With the recent outbreaks of pandemics across Europe, Asia and Africa, hospital leaders are taking a new approach to preparing for health-related travel. Hospitality experts share their insights on what they’re seeing in terms of future trends that will make it easier to plan ahead while traveling.

The “current trends in hospitality industry 2020” is a trend that will not be going away anytime soon. Hospitality experts have revealed the current and upcoming pandemic travel trends.

Hospitality Experts Reveal Pandemic Travel Trends That Are Here To Stay

What are the similarities between Bleisure, WFH, and RTD?

They are now some of the most popular trends in the hospitality industry.


A lot of the measures implemented to protect the safety of visitors have proven to be popular with tourists.

Working from hotel (WFH) is here to stay, according to Tom Santora, Managing Director of Hotel Vin.

What’s Hot Right Now

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According to Santora, hotels will continue to provide packages that include free Wi-Fi and conference room use in order to suit the needs of business visitors. He also predicts that families and couples would take advantage of business travel possibilities by turning them into family holidays.

Santora also notices that the hotel has become a destination for many visitors. Many people used to think of hotels as just a place to sleep at night when on vacation, but he thinks there will be a trend of visitors flocking to fashionable places offering experiencing packages in the coming years. Tastings at Bacchus Kitchen + Bar, the hotel’s on-site restaurant, are available, as are unique workshops and events with local vineyards and distilleries.

TMC Hospitality’s CEO and Co-Founder, Philip Bates, anticipates an upsurge in demand for local experiences.

“The epidemic has taught us to appreciate the little things,” Bates said, “which will inspire people to seek out methods to learn about and enjoy the locations to which they are going.” “Any item that is solely available to locals will be popular. For instance, at our new Drift San José del Cabo, we have a mezcal bar created in collaboration with Mezcal Exiliado, as well as a local taco truck with live music in the courtyard.”

He also views the “bleisure” travel trend, which blends work and pleasure on a vacation, as continuing to evolve.

People are eager to go out more and are increasingly combining business and leisure vacations,” according to Bates. “Taking more time to meet friends and family, tour places, and work from home will all contribute to ‘bleisure’ demand. This trend will benefit hotels that provide longer stay prices, spaces, and co-working facilities.”

HRI Hospitality’s Vice President of Revenue Management, Lior Sekler, focused on how passengers spent their money.

“The younger generation’s increased discretionary income is influencing their search and interest in travel, as they seek out unique experiences, new places, and ‘Instagrammable’ stuff to post on social media,” said Sekler. “Research suggests that those who are persuaded by social media posts book more than 20% more.”

Travelers are spending more money in general.

“The United States achieved the biggest consumer spending increase in 70 years in 2021, totalling 8% growth,” according to Sekler. “Consumer wealth is at record levels, and they are eager and ready to spend money,” says the report. “This spending purge is predicted to continue through 2022.”

Marriott International’s Dana Pellicano, Vice President, Food and Beverage, Global Operations, said that some components of the guest experience that were enhanced during the epidemic are still popular.

“The pandemic gave a chance for a room-service makeover: during the previous year, room service revenue substantially outpaced budgets and surpassed restaurants and lounges as the leading income-generating outlet,” Pellicano said. “We began redesigning room service at Marriott International five years ago. Last year, dozens more hotels moved to this new room service structure, delivering food that boxes and travels well at rates more in line with today’s consumer expectations, thanks to the epidemic.”

Mobile eating, as well as the usage of QR codes for quick access to menus and ordering, is still popular, according to Pellicano.

RTD drinks, or “ready-to-drink,” are also here to stay. These drinks provide a hermetically sealed answer to the made cocktail, frequently by a well-known approved brand, according to Pellicano, who also pointed out another benefit: they often include high-quality components to adequately imitate a fantastic bar experience.

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The “travel industry trends 2021” are here to stay. Hospitality experts reveal pandemic travel trends that are here to stay.

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