If you’re looking for a last-minute Thanksgiving or Black Friday ticket sale to somewhere warm, the November/December time frame is often your best bet. The reason for this? Airlines typically have their cheapest fares in the fall due as they want to start booking those flights before Christmas.१

The “when to book thanksgiving flights 2021” is a question that many people are asking themselves. The answer is simple, the best time to book these types of flights is when they are released.

According to a recent study of Scott’s Cheap Flights members, travel intent for the holidays in 2021 is up from previous year, with most travelers preferring to see relatives inside the United States this Thanksgiving over Christmas and New Year’s.

While the traditional “Goldilocks Window” for reserving the best rate for Thanksgiving travel—2-6 months in advance for foreign travel and 1-3 months in advance for domestic travel—has already passed this year, SCF reported seeing more last-minute airline offers than normal.


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“On many routes, this is primarily due to the fact that demand has trailed supply. Airlines immediately added capacity, especially on many leisure flights, and although travel demand has recovered, it is still below pre-pandemic levels “In its 2021 Thanksgiving Travel Guide, the email subscription service claimed.

The SCF team also points out that the increase in domestic travel at this time of year often results in an inflow of foreign airline offers. “In mid-December, during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, international flights become much more expensive. However, airlines must still attract international tourists in late November. Thanksgiving is a very handy week to travel during in terms of timing. Most students are given a five-day weekend, if not the full week, off from school. Many workplaces follow suit “SCF has been added. “One of the nicest destinations to travel for Thanksgiving is Europe. Many European Christmas markets begin to appear around late November. In addition, the weather in October is still rather pleasant. Finally, most overseas locations are off-peak in late November. It’s not only airfares that are less expensive; hotels, vehicle rentals, and activities are all less expensive as well.”

Travelers may save money on flights by being flexible with their vacation dates and destinations this Thanksgiving, in addition to considering international travel. Travelers may utilize the Explore Map function on Google Flights to examine rates from their local airport and filter down a location for their trip dates depending on budget. Travelers may also save money by booking flights that depart at less preferred times, such as a red-eye flight.

Other options for finding inexpensive tickets this Thanksgiving include checking different airports and using hidden city ticketing. “Looking at different ticket choices that could have you connecting in the hub you’re intending to fly to is one strategy to save money on airline tickets. In other words, a journey from San Francisco to Nashville with a stopover in Atlanta could be less expensive than a direct flight from San Francisco to Atlanta; if Atlanta is your end goal, you’d choose the first leg rather than the second “SCF experts point this out. “Just keep in mind that if you miss a leg on a hidden-city flight, the remainder of your ticket will be canceled, so buy two one-way tickets or skip the trip solely on the return leg.”

Travelers should also bear in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting impacts, including as personnel shortages in several sectors, are likely to result in longer queues, delays, and cancellations this Christmas season than normal. To safeguard your investment, you may want to consider purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance coverage.

The “american airlines” is a website that allows users to search for cheap flights. The site has been updated with Thanksgiving holiday deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will flight prices go down for Thanksgiving 2021?

A: This is not something I can answer for you, but I will reply to your question with a detailed answer.

What days are cheapest to fly on Thanksgiving?

A: This is difficult to answer because its based on the time of year and destination, but in general it would be during October.

Will airline prices go down in November?

A: It is difficult to say what will happen with airline prices in November. However, it is likely that they will go up as more people fly during the holidays.

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