Passport stamps are pretty boring. They’re small, and they don’t cost anything to post, so why bother? However, there are several things you can learn from passport stamps, since they can teach us a lot about the world we live in—and the world we want to live in.

Travelling is one of the best ways for people to experience a different culture while also experiencing the flavour of their own homeland, and learning about different cultures is a great way to grow as a person. There are many ways to learn, and they can be as hands-on as learning languages, or as interactive as learning to play an instrument. But learning about other cultures is a great way to explore our world and learn more about ourselves.

The United States issues passports to its citizens. If you have a passport, you can travel to other countries without a visa. When you get your first passport, you will be given a number of passport stamps. This number will increase as you travel. Every stamp has a number and letter that identifies it. You will be responsible for recording your passport stamp numbers in the passport book.

Did you know that the Disney Cruise Line offers a UK Staycation cruise? It’s fair to say that the epidemic has put a halt to Disney vacations for UK-based families during the past year. It was a blow to Disney fans who had planned dream vacations to the parks and resorts, with Florida, California, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo all off-limits to non-essential travel. However, Disney (doing what they do best) dropped the wonderful news that the magnificent Disney Magic cruise ship, which is part of the Disney Cruise Line fleet, would be making her way to our shores, giving a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get our Disney fix.

Disney is featured on the cover.

What is a Staycation Cruise in the United Kingdom?

After a slew of UK staycation sails were announced over the summer, cruising is finally back. If you’re unfamiliar with the notion of a UK staycation cruise, it’s a great idea: The magnificent cruise ships – which are basically floating resorts for all-things vacation; featuring restaurants, west-end performances, pools, kids clubs, and luxurious state rooms, to mention a few — accept children and fully vaccinated adults. The ships have been certified Covid-safe, with vaccinated crews, distancing measures, and stringent cleaning procedures taking precedence. The concept behind a’staycation sail’ is that before boarding, all crew and passengers are thoroughly checked for Covid-19. The ship then sails around the British Isles, with visitors staying on board for the period and landing in the same location, providing for an all-inclusive, pandemic-free party at sea. Isn’t it brilliant?

What is the Disney Magic at Sea Staycation cruise in the United Kingdom?

disney uk cruise reviewDisney Cruise Line’s Captain Minnie Mouse (Photo courtesy of Disney’s Matt Stroshane)

Sea-cations are the new staycations, and with two children under the age of five, the Disney Magic at Sea provides us with a magical Disney vacation right on our doorstep. How could we possibly say no? For the first time, the Disney Magic at Sea staycation sail is available for a limited time only this summer. For Disney lovers, this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the enchantment of a Disney cruise in the United Kingdom. On certain dates, the unique, one-of-a-kind Disney cruises depart from four locations. Departures from Liverpool ceased at the beginning of August, however passengers may still depart on certain days in August, September, and October 2021 from Newcastle, London Tilbury, and Southampton.

Is a Disney cruise to the United Kingdom worth the money?

With UK locations and resorts completely booked and costs skyrocketing this year due to international travel restrictions, the chance to enjoy a Disney Cruise without having to think about (or pay for) flights is definitely worth considering. The cost of a UK staycation cruise includes all meals and soft drinks, and there is enough for families to do together. Of course, the ship offers a wide range of entertainment and activities, including a supervised kids club with themed playrooms based on Toy Story and Marvel Super Hero Academy, as well as crafts classes and games.

There’s also a large theatre presenting a Broadway-style Disney musical (Disney Dreams – an enchanted classic) and a Frozen-themed on-deck party dubbed “Freezing the Night Away.” Not to mention the Marvel heroes, Princesses, and more than 30 Disney characters who will feature on the trip. Traditional meet-and-greets have been replaced with Character walk-and-waves from a safe distance, allowing visitors to take photos with their favorite characters in the backdrop, thanks to Covid regulations. This eliminates the need to wait in line for a Character encounter and, in my view, is a much better and more enjoyable method to engage with them. When a familiar person comes out of nowhere or passes them in the corridor, the youngsters are ecstatic. It gives them a sense of surprise, which adds to their pleasure.

Is it possible to embark on a Disney Magic at Sea UK trip without children?

Yes, of course! In fact, before becoming parents, Simon and I sailed on the Disney Magic and had a fantastic experience. Please keep in mind that the video was shot before the implementation of new distance and masking procedures, as well as ship modernization.


