The debate between the East and West coasts will never end when Americans compare the music, the food, the cities, the weather, the lifestyle and even the accents between the two sides. Texas is a big state. Does it have a coastline as well as an east or west coast?

Texas is neither on the West Coast nor on the East Coast – the U.S. Census Bureau places it in the southern region and is in the central time zone. Geographically it can be said to be the east coast because of the coastline in the Gulf of Mexico, but culturally it is much closer to the west coast.

To know exactly what the east coast of Texas is doing, the west coast or both, we need to go into the details.

Is the Texas region on the east coast?

Proponents of Texas as an east coast state generally hold on to geography as the main argument for the Texas coast.

Texas is a huge state and has a long coastline stretching from Louisiana in the east to the Mexican border in the south. Along the barrier islands there are incredible beaches, long national and state parks and large cities such as Galveson and Corpus Christi along the coast.

The Gulf of Mexico is technically classified as an ocean basin and sea of the Atlantic Ocean, an ocean along the east coast of the United States that separates it from Europe and Africa.

Map of Texas showing the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and its position in relation to neighboring countries
Texas has a long coastline in the Gulf of Mexico that is connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

Alexander Lukashenko/

According to some, this is irrefutable proof that Texas is indeed an east coast state. The state has a coastline, looks to the east and shares the same ocean as the other states on the east coast.

Another popular geographical argument often used is that Texas is located east of the continental divide and thus in the eastern part of the country. It is up to you to decide if you think this is the right way to divide the states into east and west.

How are the east and west coasts actually defined?

If geography were the only way to definitively define things like the east and west coasts, the answer would be very short and simple.

The good news is that the definition of the east and west coast is usually a bit more complicated, depending on what you use as a basis for that definition.

Wikipedia, the Cambridge Dictionary and even the strongest reaction to the city dictionary site – they all agree that the definition of the East Coast covers only the Baltic states from Maine to Florida. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, which all have a coastline along the bay, are not included.

At the same time, the West Coast definitions for all of the above are consistent with the fact that they refer only to California, Oregon and Washington State.

Now we may get the impression that the problem has been solved, and it is clear that Texas is neither the West Coast nor the East Coast if we use definitions of vocabulary to describe what these two terms really mean and which states they cover.

But on the other hand, ask someone from Vermont, West Virginia or Washington if they consider themselves a resident of the East Coast, and you’ll see that the technical definition may fade. Moreover, Nevada and Arizona are certainly not the west coast.

Less strict definitions of the coastline emphasize industry, culture, food, climate and even rap music. Can they shed more light on whether Texas belongs to one of the two coastlines?

The American and Texas flags flying on building
of the Texas Capitol in Austin are almost halfway between the east and west coasts.

CrackerClips Stock media

Is Texas really a more western than an eastern coast?

Once you start eating, Texas will clearly continue to feel East Coast. The famous Texan barbecue is available in different styles and flavors. Barbecue is a culinary tradition from the Deep South with the Carolinas, perhaps the most original and famous states because of their unique grilling methods.

In that sense, Texas is largely an east coast.

But if you think about things like climate, lifestyle, music and even industry, you can change your mind.

The states on the east coast of New England and as far as Virginia have a strong seasonal climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Of course Carolina, Georgia and Florida are exceptions, but that’s a general idea of the East Coast.

The West Coast is famous all year round for its T-shirt weather with the occasional drizzle indicating the arrival of winter. A glass of wine on a porch in shorts – that’s how you spend your February weekend in San Diego.

In this respect, Texas looks more like the west coast than the east coast. Throughout the year, it can freeze for one or two days, but generally the weather varies from warm and pleasant to very warm, making it much more similar to the western states than the eastern states.

In recent years, Texas has become a hub for technology companies and innovation centres. Austin is the fastest growing city in the country, thanks to huge investments in the technology sector and the support of a large number of universities.

Some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Rackspace, HostGator and HomeAway, have recently expanded to Texas, while giants like Google and Microsoft have expanded their presence in the Silicon Hills of Austin and other cities across the state.

Because the East Coast is known for its finance and brick and mortar industry, as well as the advanced technologies of Silicon Valley, Seattle and Los Angeles, Texas feels more connected to the West Coast than to the East Coast.

Texas is neither a West Coast nor an East Coast

It can be a good conversation with friends, or you can find out that you are really trying to find out if Texas is an East or West Coast state.

However, you only have to look at the map of the United States to find the huge state of Texas Plate Explosion in the central, southern part of the country. Should each state be part of the east coast or the west coast? If so, where do Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas fit in?

Most people agree that there are a large number of states in the middle of the United States that are neither on the east coast nor on the west coast. Whether by culture, geography or any other measure, the United States is such a vast and rich country that there is no need to rank every part of it.

In Texas, country and blues dominate, so the difference between rap styles and cultures is not valid.

In fact, Texas doesn’t consider itself part of a group of states. The nickname of the state, Lone Star, is no coincidence, and the idea of going it alone outside the union has long been considered in Texas, although it has never received much public support.

If you want to know whether Texas is an East Coast or a West Coast, the correct answer may be that Texas is neither and is actually part of a club in one of the participating countries called Texas Coast.

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