big Tech is restricting everything relevant to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for those who don’t know. This is seen as a far-right extreme ideology by them. In other words, urging individuals to have a healthy lifestyle is akin to being a Nazi in the contemporary liberal’s mind. “Experts say…”, we’ll guess.

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“Physical fitness has always been crucial to the far-right,” the author writes in the piece.

Why are they promoting this bizarre story? It’s easy; the following are the key reasons why the Deep State supports this:

  1. They desire a society of asexual, docile soy-boys, or “girlie-men,” as Arnold Schwarzenegger used to call them.
  2. They want Joe Rogan to be labeled as an alt-right Nazi extremist.
  3. As more information on the COVID pandemic becomes available, it becomes clear that the majority of those who perished were fat. Furthermore, almost all of them died because they were placed on a ventilator/intubated needlessly, not because they were overweight or because they were infected with a virus.

Adult Nudity (Part 2)

The picture below was labeled as spreading adult nudity and sexual activity on Facebook.” alt=”” width=”1003″ height=”1024″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”” />We’ve got to admit, this is pretty hilarious!

It seems that in order to be reported for disseminating nudity, the picture must include nudity. It’s hardly surprising, however, since it comes from the same folks who can’t define the term “woman.”

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Our Future Social Media Strategy

We’ve lost all confidence and faith in Meta (FB/IG) after having our first amendment rights violated by censorship, persistent harassment, its origins with DARPA, and Mark Zuckerberg’s participation in stealing the 2020 election. Furthermore, it seems soul-crushing and plain terrible anytime we publish anything on these networks.

In the long run, embracing these Deep State platforms only serves to harm ourselves and other patriots seeking freedom throughout the globe. In summary, firms like Meta have no future in the free world, and the sooner we all accept this, the simpler it will be to migrate to alternative platforms.

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Our social media strategy is to gradually shift to Telegram and Gab for any postings that aren’t “vanilla” starting today. In other words, these two platforms will host all of our high-quality material. We’re gradually ceasing to publish on Facebook and Instagram. By the way, we adore Gab; it’s our favorite free speech site; it’s just not as polished since it doesn’t have billion-dollar budgets.

We’re delaying signing up for Truth Social in the long run. Only Apple users with iOS 13.0 or later may join up right now. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Truth does an excellent job at blocking bots from using their site. To put it another way, the Deep State’s narratives cannot be imposed on Truth. This will help to prevent bogus accounts (bots) from producing misleading narratives and influencing public opinion.

In the near future, we believe Truth Social will provide us with the finest chance to share and build our channel/pages. As we go through this tumultuous period, we’ll keep updating

Here is where you may find us.

Telegram: thebudgetsavvytravelers (

Please let us know which platforms we should use in the future in the comments section below.

The “politicians banned from social media” is a headline that has been circulating the internet. It’s not clear if this will actually happen, but it seems like an interesting headline to write about.

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