Carnival Cruise Line has removed one of its most iconic attractions, the Funnel of Love. The company is now focusing on the future and more immersive activities for customers.

The carnival inspiration scrapped is a recent news story that has been making waves. Carnival Cruise Line has removed the iconic funnel from their former cruise ship, the Carnival Inspiration.

With the bulk of recent cruise ship news being very positive, it’s easy to overlook the devastating impact the epidemic has had on the business. Nonetheless, all it takes is one video to resurrect those memories.

In this instance, the famous funnel from the Grand Celebration, or Celebration as it was formerly called when it sailed for Carnival Cruise Line, has been dismantled.

The ship has been stranded at Alang, India, since January of this year, and plans have been made for the famous ship to be scrapped. The breakers attach a rope to the hull and pull the funnel clear off the vessel, as shown in the video below.


Dismantled and discarded

There isn’t much left of what was once a proud and magnificent cruise ship, as we can see in the video. The famous Carnival Cruise Line funnel was one of the last major elements left on the ship, but even it had to be removed. The breakers hooked a rope to the funnel and yanked it away of the ship and into the shipyard’s shallow water with considerable force.

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The cutting process began in March of this year, two months after the ship was beached on January 14, and it is anticipated to take 10 months to fully disassemble the ship.

The overwhelming bulk of the materials are sold as scrap metal, but even the components used in the ship’s hotel portions will typically find a new home. In the past 18 months, the ship-breaking business has been lucrative.

Grand Celebration BeachedJanvi Bhuri Baraiya contributed to this image.

Due to financial difficulties created by the epidemic, some firms were compelled to sell some or perhaps all of their ships; others took advantage of the halt in operations to substantially renew their fleet. In the last year, both Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean demolished a large number of ships.

For many cruise enthusiasts, the Celebration has long been a beloved ship; with her tiny size, she was one of the first fun ships. Perhaps this is why Carnival Cruise Line chose the name Celebration for its newest ship, Carnival Celebration, which will join the fleet in November 2022 and is a sistership to Mardi Gras.

Cruising has a long and illustrious history.

The 1987-built cruise ship traveled under a variety of titles throughout her 34 years on the seven seas, including Grand Celebration, Celebration, and Costa Celebration. The ship was purchased by Carnival Cruise Line in 1987 under the name Celebration.

Celebration Cruise ShipJon Worth contributed to this image (Creative Commons)

She was one of three ships from the Holiday class. The Holiday-class ships were Carnival Cruise Line’s first new-builds, and they are iconic in many respects.

She was constructed for Carnival in 1986 at the Kockums Varv shipyard in Malmö, Sweden. For for over two decades, Celebration provided service to the cruise line.

After a refurbishment, the 1,497-passenger, 47,262-gross-ton cruise ship was handed over to Ibero Cruises and renamed Grand Celebration. She came with her previous owner, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, after a brief spell with Costa Cruises in 2014.

The famous ship operated the Florida-Bahamas route for six years, but the pandemic created some serious problems for the ship’s owners.

In November of last year, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line was obliged to sell Grand Celebration to an unidentified buyer because to the rising expenses of keeping a tiny business afloat during the epidemic.

The ship was eventually sold for scrap and beached at a ship-breaking yard in Alang, India.

Grand Celebration Funnel

The which carnival ships are being sold is a question that has been asked for years. Carnival Cruise Line removed their iconic funnel from the former Carnival Triumph cruise ship, which will now be used as an advertising platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Carnival Jubilee?

The Carnival Jubilee was a game mode that was released in the Beat Saber Beta. It is no longer available due to technical limitations of the game.

What ships has carnival scrapped?

Carnival has scrapped the ships listed below.

What cruise ship has a yellow funnel?

The Carnival Cruise Line ship, the Carnival Pride.

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