In July, while Dream Cruises was sailing from Fort Lauderdale to New York, an infestation of box turtles was discovered on the ship. The turtles, which are native to Florida, were discovered in two different areas of the ship, according to information provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The cruise ship Dream is currently sailing the Caribbean, and it’s giving quite a scare to some of its passengers. A federal lawsuit filed against the company alleges that Dream employees allowed a known cocaine smuggler, David Diaz-Balart, to dine with the president and other high-ranking company executives without informing the passengers that he was on board.

Onboard Dream Cruises World Dream this week, a 40-year-old guest was found to be positive with COVID-19. The passenger was discovered to be positive throughout the 3-night trip from Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Terminal, despite the rigorous procedures that the cruise companies in Singapore operate under.

The situation arises when the number of cruise ships operating grows. As the number of ships traveling increases, so does the probability of confirmed cases aboard. Testing was carried out as soon as it was discovered that the visitor had had close contact with a person onshore who had tested positive.

Dream Cruises’ fast response demonstrates how well the cruise companies are doing in terms of keeping everyone on board safe. After being stranded in their rooms for many hours, passengers have finally boarded the ship.

Pre-cruise testing came up negative.

Since November of last year, Dream Cruises has been running World Dream in Singapore. The person who tested positive for COVID-19 is the first time COVID-19 has been discovered aboard since then. Between November 2020 and March this year, more over 100,000 passengers traveled aboard World Dream and Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas in Singapore, a figure that is considerably greater today.

Before boarding the ship, Dream Cruises tested the 40-year-old guest, who was determined to be negative at the time. The passenger was separated and tested again when the vessel got word that he had a known close contact with a confirmed case onshore. This test resulted in a positive result.

As the ferry returned to port, all passengers were confined to their rooms due to the stringent regulations that the boats must follow in Singapore. Following the discovery of the suspected case, the Singapore Tourism Board stated, according to Reuters:

“As part of onboard health procedures, the passenger was recognized as a close contact of a confirmed case on land and was promptly separated. Three of the sick passenger’s traveling companions tested negative and were quarantined while additional contact tracing was conducted. Close friends and family members will be quarantined.”

World Dream, Hong KongDream Cruises provided the photo.

Cruises to the End of the World

For the last eight months, Singapore has permitted cruises to take place throughout the city-state, and this is the first time a positive case has occurred aboard. Rishi Lalwani, one of the passengers aboard, was also startled by something:

“The COVID issue in Singapore seemed to be well controlled, so a case on a cruise with 1,700 passengers looked unusual. Especially because there haven’t been any instances on cruises to nowhere in months,” says the author.

Guests aboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas were restricted to their rooms for half a day in December after a suspected case onboard that turned out to be false.

The cruises departing from the world-famous Marina Bay Cruise Terminal are exclusively accessible to Singapore citizens who must pass a stringent screening process before being permitted on board. To keep everyone safe while on board, cruise companies have implemented social distance, mask-wearing, and enhanced cleanliness measures.

After being confined to their staterooms, the passengers aboard the World Dream departed late Wednesday night.

World Dream Cruise Ship

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