By now you have probably heard about the state’s tourism problems. Two weeks of protests are stretching into their fourth week. The anti-tourism sentiment is being fueled by the fact that Hawaii has hit its highest number of visitors ever.

One issue that has been raised about Hawaii tourism is the level of pollution that residents here have to deal with. The main culprit is tourism-related air travel. That’s why the state has developed policies to reduce the amount of pollution that comes from planes. This issue is important not only to Hawaii residents, but to those who are visiting the state as well.

Tourism is a big industry in Hawaii, but it’s also one of the state’s most important industries. The state’s economy is largely based on the hospitality market, and the islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. According to a projection by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, tourism will support more than 150,000 jobs statewide in 2017 and generate $10.8 billion for the state’s economy.. Read more about hawaii doesn ‘t want tourists and let us know what you think.

Bring on the tourists!

That’s what the majority of Hawaii residents say, despite whatever issues might come with it.


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The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) released the results of its Spring 2021 Resident Sentiment Survey during its June Board of Directors meeting this week and found that while many are concerned with the visitor industry’s growth, the majority of Hawaii residents believe that tourism is worth the issues associated with it.

Residents were asked a variety of questions, including:

– “In 2019, visitors spent nearly $18 billion in Hawaii, which produced $2 billion in state tax revenues to support local schools, hospitals, and infrastructure. Do you think tourism is worth the issues associated with the industry?”

More than 75 percent of Hawaii residents statewide said “yes,” with 78 percent of Oahu residents answering “yes,” along with 73 percent of Hawaii Island residents, 70 percent of Maui County residents, and 70 percent of Kauai residents.

Ironically, when broken down by demographics, the highest percentage of respondents who said they do not think tourism is worth the issues came from residents 18-34 years old and those who have lived in Hawaii for less than one year.

– Residents were also asked questions regarding overall tourism management efforts, and the results were mixed. Just under half (44 percent) of statewide residents provided a positive (i.e., rating of 6 to 10) or “don’t know” rating in their agreement that “I feel like tourism is being better managed on my island.” Of the four counties, those on Kauai had the highest percentage of positive responses (46%) to that statement.

– The survey results also revealed what is most important to residents when it comes to specific tourism management strategies. The highest percentage of residents said that it is extremely or somewhat important to educate visitors and residents to malama – or take care of – the islands and each other (88 percent), to eliminate illegal vacation rentals on my island (76 percent), and to charge visitor access fees to state parks and trails (71 percent).

– Regarding overall resident sentiment towards tourism, the survey found that initiatives that grow the economic and quality of life benefits of tourism, integrated with managed tourism efforts, can help to improve resident sentiment the most. When compared to the 2020 survey results, fewer residents felt that the tourism industry creates many well-paying jobs or jobs that have opportunities for advancement. Fewer residents also felt that the tourism industry enhances residents’ quality of life.

Hawaii will reduce COVID-19 travel and gathering restrictions once its latest vaccination goal is met on July 8, which will likely lead to even more tourists visiting the islands in 2021.Tourism is a huge part of Hawaii’s economy, and it’s not rare to see locals fighting over the rights to certain spots, such as the Hana Highway. However, even though Hawaii is a tropical paradise, there is a dark side to tourism that many tourists don’t realize. On Kauai, there are a few areas locals are trying to protect the land from being ruined and limited to tourist traps.. Read more about hawaii violence against tourists and let us know what you think.

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