The Disney Cruise Line is renowned for its luxurious interiors and amenities, and its ships are among the most luxurious on the oceans. There are a variety of adult-only facilities, including private dining, nighttime entertainment, bars and clubs, a gym, spa, and an adult-only pool, in addition to the beautiful Disney theming. This is where Disney’s Oceaneer Club (the kids’ club) truly shines – pardon the pun – since parents can enjoy the adult activities while their children are securely engaged and having a blast below deck.

TOP TIP: Due to new regulations, the Oceaneer Club and adult-only restaurant Palo, as well as several other activities on the UK Staycation cruise, need advanced reservations. Before you join the cruise, try to figure out when and where you want to dine.

What to anticipate from a staycation in the United Kingdom onboard the Disney Magic at Sea

uk staycation sail disney iona p&oThe day of the SEAS! What can you anticipate from a staycation sail in the United Kingdom? (Photo courtesy of Disney)

Despite the fact that Simon and I had previously sailed on the Disney Magic, the new Disney Magic at Sea UK staycation cruise will be a whole new experience. To begin with, we have our two children with us, Finn and Isobel! It will be a lot of fun navigating the ship with a four-year-old and a one-year-old. I can’t wait to see them immerse themselves in Disney magic. I’m sure the kids will like it, but the staycation sails couldn’t have arrived at a better time for us. This UK staycation cruise with the kids will be a memorable vacation for Simon and myself before Finn begins school in September.

We’ll be boarding the Disney Magic at Sea on August 16th, 2021, and will be live-tweeting from @passportstampsuk on Instagram. After the cruise, I intend to update this article with our own Disney Magic at Sea experience. Until then, here’s a quick rundown of what to anticipate on board. I’m not sure about you, but I’m really looking forward to it!

Visit to book your own Disney Magic at Sea cruise.

So, what does the Disney Magic at Sea have to offer?

disney cruise with a toddlerDisney Cruise Line’s Magic at Sea (Photo courtesy of Disney)

Deck Party With Anna, Elsa, and Friends: Freezing the Night Away Under the stars, a star-studded concert including Frozen favorites. Dancing, Frozen songs, and a peek of Elsa’s strong ice powers are all included.

Shows in the manner of Broadway:

Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic is a new musical about the power of dreams and family, featuring a cast of familiar Disney characters.

Tangled: The Musical: This spectacular show features world-class performers and brings the animated classic to life.

Swimming pools for families:

Goofy’s Pool, a huge open pool on the main deck, is the primary pool. To guarantee visitor safety during crowded periods, a line for social distancing may be in place.

Splash around at AquaLab, a cool water area for kids, if the weather is good. Drop three storeys on the AquaDunk drop-out waterslide. Eek!

uk staycation cruise with a babySummer is creeping up on us like… (Photo courtesy of Disney)

Adults Only Pool:

Don’t tell the kids, please! Quiet Cove, an adult-only swimming pool on deck 9, provides a quiet, child-free environment for adults. Delightful!

D Lounge features Disney-themed family-friendly entertainment such as trivia game shows and dance parties. Keep an eye out for special appearances by Disney characters in this area as well.

On-board cinema: Relax in the state-of-the-art Buena Vista Theatre while watching a favorite Disney film or a new release.

Tweens go to a cool club called “Edge” to play video games, listen to music, and see movies. Older teenagers congregate at ‘Vibe,’ a parent-free, hipster hangout where they can have fun and be cool (or so I’m told).

There are four family eateries to choose from:

One of my favorite eateries on the cruise is Animator’s Palate. It is a one-of-a-kind dinner performance starring some of your favorite Disney characters, celebrating the beauty of Disney animation. The cuisine is Asian/California-inspired and very delectable. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Mickey’s seats!

Rapunzel’s Royal Table has a delectable international cuisine, and Flynn Rider and Princess Rapunzel may pay you a visit while you dine.

Guests at Lumiere’s are greeted with a royal welcome by the Princess Promenade before being treated to a regal four-course modern French meal.

Cabanas enables you to dine in a relaxed buffet setting (with updated Covid-safe measures). Because he was spoiled for choice, this was Simon’s favorite!

There is a lot to see and do, as you can see. It’s not too late to book a cruise departing from London Tilbury, Newcastle, or Southampton!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many stamps do I need for a passport page?

You will need two stamps for a passport page.

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When your passport is full of stamps, you have reached the maximum number of entries allowed.

What 5 documents must you have with you to obtain a passport?

1. Passport application form 2. Photo 3. Proof of identity 4. Proof of address 5. Proof of citizenship

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