The United States has always been a popular destination for international travelers, which is why many major travel agencies have set up shop here. However, the Trump administration’s recent anti-immigration regulations and restrictions may cause some companies to rethink their position on US programs

International Tour Operators Plan To Stick With US Programs. International tour companies are planning to stick with the U.S. programs because of the recent changes that have been made to the Foreign Affairs travel program. Read more in detail here: best international tour companies.

According to tour operators, the pandemic-driven trend of globally oriented tour operators introducing domestic goods will continue since they have been successful in the destination pivot. At a time when overseas travel is still restricted, the emergence of U.S.-based tours gives travel consultants additional alternatives. Many of the excursions include visits to national parks, as well as cities and less-frequented attractions such as historic routes and smaller towns and cities.

Many members were imaginative during the epidemic, according to Terry Dale, CEO of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), by generating fresh new U.S. itineraries and adding new departure dates to accommodate domestic tourism. According to a member poll conducted in April 2021, two-thirds (67%) of responding USTOA tour operators were marketing domestic itineraries, and almost half of those who answered had added new trips for 2021, he stated.


Due to overseas travel limitations, it’s predictable that members reported a rise in demand for U.S. travel in 2021, according to Dale. According to him, nearly two-thirds of USTOA tour operator reservations were foreign as of April 2021, with the other third being local. “Time will tell whether this pattern continues through 2022,” Dale added, when further international border re-openings and travel restrictions are announced.

Tour operators consider themselves to be in it for the long run. G Adventures’ U.S. trade marketing manager, Jenn Stevens, said Americans “are rediscovering the magnificent environment, towns, and cultures that are right here inside our own borders,” and demand for the company’s United States of Adventure excursions has been consistent. Despite the fact that international travel is becoming more accessible, she said the operator is still seeing strong demand for domestic trips, partly because domestic travel logistics are much simpler, “but also because people are realizing that they may have overlooked their own backyard in the past.”

The reception has been “amazing” since the United States of Adventure Collection debuted in February 2020, according to Stevens. The operator immediately understood, she added, that the collection could be expanded to reach a bigger audience since there was a need for it. In response to this demand, G Adventures began developing itineraries with unique services that it thought would “cover some of the holes in the market,” according to Stevens. The total number of travels in the collection presently stands at 28.

G Adventures In Utah’s Zion National Park, a group of tourists takes a selfie together. (Photo courtesy of G Adventures)

Central Holidays’ head of Journeys and FIT Division, Marco Evangelista, said the business “will continue to provide these goods” after introducing a variety of domestic travel programs. “We will continue to provide domestic travel alternatives for both people and organizations,” he added, citing the increased demand for these programs.

Domestic travel sales have surpassed the operator’s top tier, quickly becoming some of the year’s best-selling travel programs, according to Adam Greis, director of group travel experiences at Central Holidays.

Domestic touring “has growth potential both now and in the future,” according to Steve Born, chief marketing officer for the Globus family of businesses. That will be especially true in the coming year for tourists searching for closer-to-home choices that nevertheless provide distinctive views and experiences, he added. Another area of that potential, according to Born, “will be driven through nurturing,” specifically with the introduction of new domestic touring products that “present a new way to explore one of the most amazing destinations on the planet,” going beyond traditional sights and sightseeing experiences.

Domestic touring is here to stay, with room for expansion in the future, according to Born. North America “is just one of the most fantastic locations on the earth,” he added, with great areas of dramatic landscape, amazing cities, and unequaled activity possibilities for tourists. Then there’s the allure of domestic travel paired with the support of a tour, he says. Furthermore, “providing fresh and novel itineraries and styles inside the United States and Canada” means “there’s a tremendous chance to bring more people to portions of both nations they haven’t seen or experienced,” according to Born.

Differentiating on a National Level

International operators claimed they were able to add something distinct to domestic travel now that they are competing more directly with operators who may have been in the market longer. They claim that their extensive expertise with foreign travel allows them to provide a very appealing product to domestic travel. “We’ve had 30 years to refine our itinerary-making talents,” Stevens said, “so we’re certain that we can construct an agenda that will stand out and give a genuinely ‘wow’ experience.” According to her, community tourism is highly essential to the organization, and the operator works hard to make sure that the areas it visits benefit from its presence.

According to Born, Globus and Cosmos have developed two new kinds of domestic touring goods that “go beyond the standard paradigm and provide passengers and their advisers something fresh to share with tourists.” One is Globus Vacations’ new Choice Touring. These itineraries take the convenience and logistics of travelling and add customization by allowing visitors to choose from a variety of included excursions. Travelers will enjoy two or three “choice days” throughout a normal week’s trip, when they may choose from a variety of handpicked activities ranging from active to local immersion to leisure and pampering.

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta Globus offers a fantastic tour of Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park. (Photo courtesy of Travel Alberta)

Furthermore, a number of U.S. and North American trips planned under the company’s “Undiscovered” approach, in which the itinerary is constructed from the ground up, travel beyond more typical cities and attractions and into lesser-known nooks of the region, according to Born.

According to Stevens, G Adventures is able to secure access to frequently difficult-to-book parks and attractions, as well as use local expertise to take parties to lesser-known locations. Domestic travels are enjoyable to organize because “there are so many ‘wow’ moments we can include,” she added. She said that the operator collaborates with local communities and Indigenous guides who share their love for the regions they call home with visitors. The bulk of meals on camping excursions are included, according to Stevens, since finding someplace to have breakfast, lunch, or supper in many of the national parks can be difficult and costly.

Within the United States of Adventure collection, there are also distinct types of journeys, according to Stevens: Classic, which is a touch more leisurely and includes better lodgings and lots of free time to explore; and 18-to-Thirtysomething, which is more action-packed and fast-paced with modest accommodations.

Central Holidays’ “meticulous approach of product creation” has set it apart, according to Evangelista, and its constant thinking outside the box has resulted in “an ultra-distinctive range of unique programs bursting with extraordinary experiences.”

Benefits of Using a Travel Advisor

According to operators, the inclusion of all of this local merchandise gives advisers additional alternatives during the crisis, when they were unable to offer overseas trips. “The ultimate objective of delivering adviser partners and their customers a combination of popular programs as well as special holiday experiences in the areas that visitors prefer to discover domestically,” Greis said of the U.S. package. Of course, travel consultants may earn commission on the packages, he noted. In addition, with 20 people booked on Central Holidays Group Travel Experiences departures, the travel advisor/group planner travels for free.

According to Greis, Central Holidays’ sales and marketing staff has been working closely with advisers to deliver customized training and presentations on the company’s domestic product line, assisting them in increasing sales and keeping them informed about new programs and experiences.

Travel advisers, according to Born, “may leverage their superpower—the power of suggestion” to get these unusual itineraries in front of their customers and pique the curiosity of individuals who are afraid to travel at this time. And, he continued, Globus makes it simple for them to get started by allowing advisers to send these itineraries straight to their customers using an online ‘Spark’ tool to start the dialogue. As travel reopens, the notion of domestic travel in a joyful and exciting manner “presents a great business tool for advisers,” according to Born.

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