South Florida has seen a sharp increase in visitors from Jamaica, prompting concerns of an influx on the island. How will this affect tourism and its economy?

The “jamaica travel authorization form 2021” is a document that allows visitors to the island of Jamaica. The document is needed to enter the country and can be obtained from Jamaican embassies or consulates.

Jamaica Visitor Surge Outpacing Global Destinations

According to recent statistics from the Jamaica Tourist Board, tourist arrivals and hotel occupancy in Jamaica increased dramatically in November, with airline capacity and consumer demand outperforming other worldwide locations (JTB).

According to JTB authorities, Jamaica hotels averaged a 65 percent occupancy rate in a study performed by the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA) on November 6 and 7. Furthermore, according to JTB, travel technology provider Amadeus has recognized Jamaica as dominating all other worldwide destinations in terms of tourist demand, with global searches for Jamaica at 38% of 2019 levels compared to 24% for all other global locations.


Jamaica significantly outperforms other worldwide destinations in terms of “flown or committed” airline capacity, with 65 percent of 2019 capacity compared to an average of 44 percent for other destinations. In terms of foreign air arrivals, the Caribbean island leads the globe, accounting for 45 percent of all arrivals in 2019, compared to 31 percent for the rest of the world.

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GDS reservations for Jamaica are at 61 percent of 2019 levels, according to JTB executives, compared to 28 percent for other worldwide destinations. According to data from Jamaica’s top five air and travel operator partners in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, bookings in November 2021 were 95 percent of November 2019 levels, while reservations in December 2021 were 97 percent of November 2019 levels.

“We anticipate an increase in tourist arrivals to the destination as international borders continue to reopen, and we can expect a heightened intensity in the marketplace for both conventional and non-traditional competing destinations,” said Donovan White, JTB’s director of tourism.

He went on to say, “Jamaica is well on its road to a healthy recovery.” “We had an absolutely blazing summer of stopover visitors in 2021, and we’re currently monitoring just over a million stopover passengers for the calendar year to the end of October.”

Air arrivals grew 41% year over year between January and October 2021, reaching 48% of 2019 levels, according to White. New Frontier Airlines flights from Miami, Atlanta, and Orlando to Montego Bay, as well as American Airlines flights from Philadelphia to Kingston, have improved airline capacity in Jamaica.

On flights to Montego Bay from places such as Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Orlando, Boston, and Dallas, American is using bigger 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

“At a time when foreign travel from our main source markets is recovering, the carrier’s decision to introduce these additional non-stop flights is a significant vote of confidence in the quality of Jamaica’s tourist offering,” White said.

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